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    I don't know why you would expect a decade old game to just stay working on current gen OS or for a small team to be able to not only keep the old version working but maintain and upgrade a future version in a short time iYamcha. It's frankly very entitled and you're free to leave and play something else. But since all you do is whine while seeking validation from other whiners, have at it. Just don't expect anyone of merit to take you seriously.

    Oh look, iYamcha is still being an entitled baby.. Colour me shocked.
    As Quvades already mentioned, if you bothered to pay attention there is a long changelog detailing many of the bugfixes and changes delivered in every update. What did you think updates were Yamcha? Just extra padding at the cost of several hundred megabytes of data? This is all a service the DBO team is doing free of charge on a game that was left to die by damn near everyone else and yet every opportunity you're give you complain like a child. Either learn some humility, some patience or learn to be quiet. Your stance is not representative of the wide DBO community by any means.

    I would love to see some new abilities and transformations, even if just statistically different (eg, Super Saiyan 2 looking the same as SSJ1 but with higher stat boosts and a lightning effect) Some costumes from Dragon Ball Super would be great too :3

    That sounds similar to how things worked when I was an Mod in Ragnarok Online back in the day. Frankly its a tried and true system. With some luck, most bugs are ironed out. There is always a few that persist but things are a lot different that they were in years passed with workarounds for a lot of things. That said, i'd rather it be released late and stable than early and unstable :3

    Oh jeez! Glad I got impatient and started recording Arkusam1991 and I's Let's Play now. We'll Probably stop after the first summoning of Shenron and maybe play to level 31 offline so we can get the bonus. I'm hype af for the wipe! I don't expect it to fix everything but a refreshed economy alone is worth it XD Removing most of the buggers, exploiters, bots and cheaters is just a plus for me :P

    Do we have a rough timeframe when this is supposed to happen? Days, weeks?
    Just asking so I have a timeframe on when i'll need to start playing back up to where I am :)

    Oh I know all about it. I've been following closely for some time but we're on the precipice of release with the new client releasing at least and then 2.0 to follow and while i'm sure there will be bugs and patches to fix them, i'm more interested in what it adds and changes :3

    Hey everyone. Been a member for years, longer on an old account from the old forum/site but still, been a player of DBO since the korean release and super excited to play v2.0. Bringing a few friends with me and my co-host and I plan to do a Let's Play series and with some luck it'll help bring new players too. I'm a long time fan of Dragon Ball, so much so that i've got the art style down as Dragon Ball as a series was a major influence for me as an artist and now a game developer. I'll try and post every now and then instead of being a lurker. This isn't my first forum either so while i'm a noob, its only a technicality. I made this account years ago and am a mod and admin on other forums.
    Thanks <3

    Is the irony that many of the accounts that voted no were bots lost on you?
    Look I get that you're annoyed at the possibility of a wipe but there is good reasons and they have been outlined served times throughout this thread.

    Perhaps you should approach Hardlock for the possibility of making one of the servers contain all the current accounts and have a fresh server for all the new changes but that said, if that were the case, the current state of the game is filled with exploits and buggers and a totally broken economy. People are calling you selfish because you care more about your own characters then the entirety of the game and its longevity. I know it sucks losing characters that you put time and effort into. Honestly I do, but this is a full version update. Version 2.0. When so many in the community are sick and tired of all the mess, so much so that over half want a server wipe, it might be better to look at the positives in wiping. I mean, the game will be fresh again. Fresh players, fresh economy, fresh guilds, new ranking.. Everyone gets a shot to be a top player rather then have to wade through all the garbage that clogs up the game currently. There is no sense either way in attacking the admins and mods who are just doing their jobs and if they are appeasing more then half the community, they're doing a good job.

    Perhaps Hardlock might want to consider giving players a new start package. Maybe like 100k zenny, 7 days of 50% extra exp or something like that. Boost the economy from the beginning and make it less difficult for people to climb back to where they were, even passed level 30. I mean even if 1/3 of the no votes are fake, there is a lot of people upset and maybe having some bonuses will help sooth the upset and if it were timed it would only be available for those who are current players or those that jump in as soon as v2.0 drops.

    Either way, I know you're annoyed man but there really isn't any broad sweeping solution mods can do to fix the current problems now that they've built up over time. I'm sorry for being a butt to you for what its worth.


    tu punto de vista es altamente patético, ves que solo piensas en ti mismo y en las cosas que solo necesitas ver, pero no siempre puedes estar en lo cierto en todo, así que pierdes el tiempo dibujando teorías tontas porque, en primer lugar, la hipocresía lo tiene en un mal concepto, que no tiene nada que hacer aquí en primer lugar aprender significado de cada palabra

    Why do you need to write in spanish to call me pathetic and selfish when you were already speaking to me in english? Seems strange. But whatever, you call me selfish but you're only caring about your point of view while demanding respect while offering none. Its text book hypocrisy. You only care about arguments that support yours which is textbook confirmation bias. That seems selfish to me. I'm not trying to insult you, I was just making observations. If you took it as a personal attack, i'm sorry, that was not my intent. Nevertheless, if I see flaws in your argument, and I do, I will point them out. Free speech isn't freedom from consequences or condemnation.

    It is clear that here all opinion counts so that you do not have to give orders to others, let anyone from your point of view because we all have the right to you nobody is contradicting you in what you think so close the anus shade aurion

    When someone is spamming (and iYamcha is literally copy and pasting his post at this point) than it warrants addressing. If he is free to post dumb stuff, i'm free to call him out on it, but make no mistake, its spam. Its also flawed reasoning and conspiratorial so in your defense of everyone getting the right to a point of view, you intend to hinder mine? Well, that just sounds like hypocrisy and confirmation bias to me :p

    No one cares about your conspiracy theories iYamcha. Give it a rest dude.
    Your whole premise hinges on "but can we really trust the admins and mods to deliver on their promises?" and the simple answer to that is, yes, yes we can. They maintain and upgrade the game routinely and have for years. I would trust them easily over some weird biased skepticism you need to create to cover for the fact that you just don't want to start over. I mean if you just said you didn't want to start over, I could at least respect that but this BS you keep spilling.. Kinda crappy to do TBH