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    In this thread, post your old bros from DBO.


    ^Xarlock AKA XarCOCK (punk ass nigga I knew from DBOR forums. We was always talking about loli doujins and shit; discussing powerlifting-related stuffs, trolling noobs back in the summer of 2014 good fucking times /)^3^(\ )


    ^Logic AKA Logitech AKA Skullbank (the REAL one, not the impersonator in DBOG -.-) Cool guy, pretty fun to talk to, was in my old guild in TW, Emperor. He was always the blandest fucking guy in every party, which functioned extremely well as the "straight man" to the shenanigans the rest of us would be engaging in (namely, yours truly xD). He was also the friend of my sworn enemy in DBO TW, Kid Twist. Twist was a fucking arab ass nigga, always on my case trying to convert me to Islam or w/e. I told him Mohammed was a pedo since he took a 9 yr old for a wife and then he got super offended and convinced another guild memeber to call me a scammer in trade chat to ruin the chances of me selling a few dogis. Which unfortunately worked, and then I got pissed so I decided to log off and didn't log in for 3 days (it was E3 taimu so I had plenty to do :O). Anyways, I came back after those 3 days were up and the entire guild had disbanded LMAO. Over 50 fucking people, many of them OP lvl 70s with great gear just all went their own ways after being together for months on end. According to the guild leader, Morphin, my absence resulted in everyone going at each others throats and they decided to part ways. So basically, I was the bonding agent amongst the entire fucking guild! Anyway, Logic was one of the few people who actually wanted to continue doing things together and we had fun until the servers shut down on October 31 =^-^=

    So, who are your DBO "bros"? :D

    I've got alot more but these are the only two who I have actual pics of xD

    You can't get an older woman thats why you're after 11y/o girls. You're just disgusting lol

    Why would I want wrinkly old hags tho :O

    Tight, delectable bodies are the best <3 (I've had this obsession since I was 15, btw ;p)

    From ages 11-13 I was into big busty women from 18-25 (even back then anything above 25 was disgusting for me lol) But soon thereafter I actually gained some more "refined" taste ^///^

    So wait, did @Fluffy just confess about being a pedophile when they said: "When I speak/type you see the REAL me"?

    No offense intended by the way, just for giggles.

    No offense taken lol. And yes, but saying "did I just confess!?" is inaccurate. Why? Because this is far from the first time I have mentioned this factor on the forums. (Honestly, you would THINK people would catch on by now, but it's like stuff I say goes in one ear and out the other lol)

    Ofc, my above post is not exclusively referring to my sexual orientation, but instead every aspect of life. I will always be the "real" me no matter how much others attempt to suppress my freedom of expression :P

    Flying around exploring maps is my favorite thing to do in DBO xD So this is really something that gets me excited.

    I was talking with my friend "Fraud" Turtle the other day and we came to the conclusion that an event like this would be the best way to make exploration rewarding in DBO.

    How come so many damn games that use cel shading techniques, look like fucking ps3/ xbox 360 releases? I find it absolutely mind-boggling how [email protected] Platinum Stars has better Cel-shaded character models than ANY other game in existence! For comparison:

    (Remember to set all videos to 1080p, btw :P) And before you ask, yes, Platinum Stars runs in real time on PS4; it's not pre-rendered.

    I mean, the only other game I have seen in which the character models don't look completely half-assed is Ni No Kuni 2, but even there it's clearly a step down from Platinum Stars. Now, I'm sure many of you will claim "Oh well [email protected] focuses SOLELY on the character models and there isn't much else to render due to the way the game plays". Now, that is most assuredly a good point, but Cel-Shading is NOT a taxing graphical effect (as far as I am aware).

    If you would kindly take a brief look at the videos below:

    ^It is clear as day that the extra graphical prowess Uncharted 4 & Horizon Zero Dawn showcase is NOT on display with any of these cel-shaded games. So, since even a base Ps4 with a measely 1.8 TFLOPS of GPU power AND a CPU running at ONLY 1.6 Ghz can somehow handle games like this, why the hell can't ALL cel-shaded games have character models that look as good as Platinum Stars? Just chalk it up to the developers' laziness?

    Yeah, um, I'm not at my computer screen 24/7

    And I only talk from the heart. I never put on a facade merely to garner a specific reaction. The more people who show me their hatred the more I know I'm on the side of righteousness because 99% of all society (including those on the internet) are disgustingly, and inexcusably evil.

    When I speak/ type you see the REAL me; and I vow to never change myself just to suit what society deems acceptable.

    Wtf am I late to the party here!? O_O What in the bloody hell is going on? Or is this an April Fools joke?

    (i must say, it sure would be a hella elaborate of a prank on the animator's part...)