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    The only reason why he would get banned, even if he has spent over 500 bucks, would be the date of spending that 500 bucks. Like you could spend 500 bucks in the game in small donations, like 150 bucks in july, then 150 bucks in august and then 150 bucks in september and use the money to buy dogis and random stuff to test it out, there's really nothing suspicious here.

    But what if he spends 500 bucks suddenly out of nowhere right when the glitch was known by all or only pure on white stones, now that would obivously be suspicious and would be the reason why he got banned. Even if he only bought the stones to merch, he is helping out the community and promoting to abuse the bug, so either way, it is illegal.

    I did not know was illegal

    I am a dragonball player, in half a month I consumed 500 dollars, I think it was one of the high consumption of players. Today I heard that players which have +15 equipaments and weapons are being banned from the server, makes me feel sad, because I also have a +15 weapon.Thats not fair for us players that have +15, because we spent a lot of money to get that. Banning from the server who bought the stones is not unfair? Most didnt even know that the stones were bugged/hacked.Now instead of just banning many players in a pre open beta, I think you should try to fix the BUG, and should only ban the dealers, who bugged the stones and are selling it, or even people that sell zenies for real money, because they steal the profit that should be from DBOG, i dont want DBO to collapse again. I hope my ideas are helpful to you. * Sorry for google translator

    When I buy a merchant, Idont know have this bug ,Until yesterday