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    you're forgetting that fighters can farm nomal landscape mobs as well thanks to their dodge rate and combo of big bang attack + storm strike and at least crafted gear (Of course this is later on when you can max storm strike and big bang attack.).

    Greetings everyone,

    while it was obvious DBOG was severely struggling to keep the game up and running since there were no updates comming out or any proof about new content being created for the future it is still sad to see this project being shut down.

    But see it this way. Many people had the opportunity to relive an MMO based upon the world of dragon ball. Even if it isn't perfect and the game had it's flaws I don't believe anything will come as close to creating the same experience again. It is something that we may never get as MMO's are becomming a thing of the past as people nowadays don't like to grind for hours to get a single item or goal done (blame it on mobile game, MOBA and even now the upcomming PS5 giving a more solid content availlable than most MMO games).

    I've met a lot of people in this game who will always have a special place into my heart (even full ho mo if they want it). So even though this is probably the end for DBOG it is not for us nerds,

    kind (and final) regards,


    Dear community,

    Quite surprisingly that 85% of the text that you read today is just ranting towards daneos in general. Major changes never are good from the first time. New ideas to try and improve the game might be actually a downgrade. But if the only response from the community towards this is hate and just pure frustration then I personally do not see a bright future for the game. A different approach on the subject can cause into a better outcome. Seeing as Daneos and the staff actually as people instead of a laughing stock will work as a motivation to work together and respect eachother. If the community stays toxic as it is then it might be best to call the project off.

    Polls about updates before release with an exact clarification about what the intend of the update is and how the gameplay will be affects will be a good way to see if this update is wanted or needed but then without the excessive subjective view and more of an objective view of the whole community and game in general.

    Communication and active interraction between the players is a great start, with a new blank page,



    The boss has level 50, you have 70 and 62, so it's not showing the balance of the game.

    The fact that i'm not using upgraded gloves (lvl 65) and only pure speed is showing that speed may be a bit 2 overpowered.

    only during events you will be able to buy costumes. Since no event has been planned to be released yet you are not able to buy any costumes at this moment.

    Are the chances of getting one in the wagu machine pretty low?

    I'd save up for it on the auction, but they seem pretty darn pricey and currently i have no idea where I would even get that amount from..

    I also noticed that you can buy a lvl 30 boost on the cash shop, would it be best to get this after the wipe?

    Cause I'm kinda considering it. :saint:

    It would be wise to get your lvl up 30 now and use it on new characters, you get your cash shop points returned after the wipe and a FREE lvl up 30 if you have lvl 30 or above characters before the wipe.

    Basicly means you get 2 lvl up 30 for the price of 1 without losing your cash shop points in the end.

    Only thing is, now that token shop is gone (which was basicly free for those that have the power to let themselves being logged in all day) I do believe that F2P will have less comfort (upgrade stones, vehicles, 200% exp, yardrat memory,...).

    Then again in the new client something like dailies, achievements and a new system to reward players is availlable to be added (as mentioned in the client suggestion thread).

    So best way to find out is wait and see if F2P will have less "freedom" towards making themselves comfortable.

    Basicly if you have the money to get everything you will make yourself comfortable with getting lvl 30 up + 200% exp, LP pots, vehicles (faster than the normal ones you get), fuel and pet exp/fusion items. About dogis/dogi balls/brown boxes there's none availlable atm in the new client but let's say they are availlable.

    What you can get from the store speeds up the progress of your character but not by a huge margin. lvl 30 up for example only grants you lvl 30, nothing more and you still need to do the quests for passives (guard, dash, charge) and need to obtain lvl 1-29 gear to deconstruct them for crafting materials as well as enough money to actually gear yourself up and this will take a few hours if not more. Lvl 30 can be obtained in 6-7 hours of gameplay as a F2P and while you lvl up you can get the materials/money to lvl up your crafting.

    All the items availlable in the shop are also availlable to obtain as a F2P once you get to a certain level or by doing event (brown boxes), yes, it does require some time and effort to get them but not a lot as other MMORPGs that are more leaning to P2W or P2P.

    The things you can buy with cash shop points are more for your own comfort without distrubting the comfort of those that do not wish to donate (shame on them!).

    If there is a server wipe, will we have rewards?

    Yes, if the wipe takes place, all of you will have the following rewards.

    If your character is level 30+ (at this stage), you will get a Level UP 30.
    If your character is level 30+ (at this stage), you will get your class passives (Guard, dash, RP charge & Flight).
    People who reach the maximum level (Lv 70) in less than 1 month will get some (unknown) rewards.


    All the cash points you purchased will be refunded.

    In fact, DBOG staff is giving you a very good offer. Get cash points now, buy lvl 30 up on new chars with cash points, get cash points back and a free lvl 30 up after the server reset. You can see it as a small reward for donating now if you do not have any chars at lvl 30 or above.

    My guess would be that most likely the reset will be excecuted when the new client (2.0™) will be in a playable and secure state. Right now the bugs are stacking but at least a pattern can be seen in most of them.

    La única forma de regalar Dragon Balls es dejar que alguien recoja el DB desde el suelo. Así que haz una granja y deja que tu amigo recoja el DB cuando veas uno en el suelo para ti. Es mejor estar en una fiesta para que solo usted o él / ella puedan recogerla.

    The thing is, being active can be seen in many different ways:

    • Hours online (seen on character info on homepage): This would basicly mean that pple who afk all day will have a higher chance of getting in.
    • Being active in game by finishing quests/TMQ/UD: Meaning that you will need to have a minimum level to be called active.
    • Being active in community events: Meaning that you will need sign in when an event is active eg. Budokai or DB scramble.

    I really hope that with being active they don't mean hours played, because then i'll fall off the boat. I'm only online to be actually active, farming mobs or doing TMQ/UD. Afking never really encourages me to come online to be honnest.

    So far I've not been one of the lucky ones to be selected and I'll not try to be online 24/7 just to get a higher chance of getting into the development server. So good luck on trying to get a spot.

    i don't get it why pple ask to keep stuff like ssj, dragon balls, money, crafting lvl,... A wipe of the game always means a full reset, restart from lvl 1, remove/delete every progress you have ever made. There are no such things as keeping a skill or item in a wipe.

    Be happy that they are giving us a lvl up 30 with all the passives included on the upcomming new client if you have lvled up a char to lvl 30 or above on the client that is live now.