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    Hello everyone! I was thinking to make something funny and see what is coming up with this forum game.

    That forum game consist to continue the sentence of the person above with one of your sentence (can be funny, can be sad, can be any) and everyone will continue it in loop!:saint::/8)


    I'll start with this:

    I woke up early and my idea was to stay still in the bed because...

    Ciao -
    Fai la prova di aggiungere una porta nel tuo router. Boh magari funziona:|

    E faccio un promemoria di come ti avevo già detto:

    - Disinstalla e cancella tutti i file di dbog
    - Re-installa il gioco (fai in modo che il firewall non interagisca con l'installazione)
    - Metti tutto quello che riguarda dbog come escluso dal firewall
    - Accedi come amministratore
    - Usa il cavo lan, se non funziona, usa un'altra rete (Potrebbe funzionare se hai un telefono con i giga sopra e quindi userai il tuo cellulare come router)

    Cerca di vedere se ti appare il file dbolog.txt che cosi magari sarà possibile vedere se ci sono errori

    Facci sapere!:saint:

    Thank you for posting the feedback! I love reading all of it.

    We are pretty open about what we're working on, and you can ask anything you want. What information do you want to know?

    It was just to specify that I wasn't well informed about things around. Whenever I'll have a question I'll make sure not make so much fuss and ask straight!
    Thank you for reply and keep going Verdant!

    Thank you for clarify.

    I may missed some things around because I was not here in dbog. I just collected some thoughts and yes some others ideas as well.

    We listen to all feedback, but sometimes things take time to implement, and sometimes things cannot be implemented the way some people want them. If you look at every feedback thread on the forum, I always come and read them, and answer.

    Off course, and about that I'm glad and thank you for it!

    We are not a paid studio with a budget, we are just volunteers in our free time, so some things can take some time. There are tickets only I can handle, to prevent possible corruption, so if I am busy with my other job, things can take time. We are just people like you, we all have jobs and school and things to do with our families. We all work for free, so please have a little patience. Send me your ticket in discord and I will take another look.

    Yes I am aware about. But also the project has his own reason to exist. That mention was because I see too much concentration in you to do alot of things (My point was just the ideology of balance) so I thought the idea is to have more active volunteers would make things go more smooth.
    Finding and trust are others things, obviously must be found out with time. I don't throw these things as an insult for no one.
    My idea was just a tip and kinda a push for who ever wants to help the community to grow.

    I encourage everyone to support everything around made till now, and kinda I hope is gonna be a viceversa from game project!

    The players voted for 2.0 before cap 70, which is why we have not started working on cap 70 yet. We have added a lot of dynamic endgame content with titles to grind and the bounty hunt system, but we are not finished adding content. Please understand that we are a very small team running a very big game in our free time, and we still produce content for you guys regularly. Just have a little patience and we will continue to do good work for everyone!

    Alright if they voted, they must not complain than:/
    I have patience as others too, just lack of informations about general, a general view. So when there is a more detailed clarify people may get.
    I'm aware about regularity of events.

    I'm glad you answered and made some clarifies, and thank you again! Mine was just a general point of view, with downs and ups, cause it's right to give a feedback sometimes.

    I hope everyone will do a feedback as well, so maybe I can open my eyes to others directions and explains!

    Hello everyone, I was thinking was the right time to give a feedback to DBOG - Revival project.

    I have many ideas, and both negative and positive thoughts.

    Obviously they may have been told a thousand times, but I have the right to talk about this game, as I invest my own in the game as well as others.
    I really like DBO, and since years I am still here playing it with many huge events like bankrupt of original and retail ntl team, or wipes of old dbog or others projects (Hopefully won't happen again but this is also a matter of how will be in future times...)

    I will drop some words here:


    - Leveling system and the option to use a items to level up and by pass the kid missions are a good thing.

    - Upgrade system is good, giving a chance to everyone to level their gear.

    - Craft its okay, yet i'm must explore it all, but people still are in a nice idea to keep with crafting so I leave it to positive.

    - The update on CC Shop with real-time dogis that regards an event is ok- Atleast makes the idea of event itself.

    - The option ''poll'' to pickup an event is nice, so atleast everyone can decide and is not the team project that decide an event (weekly events).

    - WP points finally has a option of use and also the Tokens option have more a correct idea to have.
    - I like the communication between some of DBOG team and members (makes more comfy the project and integration of community) - Some of them are funny and are not arrogants with power ideas (and that I like)

    - I like also the players helping others players (some of them deserves a value to join more close to the team because from my point of view, they do help meantime also they are playing - and kinda are not their main duty for the role)
    - The gameplay is fine, and you also can expect some drops that can suprise you sometimes.


    - Dogis: New CC Sentinel dogis are not so nice looking, have nothing special and esthetically make your characters looks definetely ugly.
    - Dogis: My question is, where are the retail dogis? Why for example shield,wings,others stuff must be just an event idea? Some of them may be just for events but instead to use them as ''events'' stuff

    why not make new ones? New ones makes attract new people (as others projects are doing) , and you give a sensation of diversity.
    - Turn on new dogis - We need again and I repeat, diversity ^^

    - Droprate of u14 , u29 are okay - others level are terrible. u42 its decent, u56 its oh harsh mode, u60 impossible. And i'm negative here cause you must also a guarantee a sorta of balance to drop one u60, not just to be a ''crafter'' , because there are crafters and there are farmers. I did not get no u60 drops, so I think its ugly cause I'm last level and the idea to farm for hours and barely get a u42 or rare times a u56 is unfair for my time and my mood to play (and many people have some point of view)
    - The ideas of members are taken in consideration? I have that doubt, because some of them are unhappy because they kinda feels they got ignored whenever they have some original ideas that could help everyone.

    - About others staff members? Where they are? I am thinking some of them are absent or just holds a place, I don't know and I am aware they have real life things, but I can just count in one hand some of them that I consider as helpers ecc. Wouldn't be a great idea that devs are devs and others from team manage the things? I still have a ticket on and passed 1 month - No reply. So this is not stonks. A team must be kinda frequent in helping...not a member must remind all the time about..

    - DBO Global issues lag are already a long talk and hope there are gonna be like some news soon and often, community wants updates atleast a minimal thing, not just ''in 2.0 version'' - I have no clue about development, barely I know to use a computer X/, but more are the news, less is the stress and worries.
    - For find people to play a endgame thing like CC or a dungeon is hard ''Some of them are multi-characters for run''. Also because some of them are waiting more big changes and thats the reason they ignore the idea to partecipate in the same loop of things with same things as 6 months ago for example. We NEED more end things or open the idea to release the other part - BIDs and a new cap. (Let 2.0 into a corner, 2.0 for me it is like general and huge fix of issues) but I'm talking about giving people more things to do and hold them inside to have fun.

    I'm aware maybe some things are wrong said, but I felt to say them and I apologizes if someone gets offended. But I am saying what I am thinking without having issues. I'm just looking for a community that is aiming to hold the game and the stability of it - Many things must be fixed, but some of them starts from basics things. I have many ideas as well and others people too, but we need that basic setup and its from where everything starts: Community.
    Adjustments must be done somehow for run more correct a right road and I hope some of my words will remain in consideration. Thank you for long reading and thank you Verdant and team for working on. Good luck;)

    Welcome around Warmanreaper!

    -DBOG has new systems to be tested and a try, its up to your mood! Now there are also items that makes you skip the rough level 1 to 30 - so basically having it will make you skip some leveling up and move more further!
    - Also new items and much more

    I'm playing this game since 2013. I was playing dbog in past as well (but I've took some breaks from it too), and lately I came back, and still I'm around 8).

    Have fun around and if you need any kind of suggest, let us know!