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    It's not only the DW. Plasma majins are very outdated. Some of their skills do less than the karma even though they are the same. Their mastery and some other passive buffs are pretty much terrible. If daneos tried a little harder to release a balance patch for dbog 1 to keep the game going and then work on the new server it would be best.

    All builds are for LVL 60 because we dn't know when the lvl 70 cap will release.…0040500401350520500540000

    This build utilises only the SM skills and 1 of the stuns. It's main purpose is damage. you have 1 debuff which is glaring slash. It improves your damage by 30% at max level and is really good in PVP and PVE. You have both CD buffs whick total at 69cdr or around 48.3%cdr on all skills( max is 50%). You don't need Kaioken because faster animations plus a lot of cooldown means constant attacking.…0040400101350024500540000

    This build uses both stuns from the martial artist skill tree and you have a lot more control over the fight. The bad thing is you have only 2 upgraded skills but Rock Paper Scissors and wolf fang fist are good even on level , of course at level 70 they'll have more points in them so don't worry. Other things are the same…0010500041304524050500040

    An energy build for a SM is now possible because of the reworked buff. Burning attack is kinda weak before lvl 68 so don't bother putting it. Focused gravity break will be your main damage dealer. tunnel slash is very good for luring enemies.…0010500011304510050500440

    This build is made purely for farming. Lure people with Burning attack use final effort with cast reduction(Be sure to have majin buffs) and finish them off with stronger energy barrage or focused kamehameha. Without majin buffs you can you burning attack to gather people then stronger energy barrage because it has a 35M range the kamehameha to finish people off. I didn't put the hit rate buff because Final effort can't miss from what I have seen.


    The Defense debuff is more useful that a lvl 1 movement speed decrease, the curse is an optional attack that can be used only in pvp, Agro buff and Taunt are for doing UDs, TMQs and CC. Critical hit block is useless in PVE so there is that. I also added Kaio if you do CC. Attacks are fine but if you intend to farm max self destruction wave.


    SK have many builds for PVP but I chose this one. Curse here is really useful especially for classes that have really low cd on skills(SM I'm looking at you) but in order to have it you sacrifice 2K HP. The crit block buff is super good here for obvious reasons. Mystic attack and fear for stopping skills with cast like kame or just prolonging the time your opponent can't to anything, dragon's oath is really good for blocking the turtle stun or some other paralysis. I added cleave because who doesn't want KD? That's what I have to say, I don't imply that these are the perfect builds but I think you can get pretty far with them

    I don't know if it's possible but can't they add a wish to obtain instant transmission as a skill even if your character can't naturally have it. It would be a nice QoL feature and help with transportation. Maybe make it so lvl 50 and above players can get because fighter and dende get it at lvl 38 and 42 but make it also available to them. This way they can save a SP or 2

    The energy attacks are pretty useless on a SM, also even though the first buff gives more dmg Might is a lot more useful on a SM whose only job is to crit. The major speed up buff is almost a mush after the change(30 CDR on lvl5). Glaring slash is a nice way to temporary increase your damage output plus it will be very useful when the cap is 70. Scintillation is good but if you don't intend to do PvP don't put it. Maxing the first 3 melee attacks is recommendable because the amount of increase in attack power an RP ball gives is really big (1000 on the first attack). I don't really care about stuns so do what you want. the hit rate buff is good because it gives additional 10% crit chance also kaioken is too good on SM. this is the build I will use:…0043500401350514500640000

    Can you make a mod where you replace all sound clips of skills with the already recorded ones for Xenoverse or is it impossible? Skills that don't actualy appear in the show will remain unchanged.