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    You can get them for free from the CC Dungeon by completing certain floors. The higher floor you complete the higher chance you have got of getting the excellent dogi balls. If you complete the "Floor 100 of CC" then you receive a rare dogi ball when it's the 100% chance of getting it. You can also buy them from the other players or try cashing > wagu machine.

    The new client that I just played at is smooth and doesn't have these freezes anymore which is a big Plus. If you want even more smoothness you can turn off the limit of the frames per second just like that:

    dir: DBO G folder / user / systemenv
    line: LIMIT_FPS = true; change it to false;

    By the way the amount of bugs and differences in that new client is really huge. I also keep crashing though and much more often now. I am getting disconnects and unseen errors like: Click Here which is making me feel uncomfortable. My conclusion is that new client is still far away from being playable according to the number of bugs and it will be finished once this List of Bugs will be completely fixed. The speed of progress depends only on Daneos and his team and I wish them best of luck.

    Most people who wants this bullshit wipe is the majority of players who never spent 1€ for this game but are making trouble because there are gamer with stuff +15!?

    I can guarantee that I've spent more than 1€ and put much more efforts into this game than any existing "Founder" and I still choose the wipe.

    Quote from JO80

    BUT! let only votes the Founders of this Game . Im sure a MOD can do it


    but i think the Team of DBOG in front Daneos knows how to liberate us from this maggots without wipe

    You think? I can guarantee to you that there's no way you can find out who cheated to get +15 and who honestly got their gear to +15. And this is not the main reason why most people wants the wipe. I won't explain to you why because you won't understand anyway.

    HAHAHA. We obviously both invested time, but you have absolutely no respect for the time YOU invested or you royally screwed up at one point or another or just like to see the world burn. Me? I like them just the way they are and if things can get improved, and they obviously can, then lets start from there.

    Wipe is just an extreme and no extreme is good, ever.

    You're frustrated geez.. That guy actually has a point and he's right. You're selfish and kinda toxic. Like most of these people who disagree with wiping. Listen.. No one wants their characters to be wiped even those who voted for "Yes" but we actually willing to sacrifice our characters for a better and cleaner version of the game while you just want to sit in comfort and let the things stay as it is. You're indeed a selfish person and this is why we don't care what people like you actually has to say. If you're not willing to play in a newer version with us then stop complaining and leave. No one is forcing you to play again and get through that "pile of shit" once more.

    For those who voted "No" and constantly crying about the wipe let me ask you something. You currently having fun fighting in tatami? You're having fun arguing with the people there and doing nothing productive for yourselves? The game is dying because it's not clean due to bug exploits, freezes & crashes anymore and normal players doesn't want to play in a messy server. Someone was actually complaining about leveling and how hard it was for them to level their chars - I actually laughed hard at that. Leveling is really easy for real.. You can actually level your chars in a few days if you know how and try harder.. not to mention they're giving us the "Level Up 30" items. It just takes some time and it's obviously a better way to spend your time than fighting on tatami all the time.

    Daneos said it was not going to erase now managers leave to say a survey without permission from him or that he says something if you do not return the ready cash is even for everyone to put a poll and give the server a refund without returning the cash or the zeni fair

    Yes Daneos said that and promised many other things which never was delivered. But like I said in my previous post that DBOG Team doesn't have any professional employees or developers. They're just amateurs and Daneos is the only developer among them. He and his team makes mistakes and he can only be sorry for that but wipe is the only way to bring this game clean and alive at the end. Just accept it.

    The current game is a mess. Almost every Chinese players now has fully +15 equipment. People does nothing in the game anymore except fighting on tatami and arguing. PvP Wise: How many times I or anyone else lost due of the slight freeze or just crashed like an plane? My teammates and guild mates crashed hundred of times in the tournaments and cc dungeons which is absurd for me. Some players shouldn't be in the certain lists so let's get clean, fresh and roll out once again.

    So you think that the solution for every game's problems is a wipe? What kind of player will feel safe of playing a game that you can lose everything without notice? Not me, GG for you guys.

    I personally don't have any problems with giving them the last chance. The fact is that DBOG Team isn't and never was a crew of professional developers or an highly paid company in a first place, these people are amateurs and they do make a lot of mistakes. Hopefully the new client will be more entertaining and major critical errors such as crashes & freezes will be fixed as were mentioned before. If no - then goddamn Hallelujah for this project. Wipe is the last resort to bring this game alive and you just simply have to deal with this or quit without complaining.

    Nice games developers always listening to wrong people, wipe this game is a huge mistake, I know "yes" is going to win, I won't grind to lvl 70 my 4 characters again and lose everything that I killed myself to get, I'm done, I feel stupid to support this game as a founder.

    My main account is way more valuable than your 4 characters and I ain't crying about the wipe. The game needs a fresh start because "DBOG - Open-Beta" was obviously a complete failure and disappointment in my opinion. You will have to deal with the wipe or quit as you say, no one is keeping or forcing you to stay. I also feel that many people who quit this game in a first place just might come back on board once again.

    That's right Iceman no one cares about what I said earlier. Everyone is selfish as and always was. The worst community I have ever seen. The worst staff among any online game. I almost stopped playing this game, now what's left for me is team tournaments and nothing else.

    I understand your frustration. You're probably one of these players who farmed a lot to make good gear, but keep in mind that we are in the same boat. I farmed a lot and I would lose everything too. But you need to understand that wiping out everything is the only way to start a fresh DBOG client. Players who actually used BOTS and other hacks to farm x300 stones per day would be erased too. They're actually the worst ones who made this game look unfair and unfunny until now. We should really sacrifice our stuff if we want new and former players to come back. The numbers of players can actually revive the game but not our items. If you intend of playing this game solo with your gear in the near future, then I wish you best of luck & fun mate.

    EDIT: Sorry for not understanding you correctly, I read your message again and no, I did not cashed much compared to other hardcore cashers and I have never charged my money back. But there's a ton of players who charged back and this is when the game started to fade away. I honestly agree with them and I think that it was definitely alright for them to charge back. Daneos promised many things, but they were never delivered into the game. Everyone was hyped and then all of them ended up being disappointed. Trust me, you just don't know anything.

    If you harden the upgrade system, people will be pissed. If you increase success rate of getting more successful attempts on upgrades then suddenly everyone will have +14-+15 gear and will get bored of this game really fast. The current upgrade system is on average edge. Not hard and not easy to upgrade now. Basically what I am trying to say is that one or another way you will have to farm and across through the pile of shit to get +12-+13 items or you can simply cash in and get yourself a proper armors.

    Keep the current upgrade system and don't change anything.
    That's my advice.
    The current system is ok now.
    The cashers will always be able to upgrade their gear to +13-+15. And players who barely buy cp or doesn't buy it at all will always reach the maximum upgrade of +12-+13. The lucky ones will reach +14-+15. I have personally wasted lots of stones for my equipment but I upgraded them to +12-+13 and that's good for me.
    Just don't mess with the upgrade system. Leave it as it is now.

    New client + Wipe out = start over again and this time without bugs, crashes and annoying freezes.
    If Daneos is wise enough then he should also remove bans from the all players who charged their money back. I'm pretty sure they did that because they realized that it's not worth to donate.
    If Dragonball Online Global truly gets fixed after the new client gets released and gets 70 LVL cap with bids and higher cc floors then I believe this game has a proper chance to be revived.

    I would also recommend Daneos to take a serious consideration about his DBOG Team. The way his staff behaves it disgusts the whole community. It's really unprofessional and this is one of the main factors why players actually quits this game.

    "I honestly think that Daneos should do a "restart" and wipe everything again, refund the spent CP, decrease stone drop chance to the half of this, make broken give -2 to -6 randomly, and lets start with a fresh card."

    I don't mind if he wipe out everything, because I would change class if he do that. But I don't think that upgrade system should be touched. I already hardly upgraded my items to +12 with over 10000+ stones. Some players has crazy luck and of course they're hardcore cashers and this is why they have +14~+15.

    So basically fighters one shot tanks again, as well they can become invincible for a temporary time now, decrease focus by 37%, use thunder and abuse confusion, resist debuff, stun, fear and dodge attacks? What's next? Mastered Ultra Instinct Buff which automatically destroys your opponents? ;D
    Why are you giving so many deadly weapons to a single class? Better fix Karma already, because it was broken forever.

    BTW: unknown.png this was done on 6k energy defense set right after update.