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    I took a really long break.

    I feel motivated and Im back at work.

    Because I've been away for such a long time, I'm trying to get back into it and start with fixing the small issues first.

    I remember seeing a little teaser of Air Combat some time ago. I believe there was a plan to implement it in the original DBO at some point. Is this something that we could potentially see with the new client at some point? Or is this not even possible?


    I do not believe it fits into the game.

    I hope you don’t mean every piece of equipment we pick up is bound. I literally farm, sell stones and buy equipment on AH because I don’t trust my luck in upgrade System.

    I assume you just mean things that are bind now will just become account bound. This leads me to assume you are added a shared bank that all characters on 1 account have access to, correct?

    With the upgrade system change, you no longer have a reason to not trust the upgrading thus you no longer need to buy equipment from the AH.

    There will be a storage made for the account.

    get at least 1 item for those that do opt in crafting cause they end up buying items from npc to decompose since its faster that way and if you craft a good item it pays out 10x when you sell it,

    Decompensate items from shop won't be possible.

    Are these ideas going to be implemented before or after the release of the new client?

    Or will the initial release of the client include the first few features listed - and the rest added overtime?

    These ideas will be implemented while the client is in alpha/beta testing phase.

    The goal right now is to get everything working and up-to-date (tw client state).

    The client will be tested in different steps:

    1. Closed testing (only for staff members).

    2. Access to the development server will be granted to everyone. The access will be removed once testings finished. (alpha testing phase)

    3. The new client will replace the current client on the official server. (beta testing phase)

    4. ...

    I agree with this. Fighters and Dende can get IT to teleport to players. Then we have Pet Teleport skills where you can summon your Party or entire Guild. Aaaand not to forget the NPC teleport. You can teleport to any "important/useful" NPC by simpply getting that Pet skill.

    Would make the plan Daneos has look like sh*t and useless. Why would i pay money to teleport , for example, from UD2 entrance using Daneos' new way, where i have to pay more money instead of just using my Pet skill? lol Could get to the same place for free.

    And pls do not remove that NPC Teleport skill from Pets jusz to add this new thing lmao. Forget it and let us use Pets.

    Wouldn't remove the mascot teleport skill.

    Wether you use the option or not, it is up to you.

    Spent more zeni and instantly teleport, or safe some and walk to a teleporter npc.

    The yardrat's memory item is working fine on DBOG. But it is different.

    With that item, you are able to store locations and teleport to them whenever you like to.

    Question about crafting:

    Should you get 100% at least 1 item when crafting or have the possibility to get nothing out of it?

    Yup, it is indeed better if the property give some kind of stats bonus.

    Balancing with the property system is pain in the ass and nearly impossible to get anything decent out of it since you have to keep PVM and every possible mix of attributes in mind.

    New idea added:

    - Character Stats

    Remove DOT defense stats for players. (Keep on monsters).

    Add Physical/Energy/State(Energy+Physical) Armor Penetration. (Good for swordsman in case property system gets changed)

    The raid system is an idea for the dragon ball scramble and DWC (demonic world card).

    Not for CCBD.

    And each feature with testing requires one week.

    Achievement system could take longer because need to have ideas about which achievements & rewards.

    The hardest part is to decide how to code it to actually run smooth and bugfree.


    in this thread, Im going to post the changes made to the new client (which will be released soon) and ideas that I have.

    This thread might not be updated too frequently.

    Changes that have been made:

    - Discord Integration

    Discord is fully integrated within our new client. In the options you can decide if you want to enable/disable this function.

    - Item Decompensation

    You can now decompensate items straight from the inventory.

    - Weight Limit

    The weight limit function has been removed as it has no real function.

    - Title System

    A new interface has been created for the character titles and can be accessed from the character window (c).

    - Auction House

    The auction house is now fully working and is a lot faster.

    - Cash Shop

    The cash shop is fully working and a lot faster.

    The slot machines (wagu machine) has been removed and will only be available for events.

    - Netpy Shop & Netpy Coins

    The netpy shop & netpy coins are removed. You will no longer receive netpy coins for staying online.

    - Character Stats

    View all your character stats in the character window(c).

    - Anti Bot System

    Anti botting system has been created which is running in the background. No type of captcha is required.

    More changes have been made but just minor ones.

    Ideas to be created/changed:

    - Daily Login reward.

    You will be able to spin a wheel once a day and get a random reward.

    - Achievement System

    Receive unique rewards like titles and costumes or other items.

    - Friend System

    You will no longer be able to add people as friends. The target player will be able to decide if he wants to have you as a friend or not.

    - In-Game Report System

    You will be able to report players straight from in-game by clicking on they names.

    - NPC-Shop

    You will be able to buy items from NPC that you've been sold before. This is to help people which accidently sell an item that they didn't mean to sell.

    - Sub-Gear System

    You will be able to equip 2 sets of equipment and switch them with 1 button click. This is optimal for PVM/PVP or Energy/Physical equipment.

    - Raid Group

    Create raid groups. Optimal for the dragon ball scramble event.

    - More Options

    Options like audio-output, enable/disable notifications like upgrade announcement, show/hide ping/FPS, ...

    - Upgrade System

    A completly new upgrade system. More rewarding for people that spent time farming.

    - Ranking System

    Create a proper ranking system and an option to create non-ranking matches with friends.

    Create a limit of ranking matches per day.

    - Dungeons/PVM

    Balance Dungeons. Make boss fights "harder" to require team play & skill usage.

    Create a limit of dungeon runs, but not per day. Example 1 CCBD per hour (timer begins after completing CCBD). Still need to think about it.

    Decrease drop rate of equipment.

    Better rewards after finishing TMQ.

    Make dungeon farming more rewarding than open world farming.

    - Item Decompensation

    Remove the possibility to decompensate items bought from a shop.

    - Multi-Client

    The possibility to run multiple game clients will be removed.

    - World Map

    Allow teleportation by clicking on registered teleporter icons. The fee to teleport will be a lot higher than teleporting from NPC.

    - Banking System

    Possibility to store Zeni in bank.

    - Chat System

    Link items/locations within the chat.

    - Demonic World Card (DWC)

    A new dungeon system where you can kill bosses and receive cards. It still has to be decided what you can do with the cards.

    - Equipment Level

    Each equipment will have its own level. The level will be based on the equipment stats.

    - Property System

    Property will be added to the character itself instead of equipment.

    Weapon property will be changed to "offensive property" and armor property to "defensive property".

    - Twitch Integration

    Make it easier for streamers.

    - Vehicle System

    Add flight to (some) vehicles.

    - Party Search/Matching

    A easy way to find/create parties for dungeons.

    - Character Stats

    Remove DOT defense stats for players. (Keep on monsters).

    Add Physical/Energy/State(Energy+Physical) Armor Penetration. (Good for swordsman in case property system gets changed)

    - Cash Shop

    Possibility for people to sell/buy cash for/with zeni. (Currency Exchange)

    Account bind all cash shop items.

    - Equipment

    Make equipment account bound.

    - Move website options like create account, buy cash, reset password to the Game Client

    Please note that everything listed within Ideas are just my ideas and it is not guaranteed that these will be made.

    The issue with the current upgrading system:

    It is not rewarding for people who actually invest time into farming.

    Someone who buys 3 upgrade stones can get a higher weapon grade, than someone who spent hour(s) farming 10 of them.

    Whats wrong with current upgrade system:

    - Requires only 1 item. One of the biggest joke possible.

    - Does not require any Zeni. Seriously gonna need some zeni drain in this game. Make zeni useful.

    - The upgrade rate. It is very frustating, farming for hours and in the end, your weapon might even get a lower grade than it was or doesn't change at all.

    - Advanced Upgrade Stones. The upgrade should go 1 by 1. Gaining 2-3 grades per upgrade is just stupid and makes it too easy.

    Wether RNG should stay or not is complicated.

    In my opinion, RNG should stay, but the rate should be high and not at the 1-50% range.


    I've already decided to block multi-accounts with the new client update.

    PVE wise is going to change a lot too. Might make more stuff untrade-able and harder to get.

    A new party-search function is going to come.


    No, Im wasting my time at some league of legends conventions.

    So will there really be new clients in the winter of 2018, that is, in March, as expected?

    Yes, everything is working fine (until now).

    Isnt a good idea show some progress video (even if its just you killing mob outside kokkara in the new client) or something like you did in the pob to keep people motivated ?

    What's the point in showing you stuff that already exist? Just going to confuse people.

    now? thats late, i lost my hope in pre-beta already cause i figured out what kind of persons "working" on this game.

    Then what are you doing here?