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    well,my server have a dragonballhunt event but ,the drop doen'st work and i don't know how change the time in the arquive "Dragonballhunt.cpp"

    anyone can save me in this problem? i need to know how i save my progress i apreciate yours ,bye;

    (the problem is ,i dont know the hour is event,and how change,only why i know is who have change in dragonballhunt.cpp the time and drop i think.)

    hey sup guys!

    i have not a problem but is a really sh....well,lets see how i begin that

    i have one private server and i got a team to work up hi'm

    and i have equipments +15 in game,but the "aura" or "charges" in the game

    dn't change anyone can say me who i do? who i change?


    is that , i use client dragonball king

    i really need to know where i take in the side of server.

    thanks for replyes.

    (resume , i have equips +15 and my aura continue to be a white,whatever don't change").