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    I haven't really been involved in this community as long as other people have. So sorry if thing's seem like they're missing information or what not.

    But I think how the community is handling this wipe is kind of ridiculous.

    The Wipe shouldn't be that big of a deal. It's giving everybody a new start and for the glitched items they're being taken away completely. "oh, why can't they just go in accounts and take them out?" because it's a complicated process. Especially if they're being traded/sold to a hundred of different players in the game. Or this wipe, might save this game (for which people keep stating that it's dying.)

    Can't some of you be grateful? In the discord, or sometimes in the forums I can see people go out of their way to tell Daneos how bad/dead this game is. He's the main one fixing the bugs and is working hard to impress people for the players that are ACTUALLY on the 2.0 server reporting bugs trying to make it an enjoyable dragon ball MMO experience. Right now I'm still playing and progressing my character who is now 48 regardless of the wipe because I love this game/private server, and wouldn't mind working my way back up again. If anything an Open World Dragon Ball game is pretty amazing to play. Or even have a chance at playing if that makes sense.

    Again, sorry if some of my reasons are lacking information due to me still being new in this community. But I truly think the wipe should be seen a something good, instead of the same old argument it's destroying the game, or it will get rid of the player base.

    Nice to meet you! Someday and/or hopefully in-game we get to play together.

    Also it's good to find somebody that makes Dragon Ball Online content, such a great game that's kind of forgotten in this new era, or just 2019. Looking forward to your channel. :)