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    Watch out, show him people are willing to swipe their cards for his half-functional game and he might just vanish on some long ass holidays again with no ETA.

    The original DBO was already poorly balanced put that together with the fact the developer had never played retail and you get this situation.

    Most of the people with knowledge on how classes worked in retail have quit and/or got banned on this server for obvious reasons, and most of those that are still around won’t even bother trying talking to a brick wall anymore, they rather reroll the overpowered classes.

    I wouldn’t expect any balance updates until 2.0 is ready.. if ever..

    I could point a few of the reasons that caused the server lose its credibility. Hopefully it won't budge your optimism, they need it.

    - They unofficially sell zeni through third party websites.

    - Throughout the years they have amassed a large amount of coin via donations from people that wanted not only to help maintain the game online but also to help them improve it, we are speaking of tens of thousands (lets say a decent amount to get professional dev assistance). The lack of interest from the administration brought up frustration among supporters who wanted to see this game flourish, instead the game was getting worse overtime. Many have left with a taste of scam in their mouth. Until this very day, the administration hasn't said a word about it.

    - Corruption among staff ranks. I will not mention details about this, but, it exists.

    - Hackers & Bots, china arrived exploiting every glitch possible to farm valuable loot and zeni, until this day, the game still hasn't recovered from it and most likely won't without a server wipe.

    - No transparency nor interaction from the administration towards it's playerbase (sometimes even towards his own staff).

    Mind that I am aware this game's source code is a mess and almost impossible to work with (even with the help from devs on other forums), they keep fixing 1 bug and causing 2 in the process, taking us nowhere. I understand coding everything from scratch will help keeping track of things and perhaps make adding new content easier, but most of the above is still a huge problem that not even a bugfree DBO can solve. It will most likely never change unless a miracle happens and the administration decides to change the way he works.

    All they do to keep players around is increase the level cap, we are getting level 70, while there's still a lot of level 60 content that doesn't work properly, let alone lvl 20/30/40/50 content.

    This will probably get deleted ..and/or I banned.

    I feel like I have to be old guy with the long white beard stepping from the shadows just to whisper in your ear: "- We have tried, and we have failed.."

    This host will suck your hopes dry, preserve your sanity while you still have it by keeping expectations to a minimum.

    Welcome to the club, nevertheless!

    If they don't come off their high horse (which probably they wont), follow the steps above (which again, is very unlikely) and apologize to the community for the inconvenience they caused, forget the cool DBOG you once experienced. The community didn't cause the current state of decay of the server, you can not expect a community to behave when all you have given them back is null.

    I hope they did something productive with their lives with the money earned, because everyone who has donated was surely left in the mud for the past 10 months. And believe me when I say that when you screw around with peoples money like that you don't usually get a second chance.

    The boy might be a great coder, but he surely lacks everything else.

    1. Thou shalt release the New Client.
    2. Thou shalt re-declare new Open Beta phase.
    3. Thou shalt fix every new major bug/exploit.
    4. Thou shalt experiment implementation of new content.
    5. Thou shalt review bias members within the staff ranks.
    6. Thou shalt only allow players who actively play every class into the balance team.
    7. Thou shalt quit illegally selling In-game currency through NewGameWay or any other gold selling platform.
    8. Thou shalt pay attention to player feedback & suggestions and politely reply to their threads accordingly.
    9. Thou shalt make sure all of the above is accomplished before declaring the end of the Open Beta Phase.
    10. Thou shalt finally wipe the server announcing the fresh start of a new DBOG era with healthy economy decisions.

    It was never an issue because you had actual players with minds and ideas of their own from every country all over the map. Now that the interactive players are no more it starts to be noticeable.

    Again, this wouldn't seem so bad if things were handled with care. I say let people multi-client, but make it so that only one character can be outside safe-zones at a time. Meaning no instance soloing, and no multi-clienting on PVP content (Specially Scramble). It's common sense on any mmorpg.

    At least the chinese are having fun, while everyone else sits around the forums waiting for the golden boy to wake up in a good mood and reply to 1 out of the 10000 posts about the new client.

    All the breast-feeding players who haven't invested a single penny out of their pockets don't have the rights to tell finantial supporters to calm down.

    Players who donated to support further development and help maintain the servers up do deserve some intel on the clients ETA, It is people's real money you are dealing with, at least try to take it seriously.

    De acuerdo con Kakarot la version de Windows 10 que te soluciona el problema es la version 1709. Yo por ejemplo tengo la 1803 (la mas reciente) y se me conjela el juego a cada 15 segundos. Osea que para solucionar el problema tienes de reinstalar una version mas antigua del sistema operativo, lo que es una grande putada para cualquier jugador que le gusta tener sus cosas actualizadas.