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    Everyone does need a break here and there and I am sure a lot of people is truly happy to see you back again [PL]Daneos . I am glad I stuck around and kept hanging on <3 I am lookin forward to seeing the game back in action <3 <3 <3

    Hello fellow DBO fans. We must all have patience. Yes I understand it has been a while but good things come to those that wait. I dont feel this was a scam. I feel to much work was put into this game to just be brushed off as a scam. I feel as if Daneos is the type of person that likes to work quietly in the shadows and when he feels his work is 100% up to what he wants it to be then he will reveal it to us. I still have hope and feel as if work is still being done behind the lines. Yes I understand some would like an update but just try to have patience and keep hope for the game. :*:*:*

    I still got a little hope. Me and a few friends are still holding on and still have some hype for 2.0. Just seeing the stutter gone makes me hang on. :) Even if it takes years to come my ass still gonna be here waiting in the shadows :P

    Yeah Slash. You seem to speak really good english my friend. You should easily be able to get in to an english guild no problem.

    As a PvE plasma majin would it help if I maxed whammy ball to get that paralysis over using Burning Rhythm? I know Burning Rhythm does more damage but that paralysis seems like it would be so helpful and Whammy Ball cooldown is so show its nearly spammable. What do you guys think?

    Dang Idk if I want to even wish for my pure majin form now. I didnt even know you couldnt dash with it :( :( :(

    Just thought I would stop by here and say hi to everyone. A friend of mine told me about this game and I nearly cried that it is this far in to development. Can't wait to get my butt in here and play a Majin! Fat People UNITE! :D :D :D