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    Hello, i been on the forums for a good month now but i haven't introduced myself. So hello, it me Gogaku - The Ultimate Fighter (bad nickname i know -_-)

    I have been playing the game for a bit now, Finally got myself to lvl 60+ XDD, Enjoying the game quite a bit even with the bugs (-_-). I remember when i logged in the first time on global it was totally different. You have done great fixing problems and working hard, i tried to contribute by buying dogi's XDD (my life -_-)

    Keep up the great work guys, Cant wait for the full release.

    In-game char: Gogaku

    couple days ago their was a bug with the skills being able to be used, its been fixed but i don't know if am the only one but to me the majority of my quests aren't working. i can accept them but when it comes to getting the item from the bosses i need to kill or i just need to kill 10 oil bravo it doesn't work.

    am able to kill the mobs but they don't count to the quest for some reason. i know their are certain quest that don't work at the moment but i don't think that 10 quest's in a row doesn't work.

    i don't know if this is just my game acting up or other people are getting this problem at the start of mushroom rocks north.