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    This really sounds like an awesome english guild , and I have been noticing alot of divine espesially ch 3 Korin this one time , but yeah currently I am a lvl 36 with my turtle hermit so any chance I could join?

    IGN : Daikami
    Class : Turtle Hermit

    Can you show us how it looks like before downloading? Also how to install it in game. :P

    Well , there are like 2 pictures there of how it looks o-o? if thats what you mean and ill edit it explaining installation , and I added a tutorial now

    Zamasu Dogi : Replace Kaioshin Dogi :D
    Well yeah here we go , my first DBO Mod , I don't think it looks too bad in my opinion anyway :D
    download link : Here
    Install Instructions :
    Download the DBO Resource tool Here
    And extract the Zip somewhere you can easily find
    Next open the exe and navigate your DBO folder
    Then open the pack folder and navigate to tex.pak
    Open Tex.pak and you will be welcomed by something that says" ... " looks like a folder click on the little arrow next to it
    It should be expanded now now do the same with the texture folder
    then go to item and expand that
    next you need to find each file that was included in the zip
    You will have to find each of these and replace them with the files from zip one by one
    (Everytime you replace one it will end back at the " . . ." Folder , so then just navigate back to the items folder)
    Once you have replaced them all close your resource manager and run DBOG , you should notice your Kaioshin Dogi is Now the Zamasu Dogi!

    This might sound weird but I know that on my character Daizen I got a yellow text saying something like Daizen better keeo grinding for lvl 30 because the server was going to reboot or close for awhile , now all i want to know is what message was this cause it wasnt in my chat box was it a message from someone?

    i really dont know some wizom would be nice

    Hello there , I am Daisuke or IGN Daizen
    I am an old original DBO player unfortunately I joined a month before anyone knew the servers were shutting down , so I only reached 40 when they went down

    I am an all round friendly guy looking for a helpful , family like guild.

    I do prefer being a human and being the sub-class swordsmen.

    Currently I am a lvl 28 Human Martial Artist , it is my 2nd day playing DBOG , so it feels great to return to this amazing game , however I think it would be a much better experience with a guild that is full of friendly and helpful people that I could eventually come to call my guildmates

    Thank you for your time reading this.

    you can get buy putting real money on papiload and get cash points or buy on the auction house. There are good lvl armors that looks nice as dogi :) u can craft them or drop the armors

    Thank you for the responce :D

    Hey sorry to possibly sound noob , but atm how to get dogis currently on DBOG ? , Like is it dungeon drops or a item shop thing?