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    Greetings all,

    I am a new player of DBOG, actualy I downloaded it last week. I played the Korean original version a long time ago, and only quitted playing due to the lack of translations,

    which made the gearing system quite difficult to understand, and understanding the lore pratically impossible.

    While I was looking for DBZ: Kakarot info, I came across some DBOG videos on Youtube, got really nostalgic and came to give it a try.

    As I downloaded and started playing, I kept having these freezes/stuttering while playing, an decided to search the forums for a solution.

    That's when I saw thw whole controversy that is going on, regarding the game being abandoned, the version 2.0 and the unavoidable reset when, and if, 2.0 comes out.

    First of all, I'd like to praise the developers for their work to bring back this awesome game to life.

    I understand it must be a difficult task, without proper resources and with the game being so old.

    However, I do believe some criticism has been neglected using such situation to shield the developers.

    There are plenty of material out in the Internet of the player base displaying their indignation with the state of the game.

    That won't make any easier to gather funds/donations or player to consume thing in the cash shop to help the projetc. It provokes actualy the opposite.

    To make things simpler, I'll approach subjects in topics:

    - You shouldn't have warned about a reset when 2.0 comes out, with the project being so crude and at early stages. No one will want to invest into something that will simply cease to exist. Such anouncement should only be made when close to releasing new client.

    - You must talk more to the comunity, the forums needs more admin presence. A simple post every now and then would show the comunity that there is comitment.

    Tell us what problems you are facing, I bet many people here would actualy be willing to help out. Warn us about the current focus, just be communicative.

    - The lack of comunication with the player base is taken as a sign of abandonment. The player base seems not to trust the developers (probably ocasioned by this lack of comunication)

    - The very sentiment that the game is abandoned stops people from investing on the project, or consuming regular products from the cash shop.

    - If money is the problem: charge a subscription, or implement a subscriber option.

    - However, if you charge, you will be even more charged for results.

    - In the case of monetizing, try to expand the developers team to reduce everyones responsabilities, making things more feasible.

    - And last, but not least, you should count more on your comunity! I bet there are hundreds of people willing to help charge free!

    Please, do not take this as rant, I tried to be as constructive as I could in my criticism. This is a great game and we all want to see it in a good state!

    I do apreciate all the developers work, and would like to contribute/ stimulate more people to contribute.

    With love and respect,

    Deadly Mop