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    just look for another game if you're not happy

    yeah only founders are happy cuz they will get CP back after they got scammed on wagu huh?tell me that i'm wrong if not

    gg danoes

    what a community,other games encourage players to play their game

    but DBO "just leave if you're not happy"

    a lvl 30 up,so trash, i lose thousands of hours playing for a lv30 up

    thats my playing time only for 3 months

    I cant cash in my country and a f2p players aswell. Made 6 characters 60 and a one SK 46. All have respectable gears if not +15 and im still not here bitching about it and want a wipe. Just shut up and deal with it.

    its your problem if you want a wipe stupid ass

    its because y'all stupid

    even with a new client bots will keep coming and game will keep crashing

    they just running after money

    and btw i made full +14 gear as f2p ;)

    I don't know, it's the cashers who leave the server online for the non-cashers.

    i know,i would happily support the game but sadly i cant cash from my country(can't use online shopping from here)for many reasons

    but i dedicated so much hours to this game cuz i rly loved it

    i know many others feel exactly like me

    do whats best for this game but dont lose players<38o

    It's a shame, but the game was already dead, so the majority vote will be the decision ... ah, and your vote does not count.

    yea it doesnt count cuz i lost my forum account

    but wouldn't it be more fair if he gives the zeni dogis,ssj,db buffs etc.. (no gears) back to the non cashers as he gives back cash to cashers

    wouldn't it be more fair?everyone will be happy for that

    or at least remove everything expect level,everything will be taken off but name and level will stay

    someone like me a f2p players spent 7k+ hours on old dbo ,5k+ hours on pre open beta - 1k+on OB farming,leveling,etc...,should i start again?

    totally the opposite of what you said

    the cashers will benefit from this cuz they will get their cash back

    but how about ppl like me?
    im not p2w but i play day and night to get stronger

    farming,leveling,putting so much effort on this game to get dogis,gears,to make +10 gear takes like 3 months for me cuz im not a casher

    that happened twice for me but a third time?

    thats too much

    i would had cashed but for some reasons i can't


    Enough with these wipes

    it is not fair for those who aren't p2w (Pay to win)

    someone like me who played this game day and night in Pre open beta and in Open beta to get dogis and worked my butt off

    so i have to do again?

    this is the 3rd wipe this isnt logic

    change what you will change but dont remove gears/dogis or at least calculate every'ones fortune and give him zeni to make a good start when wipe happens

    i had put so much efforts on this game i dont want to lose everything i worked for,cashers will benefit from wipe by getting cash back,but what about us?

    and you said we will get rewards?lv30 up is a reward? i can get lv30 in like 13 hours lol so this isnt a big thing

    im done, i wont level up and put so much effort on this stupid game

    there are so much better games that is honest with players