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    I have recently gotten to level 47, but I have a couple of quests that need to be handed in at "Uncle Yaho" which I have gotten quests from before, but I came to hand in these two very heavy experience quests, and he is gone. Any ideas or is it a bug and nothing we can do?


    I was just looking around and I see a lot of people with the certain title "Universe's Luckiest." Any Ideas on how to get it because I saw a level 7 with it. Thank You! ~~

    It really depends. We don't know for sure if Daneos and the team has the expertise to make new game models etc. Though if they do plan to make this into their full game, we should be able to expect a gradual increase in updates after the entire main game is done. Also SSJ2 is probably not an option, because according to Canon the Saiyan blood is very miniscule and we can only barely unlock SSJ1 through Shenron. Unless we can find the Super Dragon Balls or something, I don't think its gonna happen sorry ;P

    I have been playing quit a lot recently, and I decided the game would be a lot more fun with a group or clan I can speak to and ask questions and overall make the game more interesting. I don't really care how big it is, or even if it's not completely English, as long as they are nice! :')

    I mean I like the idea of having low level - Goten kid like Super Saiyans, But there is no relative way to make it challenging enough if you get it at that low level. SSJ is something you achieve that is a Super transformation of the game, so making to to level 40 not only proves you have determination to get there, but also love the game and the grind makes you deserve it.

    To be completely honest, this would be one of the best ways for me to be able to invest and purchase in this game. Mostly because I don't have my own credit card and I could just charge it to my phones account at anytime instead of having to ask parents or guardians for a credit or prepaid card.

    I realize when it shows the quest as a ghost icon or a quotation mark icon it means the quest is to be done or completed in an instance other than the open world. Though I cannot find this "instance" In Westland. I don't think it matters too much but I would like to know where/how to get into the instance.


    Yeah I played the Original Dragon Ball Online and There were special events only on the weekends that lasted for about 6 hours (I don't really remember how long). During the event newly spawned mobs had like a 10% chance to spawn with a Dragonball over them on the minimap. If you killed said mob. you would have a 3-5% chance of dropping a Dragonball. This took me 2 weeks worth of weekends using all the time about. (Forgive me if the percentages aren't accurate) Currently, Daneos has yet to implement Super Saiyan or the Dragonball Event so there is currently no way to get them, sorry :c

    In my personal opinion I would like it all to be translate first, as that's what's driving away a couple of my a friends and deterring my own fun. But then again I really wouldn't complain to what you start with first at all :P I'd be happy either way

    Also maybe bring back Donator titles etc? (Goku Founder Etc.) I'd probably donate tbh :D

    When I log in, Everything is in Taiwan and I'm unable to log in with a big White picture in the middle. I have no idea what's going on. Tried reapplying the English patch and updating the game. Help? x.x

    Edit: Also I cannot click on the Username and password screens to login.

    Edit2: Aswell as when I was ingame before, all the health bars, names of characters and levels are all just question marks like so: "???"

    Edit3: Managed to fix the login issue with an old localize folder. Now I need to figure out the character question mark problem


    I dont think so. The manga have far too few chapters to continue the Animated Version.
    I suppose that the Anime is going to coming out like 1-2 years by now.

    I sure hope Not, but hey Where is Attack On Titan it's been forever and the new anime hasn't come out yet.

    The Fighter has A Super Kamehameha, The Swordsman has a Burning Attack. Though If I had to say, Fighter is probably what you are looking for.