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    just remove freezes, none of f2p players want wipe even tho many of them have decent gears and dont want to begin from zero and with different upgrading system which wont even let u reach +12 as a f2p. Who gives a f. That those chinese have +15 gears if they lose to +11 players. Freezes remove would solve everything

    the most fair thing is to whipe the server when the new client badpicollo said at least 50% of players cant even pvp with these freezes including me losing the main goal of the be competetive player against other people..i dont like just to farm and have a decent armor and weapon if i cant pvp..i think its not fair for the players who cant pvp and not because they dont want BUT BECAUSE THEY CANT!

    lmao, waste of time even offering them something, all the ideas will be ignored.

    They made turtle and crane balance changes thread and literally non of offered suggestions were taken to consideration or implented, random updates again.

    If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.

    Stfu with your bs if u get locked for 3 mins u cant do shit. And if u use senzu u will meet horrid skedar or notorious. Im confident u got kid 3rd place aura which tells about your bullshido, u havent met any karma or ultimate like skedar, horrid i guess

    wat? even all karma stuns together dont have 3 mins


    If karma focus some1 they dont even kill they just use all of there stuns and can recycle and im not willing to use anti confusion or something and yes they can. I saw metroid getting locked by karma for whole prelims and theres even a video

    Have you considered getting stronger and kicking the shit out of them so you can laugh at them instead?

    Or maybe everyone who can beat you should be prohibited from participating in Budokai at all, so nobody can troll you?

    Or getting a friend yourself and have fun together?

    He has insane gear. Wtf are u talking about? Ppl like you are ignorants asf, cant read?

    Lets talk about point one glaring slash got nothing to do with back dmg glaring slash makes whatever ur fighting at this cap 26% weaker both dmg dealt and taken and u say its not for pvp or pve just ccbd ? lol it works on all and yes it works on sks too ask any pro sm if they use glaring slash or not 2nd if u saw my build u would know why i added 3/5 concentration and 5/5 major speed up with those two active at the same time u already nearing the cd cap with shitty cd gear u would spam all skills since they have the lowest cd and cant go lower

    3rd why energy isnt worth it now u say its the dumbest shit u heard dont make me laugh im a veteran player since 2011 the only way u would deal good dmg to kill things with sm u need op energy gear since we are capped to 60 burning attack (which is already so weak ) is weaker than its max and at it max it sucks bro im using an energy build with 29% sword and crit rate glove + majin buffs + props + karma buffs see how many buffs i have :v and max i get with burning attack is 8k u wanna give an energy build to a new player and tell him to go lvl ? gg

    omfg youre retarded?

    Energy knockdowns smh.

    If youre veteran it doesnt mean youre a freaking god here. And its not tw its dbog and difference is huge now stop saying bs.

    Back dmg is completely removed swordsman does 4k-5k crit lmao !!!

    like seriously no glaring slash in both builds lmao also why tf would u need kd for a pve build ?? Ido agree with killua on the energy builds not being worth it atm thu

    Edit*He did mention pve or pvp my bad if thats the case then kd would come handy but u still need glaring slash in both

    Why would u need glaring when back dmg is removed?

    2nd i have fought many sks and its impossible to kill them unless youre ranked fan. Glarin was always a pve shit for ccbd not pvp. Lol energy not worth at the moment is most dumbest shit i have ever heard.

    Swordsman is not fighter smh. After 2 stuns ur slashes cd will be too long to kd another time

    Really stop updating game without announcing it pls, swordsman back dmg is completely removed, crit dmg nerfed like never before, focus, success, resist, dex literally everything is changed. what the hell is going? no updates for like 3weeks and you think no1 is going to see the changes u applying without announcing it?

    Bruuh gerrarahia maaann!!!