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    I think on some names of places from the anime like:


    some names like:

    _Kame Sennin
    _Tsuru Sennin

    or just nick names from the people who help with the development of the game

    What do you guys think about these ones?


    I like the third, so simple, i think the icon don't need much information, it's just a icon after all xD but, that one's represents the old dragon ball online, try to reflect the dboglobal in that icon, and will be perfect, something like the fourth, whatever, nice work man :D

    I do not think it is really a decision. From what I understand, I think in order for the big updates to be added to the Pre-Beta, the server needs to be wiped in order for that to happen. If not, it will have to happen eventually as I recall Daneos stating somewhere earlier that the official server will not run on the dev server? Something like that.
    Though, everyone is right in saying we knew what we were getting in to. We paid for early access not special privileges over others. Naturally, it does suck starting over, but it is better for us all to start together.
    However.. special custom founder dogi's or something would be pretty sweet... hint hint wink wink lol

    As i said, i'm not a founder pack, I didn't read the terms, so it's just a personal opinion, i think a special dogi is not enough, but if they are satisfied, I have nothing to say, just they are the best founder pack in the world, and I hope it's a really good dogi xD

    I'm am not a founder pack, but, i think they deserve what her progress lest deleted again, they pay for play, no only for items, it sounds frustrating and unjust have to do it all again, it's just an opinion.

    Esta muy bueno el 1, yo le mejoraria un poco la parte del boton de start y el logo tal vez mejor poner otro goku u otro personaje, esta bien que dragon ball y goku van juntos pero aca no me parece buena idea, dragon ball online va mucho mas alla, pero bueno es solo mi opinion, entonces yo diria que busques alternativas a eso, tambien el logo de dbo y un mejor boton de start el resto me gusta

    Gracias por tu opinion :) veras, el logo de DBOG lo deje asi por que es el que pusieron en la página de facebook, tenia pensado cambiarlo pero preferí dejarlo asi , lo del goku estoy de acuerdo con vos xD me lo acabas de confirmar, solo lo puse por que me sobraba espacio vere que puedo hacer y sobre lo del boton de start trate de hacerlo simple, vere como lo mejoro :D gracias

    Necesito que me den sus opiniones sobre mi launcher pls :D , sean sinceros, me vienen mucho mejor las criticas o las opiniones que tengan. :D