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    Okay so.

    Around the time I entered Korin Forest, or as early as late into Yahhoi, none of the primary quests were translated. It's all in japanese or korean. I've tried to run the patcher exe, I've tried to let it update through the launcher, and I've tried to patch it directly via the Translation Update Thread but nothing seems to work. Here I am now in mid to late Westland and still nothing is readable.

    Is this just a problem with me, or is the game not translated this far in?

    Well when you manually install the latest English patch and replace the files, run the game from the dbog.exe and not the launcher. The launcher over-writes the language patch for now. So just download the latest patch, or open the one you have, and put it into the dbog folder, replace and files and run from the dbog.exe.

    I just did that. Took the localize folder from the latest download patch, dropped it into the root folder, and ran DBOG.exe as administrator. Everythings still unreadable.

    So I've gone through hell trying to understand half the stuff in the game. I've tried manually installing the latest English patch, I've tried using the langpatch.exe in the root folder, and I've tried loading the game through the launcher.

    NONE OF IT IS TRANSLATING. I'm level 25, human, and NOTHING in the Korin Forest are is translated. A friend of mine is doing Majin quests and nothing is translated there ether.