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    I know that the upgrade not only favors the cheaters, I could also go up to +12 but ... I feel that it is unfair nothing else.

    I do not argue that everyone does what they want with their time, but for something people leave, and leave

    And if they are really working, months ago I see that people ask for the cap70 and nothing happens.

    In the same way, I love the game and I will return when I am calm, it was a moment of anger and I wanted to express myself.


    Viejo, es muy injusto jugar tanto tiempo para que el upgrade solo funcione para los chiteros nada mas, que paja que no le presten atención al juego, mientras sus admins juegan a otro juego, ESA IRONIA TE LA REGALO.


    Me gustaría saber, cuando estara disponible la compra de cash por celular en Argentina, ya si vas a esa opción, siempre sale error...
    Desde ya muchas gracias!