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    Quote from Hardloco

    The first thing you should know is that this first stage will be just a test, where all of you will have access to the development server to test the new client, keep in mind that there are still many bugs to be fixed and missing systems such as the scouter system / pet system and may take time to be completed.

    Don't mind my language but, you don't wipe your ass before you take shit, you wipe it after. Why would you decide to wipe the server before testing the new client? Just so you can wipe it again after the new exploits are dealt with?

    Wipe it after you can guarantee exploitation is nearly non-existent and an anti-botting system is coded. Do you guys even plan things out? You are trying to build a house starting from the roof. Screw new content when the server doesn't even meet the security standards.

    I'd like to remind you that regardless of the implementation of the new client the biggest problem will still persist, and until you see that problem dealt with my client will remain in the trash bin, trust me this.

    If they don't come off their high horse (which probably they wont), follow the steps above (which again, is very unlikely) and apologize to the community for the inconvenience they caused, forget the cool DBOG you once experienced. The community didn't cause the current state of decay of the server, you can not expect a community to behave when all you have given them back is null.

    I hope they did something productive with their lives with the money earned, because everyone who has donated was surely left in the mud for the past 10 months. And believe me when I say that when you screw around with peoples money like that you don't usually get a second chance.

    The boy might be a great coder, but he surely lacks everything else.

    1. Thou shalt release the New Client.
    2. Thou shalt re-declare new Open Beta phase.
    3. Thou shalt fix every new major bug/exploit.
    4. Thou shalt experiment implementation of new content.
    5. Thou shalt review bias members within the staff ranks.
    6. Thou shalt only allow players who actively play every class into the balance team.
    7. Thou shalt quit illegally selling In-game currency through NewGameWay or any other gold selling platform.
    8. Thou shalt pay attention to player feedback & suggestions and politely reply to their threads accordingly.
    9. Thou shalt make sure all of the above is accomplished before declaring the end of the Open Beta Phase.
    10. Thou shalt finally wipe the server announcing the fresh start of a new DBOG era with healthy economy decisions.

    It was never an issue because you had actual players with minds and ideas of their own from every country all over the map. Now that the interactive players are no more it starts to be noticeable.

    Again, this wouldn't seem so bad if things were handled with care. I say let people multi-client, but make it so that only one character can be outside safe-zones at a time. Meaning no instance soloing, and no multi-clienting on PVP content (Specially Scramble). It's common sense on any mmorpg.

    At least the chinese are having fun, while everyone else sits around the forums waiting for the golden boy to wake up in a good mood and reply to 1 out of the 10000 posts about the new client.

    All the breast-feeding players who haven't invested a single penny out of their pockets don't have the rights to tell finantial supporters to calm down.

    Players who donated to support further development and help maintain the servers up do deserve some intel on the clients ETA, It is people's real money you are dealing with, at least try to take it seriously.

    At this point they KNOW what people want and what measures need to be done to restore the pristine player traffic we all miss. Taking too long to solve the problem is causing even the most loyal players to completely lose interest in the server.

    I don't want the new client to be rushed to the point it'd be even worse than the actual one, I believe that if the team feels release dates need to be pushed back to assure they deliver a stable client, they should play safe and focus on releasing a solid client people wont complain about as much as the current one.

    But at least keep us posted, tease us a bit.. Im periodically losing my boner for this game Daneos, trust me this.

    Finally a dbo database!
    Minimal and straight to the point.
    No ugly ads, and registration isn't mandatory.

    You sir deserve a cold beer!

    Increasing the radius of a skill for PVE purposes is a delicate matter as it would affect group PVP, it'd be very noticeable in Scramble for example. It's why balancing isn't as easy as it sounds, you have to consider how the changes would affect every aspect of the game.

    Despite the fact that some classes need a boost, a class isn't meant to be good at everything. Before tweaking skills first they need to know what direction they want the class to go, and which role it's supposed to cover.

    It has been mentioned many times that adding the possibility for Pure Majins to Dash would definitely make farming a bit more interesting (Plasmas), but then again this would affect PVP and all Majin sub-classes (even those who really don't need a boost). It would be perfect if each sub-class had it's own individual transformation skill, that way tweaking would only affect the class at hand.