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    What a great game. It tell us that we can reset our skills once per week, but the sadly reality is that we can reset the skills once per reset when the STAFF is bored.

    Es una opinión respetable Roymillon1008 pero no la comparto para nada. Tu exposición, aunque escueta y concreta no recoge todos los puntos de vista que a priori parece que has omitido de manera deliberada. Está bien que postees con tu estilo y sin faltar a tus principios, no lo juzgo ni pretendo censurar tu comportamiento, pero debes tener en cuenta que los demás también leemos y podemos tener una opinión totalmente alejada de la tuya y también merece la pena tenerla en cuenta.

    Estoy seguro de que tu magnífica, excelsa e incomparable habilidad para llamar a todos los mob de Kokara podrá esperar a que se solucione el pequeño problema que está teniendo el servidor.

    Un saludo.

    Greetings community of DBOG,

    Probably you don't know who I am. I've been playing this game for a week, but I perceived quite a lot about the mechanics of the game and the current meta-game. Yesterday, Coldhell was helping me in the game (ty Cold) and explaining me how to build a DW (My class. Unexpected, I know it)

    Thanks to that I've been able to improve my gaming experience, but I feel that the class is behind the others (At least in early game, for now I am only level 42 and I want to see how it works in PvP and PvE in level 60-70)

    The damage of the skills is quite low compared to others I've seen in PvP and PvE (races that can make full clear in a mobs spot before they reach level 30). I don't know what "balance" makers are based on to balance things in the game, but I think it should be checked.

    I can't contribute more but as I said, I've been playing for a short time and I'm giving my point of view. As soon as I have spent more time in the game and see changes or I can compare the class well with others, I will respond again.

    Thank you for reading and sorry if my english sucks :D