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    Maven I tak nie ma miejsc na nowych członków a ludzie i tak nie chcą się składać, poczekam kilka dni a połowa i tak przestanie grać i wtedy zaczniemy inwestować w gildie normalnie, a rekrutacje otworzę jak będą miejsca ;)

    So for you multi accounts are legal and fair? I see it very cool to choose a developer myself to judge that it is good for others and it is not a problem you wish you luck in later maintenance of the order, multi accounts spoil the economy of the game and sometimes people will play nicely because everyone will have to deal with themselves On your own, you do not see it now, but you will find out in time. I wanted to prevent this, so that everyone enjoyed the game, and he did not make any other accounts and played with himself, which does not change the fact that it would be good if Daneos himself spoke on this subject and he said what he thought if he wanted to leave multiple accounts that much This will be exactly the same as with other previous servers, it was an artificial crowd, and after the time the game ceased to exist, and it involves the fact that no one paid for the server, but rather Daneos does not want it.

    Another player with multi client attack, it is not like doing an artificial crowd for the server...

    He already said that it was allowed years ago. Yeah in other mmo like runescape let you multi client

    Runescape is a very old game so there is no wonder, the population is probably small, and see the game above 2010, there are nowhere to have multiple accounts, and if someone tried it immediately got a ban.

    There were programs to let you duel clients I also have 3 computer too. Last how could the developer tell between someone who has brothers on the same network ?

    Anyway If it was limit or w.e I would find a way and i rather play with my friends than with randoms since that basically were your argument going.

    Did you when you were playing something else? DBOG is your game, because you behave like you would everywhere that means in other games multi accounts were legal.

    Maybe finally we'll end this quarrel and let Daneos himself say that, because he's the founder of the server.

    Multi accounts are strictly forbidden, there are already some examples, but I would happily give another one, let's say there is an event and everyone gets something from the server to the cash shop and then suddenly you pick it up on all accounts and you can say that at that time you are robbing server, I was working on the TW server and a lot of people made a lot of accounts, over time it was blocked and the server stabilization has stabilized, I am behind it to completely block multiple accounts.

    well its a fighting game, ego is what drives these people to keep playing and be the best "lek no 1 evr wuz", just be glad it isn't the cesspool that is the remains of rumble fighter.(if you don't know what that is, you're a lucky one)

    if something so small as a sudden block on multi accounting causes people to leave, they weren't interested in the game in the first place, I'd rather be surrounded by those who enjoy the game then those who don't.

    Everyone wants to be in the circle of people like this game, but here many accounts spoil everything so that no one can take the game seriously and can not have fun, it is not cool feeling like by some, tmq, .. they are facing the busts of multi-accounts, because such races as the potential losers and no one wants to play it, and that it is mmo it is as if one rule, do not know you know what's going on but it is said " holiday trinity ", and here by multi account it is not.

    hmm, well as it seems no one else really has problem with it in general. I won't tell you to get over it since you seem dedicated about this but for now its not a big issue, kinda like when you play a game and randomly just fly off the map due to some sudden lag.

    if it does become one later, feel free to bring out the "I told ya so"s

    It seems to me that this is a big problem, people are easy things get used to quickly, and if later this option will block it suddenly can lose a lot of players. And if at this point it was done then people would learn to put on a normal party and eventually they would start communicating normally rather than just challenging who is better etc ...

    And do you think making multi accounts is fair? I give you one example, let's say we have a pvp ranking and you know you have points to get, so what do you do with a multi account and you will start to fancy points as if nothing ever? This is somewhat a scam, so it should be blocked even at pre-open beta.

    well, unless anything changed will i was gone, this isn't the offical version of the game and everything that guy is doing will be wiped out anyway when it all resets. at that point i am pretty sure this issue won't exist since and security measures would be put in place

    also if that guy is so much of a loner he needs 8 different accounts playing for assistance, just let em be, I never understand why people go to such lengths on a test phase.

    I mean, if people now call themselves that you can do multiple accounts and start to abuse it, it's just wrong, because if it actually blocks it then, then it will be crying in the forum that no one can turn on the x2 dbog, so that the option should be blocked immediately

    How?? because you can't log in that many account at once? It not ruining anything. I have friend I can play with and enjoy the game with. This just seem to be a personally problem for you because you can't or don't want to make new friends

    The idea is that through multi accounts no one takes buffers into the party, and therefore by multi-account the game is meaningless, you can not make a full party and eventually it is a multiplayer game with a singleplayer, New people think there are so many players, so actually someone has some accounts turned on, in my opinion it should be blocked as it was on kr, tw and hk.

    Multi accounting doesn't effect anyone at all. People don't do hard endgame content with randoms anyway

    If you think that you are playing solo and it does not matter to you, but over time you will find that many accounts are destroying the game content in the end is an online game and not an offline.

    I agree with you but that's because I don't do it I don't even have more than one character on my one account I like playing with just one character but im sure that there will be a lot of people to disagree with you because having 2 accounts is a good way to level up new characters and for the people that do it, it also is use to help get dragon balls during the event

    So you say you agree with me? Why do not you ask a friend, for example, to help you sprinkle those balls, in the end as I wrote above, the game is online so we should play together in a group, not alone and to create multiple accounts.

    Did you think that without multiple accounts it would be better? By multi accounts there are always problems finding people to party, for example it is hard to find a buffer because no one is playing them, the are standing before the content but its is obviously a second account, let say stop multi accounts! xD

    The following example with a screen that multi accounts should not be, clogs only server: an1Pe9D.jpg

    Już od kilkulat polskie wersje mmo raczej znikają niż pojawiają się nowe. Lokalizacja mmo to kupa pracy i nie warto się w to bawić dla kilkudziesięciu a nawet kilkuset osób. Ja tam zawsze uważałam, że mmo to świetne miejsce do podciągnięcia się z angielskiego :)

    Jest język Angielski i on wystarcza , nie wiem po co Ci spolszczenie skoro J.Angielski jest bardzo łatwy jeśli się go oczywiście umie :P

    Po co drążycie temat, skoro założyciel tematu już się w ogóle nie odzywa?