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    This Waris guy is either a complete moron or just a bad troll.

    I am curious. Lets say it is decided to go with wipe now and people decide to give DBOG another chance.

    How many more wipes do you think people can handle and how can people be certain that there won't be any more wipes in the future and that their effort will not be in vain? I for one am questioning myself if I should continue playing in a case of wipe, because I really do not want to do tedious and repetitive tasks over and over again (CC anyone?) to get good gear, good stats on it, upgrade it and then just to see it gone, again, some time in the future...

    You're right, cast out your sorrows and regrets, everyone has your ass in the ass, you're another fence that only cries on the forum, I have at least what to laugh at when you cry, good luck with what you do and cry on the forum.

    Ps. And they should give you ban, then there will be peace in the forum xD

    As you can see a lot of us have lost a lot of time, so it seems to me that there is nothing to discuss on this subject, I have over 1500 hours on the main account, the rest is a bit, and I know there are people who have much more and want it wipe.


    Here :::::::::: I understand and understand all those people who do not want the WIPE, maybe it's a bit unfair because it was said that there would be no more server reboots, but most people want a reboot and maybe it's the best thing for the future of this project. //// you can see original here: Dragon Ball Online Global Open Beta 2018 FAQ [SPANISH]

    As you can see, the larger community of players wants this wipe to be so that there are not as many cheaters as there is now, now I have seen in the arena a few people who used programs to teleport themselves to others. it is a punishment for those who cheat.

    This is not about crying. This is about dedication to putting characters at the maximum level and being thrown away. hardlock admits that it was said that there would be no other reset. And people like me, they believed. Breach of trust. Only.

    Excuse me but I do not understand what is written on this screenshot that I do not know the language, write it in English or find the same in the English version.

    Ps. People who have already a few thousand hours want this wipe, so yours really do not count, that you start pointing, you can not give anything away, it's not an official game server, only private, they can even do a wipe every day.

    See yourself for a game like diablo 3, it's a seasonal game and it's wipe every 4 months and see people somehow do not cry that everything is lost.

    PS. if you suffer so much, say how many hours you have in the game if you cry so.