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    I want to know if you can fix this "error" in the client.
    I'll try to explain correctly:
    When you got disconnected by whatever reason the client closes instead of just go back to the login screen.

    Please try to fix this, its so annoying to be reopening the client when this happens.
    Thanks for your attention. :)

    Hello, as the tittle says the resistance rate is not working.

    I dont know if this is a bug that only happens in Cranes but the last days I've been playing some rank battles and I can see that the resistence rate is not working since the last updates.

    I play a Crane lv70.

    Daneos says: " Every class starts with 50 curse tolerance" Server Maintenance 12.06.2017
    I want to know if curse tolerance is the same as resistance rate.

    I am going to suppose that curse tolerance is the same as status resistance rate.
    If this is not the same, well the post is wrong.

    But even if the curse tolerance is not the same as status resistance rate, it looks like is bug.


    I wear this items:

    Necklace: 70 status resistance rate // 212 status success rate

    Earring 1: increases status resistance rate 60%

    Earring 2: increases status resistance rate 60%

    Ring 1: increases status resistance rate 56%

    Ring 2: increases status resistance rate 56%

    I have 124 DEX

    1 DEX= 5 curse tolerance

    124*5= 620 status resistance rate


    70+620= 690 status resistance rate 70 status resistance rate

    690*.60( % earring 1)= 414

    690*.60( % earring 1)= 414

    690*.56 ( % ring 1) = 386.4

    690*.56 ( % ring 2) = 386.4

    Total: 690+414+414+386.4+386.4 = 2290.8


    calculations if the resistance rate is not the same as curse tolerance





    Total: 70+42+42+39.2+39.2= 232.4

    I dont think this is correct because if curse tolerance is not the same as resistance rate I can never resist any stun or debuff of any class.


    ALSO a crane hermit have a buff that gives 187 resistance rate so that changes all the calculation.

    But not always i can use it in a rank battle.

    I think that curse tolerance is the same as resistance rate because I have fought vs. fighters without resistance rate only their DEX gear and they still dodge a lot.

    Now lets suppose that a fighter have this gear:

    28DEX Jacket=28*5=140 curse tolerance or resistance rate

    28 DEX Pants=28*5=140 curse tolerance or resistance rate

    28 DEX Boots=28*5=140 curse tolerance or resistance rate

    they have a passive that increases their DEX by 56= 56*5=280 curse tolerance or resistance rate

    Ok, im going to suppose that a fighter lv70 full DEX can get like 250 to 280 DEX

    Total: 280*5= 1400

    We know that in DBOG the fighters +15 dont use full DEX, at least not the fighters who I have fought.

    At this point looks like a fighter have more curse tolerance or resistance rate than a CRANE, and this calculation is in a fighter without accesories that increases their status resistance rate by %.

    And here is the point of the post

    A crane hermit have 2290.8 resistance rate or curse tolerance

    A fighter full DEX have 1400 resistance rate or curse tolerance without accesories that increases their status resistance rate by " %".

    1 FOC = 10 succes rate

    A crane hermit with 34 focus gloves + a passive that gives 16 focus + the stats that increase per lvl

    I have 145 FOCUS = 1450 status success rate

    And I have a passive that gives me 202 success rate

    And I have a necklace that gives me 212 success rate

    Total success rate: 1450+202+212= 1864

    A fighter doesnt have any success rate passive or focus passive, just hit rate but "hit rate" doenst increase the resistance rate.

    A fighter lv70 have like 100-110 FOCUS= 110*10= 1100

    Even if i dont use the necklace that gives me 212 success rate ( 1450+202 = 1652) i have more status success rate than a fighter

    And I miss more skills and debuffs than a fighter (what?????) (how????)

    If a fighter have a necklace that increase his success rate by 256, he can have 1100+ 256 = 1356 status success rate

    There is no way that a fighter can stun all the time.
    And this calculations are for fighters.

    -Swordman have a passive that gives 64 FOCUS, but not a passive that gives DEX ( sm have a passive that gives 26 dex but they dont use it in rank battle because they run to hit the stun)

    but the problem of the resistance rate is the same as the fighters, they block my debuffs and hit me with their stuns all the time.

    -Turtles have more focus than cranes but I have fought against some turtles and there is no problem, turtles have not status resistance rate so with my focus i can hit debuffs or resist their debuffs and skills.

    -Karmas,DW, POKO, DENDE, ULTIMATE GM, CHEFFS... they have not passives that gives FOCUS or DEX
    I dont know how does their STATS increases per lvl but this clases doenst look like can have more DEX or FOCUS than humans
    They only class that increases the focus is PLASMA but no one plays Plasma so I can not say anything.

    ALSO, the cheffs and grand majins always hit their debuffs. ALWAYS.

    So, if Daneos or someone that knows how does the resistance rate/curse tolerance and success rate works, please tell me what is going on
    because if do the calculations it looks like a BUG.

    NOTE: I know that skills that only do damage and doesnt "stun, paralysis, candy ... etc" cant be block or resist by the status resistance rate or curse tolerance.

    And i said at first of the post that i think curse tolerance and resistance rate is the same, if it is wrong a fighters and swordman still have less resistance rate than a crane hermit.

    Thanks for read the post, im doing this because i think is bug, im doing my job as a tester of this game.
    Im not complaining about the damage of any class, im just talking about status succes rate and resistance rate / curse tolerance.

    Sorry for my English.

    this game is full P2W

    The developers dont fix or ban the +15 buggers because they say that they have no idea how they are doing the bug
    and they cant ban or take off the +15 items because there are no proofs to confirm that the item is bugged


    But i have an theory, i was thinking about why they dont try to fix this problem and it is because the +15 buggers give a good business for the DBOG

    Actually i think that it is impossible to upgrade an item lv70 to +15 because the rates after +12 are low
    and if u think about it, the item always gonna breaks when you reach +13 +14 because the white stones just protect the item of "fail" bur when it "brokes" the item downgrade -2 or -6 thats what the white stone says.

    Try to upgrade an item by this metod is impossible and it is very expensive (time and real money)

    BUT ...

    Buy an item +15 costs: 250 brown boxes

    if you buy the 250 brown boxes you will waste 250 dollars for each item +15

    ¿Why do you think they dont ban or fix the bug?

    Hello, yesterday Daneos did a server restart also he update somethings

    * Updates

    - Resistance formula updated and capped at 60%

    What does this means?
    How does that limit of resistance works

    let me explain it:

    yesterday i fought vs a swordman (i know he have the skill that blocks the next attack but he doesnt use it), it was in a ranked battle. The Swordman has this gear:

    necklace: 100 resistence rate
    2 earrings: 60% resistence rate each one=100*(1.20)=120 resistence rate
    2 rings: 56% resistence rate each one=100*1.12= 112 resistence rate

    Total= 100+120+112= 332 resistence rate

    He have a lot of resistence rate
    But Im a crane hermit= i have a passiva that gives me "212 succes rate", also I have a necklace that gives me 60 succes rate
    Total succes rate= 272
    And I cant hit a single skill. so i thought that if he has more resistence rate than my succes rate that explained everything.

    Now i have this gear:

    necklace: 69 resistence rate
    1 earring = 60% resistence rate = (69+187)*.60= 153.6
    1 ring = 56% resistence rate = (69+187)*.56 = 143.36
    And a crane's buff tha gives me 187 resistence rate
    Total resistence rate= 552.96 resistence rate

    And i fought against a fighter that has only 60 succes rate

    And he hit me by every single skill !!!

    Thats why i want to know how does the resistence rate works because if you do the maths looks like it is bug.

    Sorry about my english, i hope you can understand and help me, please.


    I want to know how does the resistence rate works, because I never see that it block or resist anything.

    Also i have seen a swordman without any resistence rate on his gear and no DEX and he always blocks my slows or freeze even if i have 260 succes rate.

    Thanks .


    I wanna know how does the resistence rate works because I dont know if it is bug or why does it never works.

    I have understand that resistence rate "blocks" or "resist" against stuns, paralysis, candy ,etc.
    Im a crane lv70 and I use the buff taht increase my resistence rate by 187, I have a necklace with 69 resistence rate and a earring with 60% increase resistence rate.

    Well, when i go in a pvp battle against someone who has not items that increase his succes rate i dont understand how does them stun or paralyze, candy meeven if they have no succes rate?
    Please help me.

    im not asking for free +15 upgrade items
    i know that if you want a +15 item you need to strive because thats not gonna be easy but in this point of the game
    is too difficult maybe imposible to get +15.

    My suggestion is to return to the previous system and this will make that the people buy more cash points because they will want
    get +15 items with white stones and all win hehe.

    Im not asking to change the upgrade rates, i think it is OK.

    Well, thats only my opinion. Im too grateful that Daneos bringed us back this beautiful game.


    I did a post asking for the current item upgrade rates and the people answer me somethings like the current upgrade rates system is "good".

    Someone answer me this :

    Upgrade Rates:

    Grade 0->6: 100%
    Grade 6->7: 30%
    Grade 7->8: 25%
    Grade 8->9: 20%
    Grade 9->10: 15%
    Grade 10->11: 10%
    Grade 11->13: 5%
    Grade 13->14: 4%
    Grade 14->15: 2.5%

    Grade 0->4: 100%
    Grade 4->6: 60%
    Grade 6->8: 40%
    Grade 8->9: 30%
    Grade 9->10: 20%
    Grade 10->11: 10%
    Grade 11->13: 5%
    Grade 13->14: 4%
    Grade 14->15: 3%

    And then i asked what happens if you use a white stone.

    The answer was that Daneos changed the system and now if you use a white stone the item cant get distroyed but if it "fails" nothing happens but if the item "brokes" it will be decreased by -2 upgrade levels.

    So, i made this post to ask for a change in this current system because it is impossible to upgrade an item more than +11 or +12 if your not a "bugger" or a "hacker".

    You need to be super lucky to can upgrade an item level 70 to +15.

    Maybe you can return the previous system of white stones to make that if the item "breaks" this not decreases in upgrade levels.

    Note: this is a video that i made where you can see that the actual system is too hard to upgrade an item.

    Thanks for your attention and sorry about my english.

    So this means that its impossible to get +15 ? Because i know the upgrade rates from +10 to +15 are very low and if the white stone just protect your item to not destroy but it decreases 2 upgrade levels you can never get +15 at least you were super lucky.


    I have a question about the upgrade levels and the white stones.

    I have used a white stone in a few items(+7 +8 +9) and I have noticed that when the item "fails" it doenst decrease a upgrade level, but when the item "breaks" it decreases 2 upgrade levels.

    Also I have seen some videos where they upgrade items from +11 or +13 to +15 and when the item breaks this doenst decreases upgrade levels.

    (All of this is when you use a white stone obviously).

    So my question is what is the upgrade level when the item can breaks and doenst decrease "upgrade levels"?

    Thans for your attention.