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    Lol as soon as this server wipe start and DBO is rebooted no one is going to play. Returning players will still get bored and with nothing productive to do but whine and start over and the players that were current won’t come back because they’ll have to regrind their dbs, gear, dogis, etc. Me playing this game feels like my own private server cause yet I’ll be playing alone again with guild mates being dead or further ahead while server chat will be spamming the highest dungeon and CC to then leave the low leveling stuck grinding off of West City quests. Lvl 42 forever fun, right? I’m now starting to think DBO community will just not be what it was back 7-8 years ago.

    I used to play on the ogplanet days but once they switched to redfox its kinda dead now. It's like dbo in a sense. It's not fun like it used to be no one does adventure, I tried to pick it up again a couple of months ago but no one even moon anymore.