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    Can you just help me he will get 100% of the agro ? and survive too ?

    Cuz on lv 5 with 1.6k of def the only thing that he will get is HK.

    In a ccdg boss floor a summon deal something around 1% of the group dmg. Not 100% useless but really close to that. Thats why u almost never see poko doing that, is just a waste of time.

    Its not possible cuz the summon is useless, he doesn't have dmg, thats the point, even to tank they are useless, you have to agree that even if "he" increase the summon dmg 2x that will change almost nothing. And you have to remember that sword, dw and gc got some skills changes and that did not broke the game.

    the summons are decoys they work as tanks or for pulling mobs with little dps output not more not less

    they never should be used to do more damage as the char itself

    it is to op in pvp if the pet and the char makes much damage

    The problem is that none of them(poko and the summons) have a huge dmg, poko dmg is antenna beam, a dragon clan skill.

    Im not asking to make a summon op, just is possible to a summon do less dmg that all dps skill ?

    And about pve, even in that case the summon is useless. There is no use for them in ccdg, ud or tmq, how they can be a pve option ?

    Almost 4 months ago "the nameless PL" made a post asking for some suggestions about the poko summon. After 61 replies and a lot of other post (ex1 - ex2 - ex3) we receive a good silent nothing. So i deiced to made a video to show how useless is a summoner.

    A summons lv5 with 65% of speed atack will kill a char with 0 def, 7k of life in aprox 22s.

    A summons lv5 with 65% of speed atack will kill a char with 4.2k def, 13k of life in aprox 2min and 51s (something close to a good geared human in cap 60).

    Whats the difficult to at least improve the summon dmg ?

    One more wipe and the game is over. The biggest guilds are gone, half of the players too. He can easily balance the price of boxes and tickets with events.

    And all +15, why the are bothering you ? even with all +15 gears they are like nothing, just arena zombies.

    there was/still is a bug regarding teleport, if you sign up and leave guild for lag reduction in budokai.

    Appearently staff knew about it i heard afterwards from players, dont know if its legit. but there wasnt an announcement or anything about it, so ppl were angry.

    The problem is that I never had guild on my char, I didn't leave any guild :/ and the staff new about that!!!

    I never had guild on my char and now we loose budokai cuz of that bug. You guys should at least put a header on forum talking about that.:thumbdown::thumbdown:

    this isnt crying its discussion if u seen i changed my ideas from what good input from others have said. the idea is get people talking and see if comm unity agrees or not. your last line is just trying to inflame people. be more mindful what you say.

    as iceman pointed out it was to make turtles fell like roshi and to help fighters in 60 cap. fighters item became broken in 70 cap.

    the odd effect was now theres abunch of shemale turtles since theres no parity on the turtle book. lol

    Sorry but that wasn't my point at all!

    And what Im trying to say with the fighter and turtle is thats if we want to balance, we can't give items just to them, Sword, crane, poko, gc will need the same "improvement".

    I know this thread is about karma, and for now I don't have problem with it. But soon we gonna ask to nerf Turtle and Fighter.

    There's only one(basically) karma in the game that won budo almost every week, and I think the main thing here is that he is a good player (with a op class and cc esquips). But we have to remember that a sk+11 can won budo, when others classes can't even think about it.

    We should stop crying about nerf of or nerf that just because we can't deal with it.

    The only thing that I don't understand in the game is why only Turtle and Fighter have exclusive items to use (the magazine and the alcohol).