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    seriously Daneos or idk who's in charge why not have more devs ?
    faster and also can take turns so project wont stop when ppl want have holidays and such ...

    Everyone would be running around with +15 if there were no risk. Might as well get rid of the upgrade system entirely if we're all going to be equal anyway. :thumbdown:

    upgrade system is for progress and better stats , farming and strugglin achieving high grades
    just like any other successful games , Tera has Upgrade system without breaks

    (lol its rhymes)

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    theres never not gonna be a downgrade system in dbo man, im sorry but thats how it is.

    Everyone would be running around with +15 if there were no risk. Might as well get rid of the upgrade system entirely if we're all going to be equal anyway.

    whats wrong being equal in gears ?? u guys are used to P2W games alot

    First, as I said I hate the upgrade for the broken card. But it was also the thing that gave the fun. Ofc if you remove the broken card and decrease the success rate under the 2-3% it will give almost the same result in balance, and will remove the feel of losing your progress. This will completely change all the upgrade system, but that's a good thing. Good balance, without getting mad. But this will happen only if you consider that the stones will have the same price. I think that if the success rate will be so low, the price of the upgrade stones, will decrease too, and maybe buy 999 u70 red, will be easy.

    this is a PVP game more then anything and gears are important , we care about keeping the challenge and show true pvp skills not diffrence in gears right thats the fun all players want , wich is good experience .. struggling to collect good items and upgrading is also part of it
    no one said by removing breaking it will be vanilla game , its harder to certain logical extent and keep players progress

    keeping players progress in any mmo is needed , loosing item after 1-2 month of farming is just ..insane so i guess we are all aproving that
    now making ppl attein +15 gears isnt all that bad it have advantage more then disadvantage but as i said it wont be easy to do it
    if u want change the upgrade system for the better , u must put on the table everything that is related to it mainly "drop rates of stones & succes rates"
    theese 2 works together , high drop rates low succes rates or low drop rates but okay succes rates , theese need be donne with tests on CBT

    what i tried say in nutshell , lets make dbo a progress style game where hardcore true players can realy finnaly show themselves no more lucky stuff and P2W
    achieving +15 on all armors will take months and making crazy Tournement and Wars like that
    havin diffrent winners each week cuz everyone will be equal in their gears and diffrent in their skills
    no need to make ppl rage quit of breaking items or getting stuck into an endless cycle that Kr genre games do

    i can remove the breaking , but make u fail 999 times at +10 if u want breaking that much its the same result , u ll get stuck at that point but atleast i dont take ur CC item or legend ..

    but first of all why u guys dont like to upgrade system to be fair?