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    Buy and use it from the NPC, like he would be a brown book.
    You don't need to grov it manual, you can program it, so it would gow up by every use. Let's say 10% of the curent price (at level 70 would be 1kk) after each use till it hits 5kk.

    @mattotk you still can grind for lvl 70 common items and sell em to a vendor. You might need some time to get 69kk Zeni, but that's what you want. The double effect is: you will get Rare Items, U-Stones, maybe a Legendery and you WILL get best equipt in Dungeons.
    69kk Zeni for a full skill reset are peanuts, such as 5kk for a Single Point. (cause i am raised by hardcore mmo's, i myself would even tripple thous prices, but that just me).

    Another point of letting it be at 69kk: all the cashers couldn't sell it for 350kk-600kk Zeni anymore and by that breaking the Economy of their Server (it would balance it a lil bit).

    5kk for 1 SP is way to much. Let's do some math at level 70 you have 69 skill reset 1 reset cost 5kk ea 69x5kk=345kk that way to much and that current price range you can get a green skill reset in auction house sometimes. I believe 700k would be a fine amount if your pass level 55

    Nop, that's fine, cause nobody would reset 69 points by one, they would pay the 69kk. Still 5kk Zeni for a single point reset.

    I don't understand how skill books have not been removed from the game. This is an mmo! One day I might feel like doing pvp. The next day I might want to do pve stuff. Our builds are constantly changing based on what content we are doing. It's insane we have to spend real money to change builds or spend a ridiculous price of 350 to 600kk which is the price range they have been selling for.

    Remove skill books and allow an npc to reset our skills for like 100k or something after level 30.

    You haven't played alot in-game shop MMO's do you?

    The Ability to reset your Skills is the biggest ther is in a MMO. The pay to play (monthly pay, mostly 14,99$) mostly offer this for ingame currency. The shop mmo's got the same optition, like we have now, only few got a double-offer (like ace_ove_spades and i would like to see in this MMO).

    another idea popped into my head I'm not sure if its possible thou, maybe having an other option with orims idea to reset 1 skill point from npc for 2kk so then then theirs more than 1 option of resseting some or all sp

    Nop. For the Reset of 1 single point it should be 5kk, cause people would save up Skillpoints to save Zeni for the Reset at Level 70 and would try out other skills for "just" 2kk.

    I think that they should be entirely removed or parcially removed, ¿how would this be?
    Well they can remove the book from cash shop and make npc skill reset for all levels with a maximum price of 1kk-2kk.

    Then make a sort of event where you can get 1 book as a reward, for people that have low zeni would be a good chance to get one, that's how i imagine it.

    1kk per Skillpoint set at max level, cause at the endgame you can easy get that 69kk for a full reset.

    If you do not fit, why are you writeing this then and get abused by our "freedome of speech"-reaction on it?

    "Think before you write" the way: "Do not think in Problems, think in Solutions." is my signature.

    The better question is: Why do people hold on older TW DBO times?
    If things don't change for the better balance, ther will be no progress for a MMO.

    one trick is too allow your antivrus to make an exception to this game you don't need to disable the anitivirus completely search youtube for ur antivirus name nd how to make an exception for a program not 2 be scanned

    It's called Whitelist/Whitelisting a Program ( an App).

    Disable all the other Programs. Disableing your Antivirus is not recomanded.
    If it's still slow, you better get a SSD Hard drive.

    As stated on discord and by Aru here. there are a lot of players (mostley Chinese) that are cheating and bugging to get items they shouldn't be able to right now. there have been hundreds of accounts banned for this in the past and more are sure to follow. any and all players caught selling the bugged in items are going to receive a ban.

    Ther's more: they (the bug users) duplicate from peoples shops, openly, with some crap lowlevel. That can be even a level 1 Character.

    A solution would be: bound the IP to the Account, so ther can be only 1 Account per IP online.

    I see the appeal but i've had a full list since December and every now and again someone asks me to craft them something. Usually it's lvl 30, 40, 65 or 70 but i kinda like the feel of having a full list. Reminds me that i worked hard to get them all :)

    @Cosmo But to have the Ability to delet 'em would help. It would be up to everyone if they want to keep it or not.