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    Idea: Release AK47s, Sub-machine guns, Snipers, Crossbows

    Reasons: To many people quitting the game because they use the same classes everyday, be optimistic and bring realistic guns into the game

    True... I know that is impossible, but they can at least try to make them as balanced as they can. Not where the strongest and weakest classes are straight obvious. At least give certain classes a fighting chance. Not where you just can't do anything against another class. I know certain classes counter others and I believe there should, but some matchups are just impossible to win or slim to none.

    I mean, until lv70 cap, no one gonna know what should get nerfed, each cap will make an individual class shine among the rest so it's just a waiting game till whenever daneos decides to drop the new client and level cap

    Hey let's all be reasonable here and stop with the jokes. Let's not be bias toward your own classes. You guys always do that. Let's be honest SK is one of the 4 strongest classes and eventually in the 70 cap they will need nerfs.

    Virtually impossible to make every single class equal to each other, theres always gonna be a strongest and weakest class^^

    i got autism just from reading that, sorry not sorry.

    Can you leave SK out of it please? ^^ I mean they were nerfed twice already and you want to nerf them for the third time? :/
    I'd probably quit this game if they nerf SK again. X/

    Lmao, there are some things sks will be needing a nerf for when 70 hits but at lv60 theres no need to try nerf a class that doesnt need it




    I think theres a difference between skedar thinking ultis shouldnt be nerfed and someone like me and many others who know karmas, sks, ultimates ect should be nerfed appropriately but not enough to render them completely useless lol. but either way ultimates should be the first to be nerfed tho

    Show me how you have killed horrid, flunda or sk’s like notorious or budnik in Budokai

    lol the fact you mentioned budnik makes me think that you think hes good? or is it just because he has full +15 gear? If thats the case then you should know by now how i didnt dice once with KarimVS when Ce traded all his +15 armors over to the sk and played on it:(. besides im not the one who has max dex armor, prop, +13 subweaps and much more, im rocking +10 weapons and still killing +13-14 sks and beating most people i go against without needing to dice (: . I dunno if i killed horrid in budokai before but i know for a fact i've flunda many times on my sk (i started playing buffer when flunda gave up playing karma)

    P.S why would i need to kill them, i can simply make them waste their auto pots, 4k pots and senzu all in 1 round to guarantee a win with time out

    It is and I find it unfair. I shouldn't be able to use it if I was confused or feared but i was just stunned. When you're stunned you can use LP/EP Pots but you can't use poison removal? Like wtf, why they existing then? LMAO.

    Idk if I'm gonna make sense but to me, using poison removal doesn't work when stunned because it's the same mechanism as auto pots are / work, kinda like the 15% con pots you get from wagu shop if that makes sense, they should change it tbh but idk

    When he use poison on me while I am stunned - I cannot remove it with poison removal stuff.

    isn't using poison removal whilst stunned like using LP pot whilst in fear? Or like using auto pot when you're stunned, idk I'm right when I say this but when you use poison removal the effect sits next to your autopot sign right?

    Ultimate vs Ultimate is real RNG. But in overall he stomps other classes best. He can stomp Karmas like Horrid and Flundaa easy now and I'm not surprised why Horrid keeps mentioning about UM nerf here. Before he does something like that, he should try to imagine how I feel when I fight him. He must be feeling the same way when he's facing Skedar. This is exactly how you must be feeling when you have 0 openings. X/

    Yeah full dexed out ultimate is a c*** and hits hard but you can still win on SK, you've done it before haven't you?:D

    I prefer two methods vs harder and softer buffers. 1) I go for a kill against soft buffers(the ones who tries full dex or let's say con like this buffer in the video) or 2) I am not letting them dice and I win by the timeout. The only Ultimate that pushed me furthest is Skedar, this guy is literally beyond all Ultimates. Right now if we talk about Karmas, the only Karmas that are really good at everything is Horrid and Flundaa. But yeah well, I will probably not gonna talk about how broken karmas actually are now, because everyone knows everything here better than me in this forum and I am always wrong. People who barely plays or doesn't even play still believes that SK is still broken after two nerfs already? What kind of IQ level these individuals must be wielding to think something of like that? Ridiculous.. Karmas constantly winning tournaments without even trying hard now and no one even notices that. Wake up folks. ^^

    I wouldn't call skedar ontop of all buffers lmao, sure he's got maxed gear but what's his gear got to do when he goes Vs another ultimate? Either of them can win there's nothing he can do about it, anyone he can best in a fight, I can best in a fight8o. Yeah people need to wake up and stop stressing over classes that aren't broken and focus on classes that should be fixed like ultimates and karma's *AT LEVEL70 CAP* ;)

    A good ultimate wouldn't let you use that fear with rp at the last few seconds, full cd accessories + cd gear + max anti fear can remove all debuffs and life steal in 8 seconds:/

    Sorry, that ult is me... i got a wrong armor and accessories, i am not familiar in playing ulti actually XD

    some one told me that after budo, ult got a skill to eat the bleed, but i totally forgot in the battle...

    Proves my point, he's new to ultimate, fight me when I get my accessories back and you'll see that you have more fun with karma than you did with me lmao Notorious