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    Well back a few years ago, people would only use buffers as a main support class. Meaning you can buff your team without having to bring the buffer in your party and your buffs would be kept while entering any BID, TMQ, UD, etc. But now that they changed it and buffer are usually a requirement, all buffs will be gone to make sure you’re not just using them as a support class, or making them sit outside the dungeon or anything like that.

    Leute ich würde mich sehr freuen wer weiß wie mann sich beim neuen Dragonball Time And Space account machen kann würde es gerne mal spielen aber irgendwie hab ich voll probleme ein Account zu erstellen .. wer es weiß oder mir helfen könnte bitte antwortet mir :) ! danke :) !

    Sie da. Um ein Konto bei Dragon Ball Time and Space zu erstellen, benötigen Sie eine chinesische Nummer, ein chinesisches Konto und ein Q.Q-Konto. Es ist am besten, einen chinesischen Freund zu finden, der Ihnen hilft, ein Konto für Sie zu erstellen.

    When you go approach the dragon to use the quest item, you automatically crash right after. But if you log quick enough, you'll continue the quest. If you do manage to log in quickly though, the mobs will not be able to attack the dragon that's being escorted. Also, once you reach the end to finish the quest, the quest icon doesn't count it as "completed" quest but instead counted as "In-Progress" quest.
    EDIT (forgot to put this on here): The dragon will only attack the mob if the mob only uses a beam energy attack. But the mobs itself cannot attack by using auto-attack.


    Hey, welcome back.

    Sadly, being able to purchase costumes have been removed from the cash shop. If you would like to buy costumes now, you'll have to use the wagu machine (which I don't recommend you use it) or farm and buy one from Auction or someone. It's pretty risky to use wagu machine (especially since it barely goes down anymore) but if you're up for the challenge then so be it! ^^

    When you go to discard your vehicle THE ONE FROM POPO BOX ONLY causes you to crash (I've tried discarding this vehicle about 5 times and I crashed every single time). However, if you discard the vehicles from Cash Shop, you don't crash. It works perfectly fine.

    1. hello my name is liloulou my windows is updated i have installed AIO but I still have this error message can not run the game please help me

    you want to make sure you extract the files with WinRAR (64bit) and try installing it again. If that doesn't work then go your Aio Folder and look for these following folders and applications. First, you have to find svcpackfolder. Once you found it, click it and look for the Packages folder. Then look for the DX9 folder. There should be an application called DX90c_Addon_Installer. Install that and it should fix your problem.





    maybe but i want someone that has the info to tell me 100%, i'm not grinding again to max my crafting, i rather stop playing and watch minecraft tutorials lol

    It’s not a maybe. It is going to happen. If craft level got wiped in pob to make ob then it will happen again in ob to dbog 2.0

    You will notice that you’ll get an error stating: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

    So here’s how to fix it.

    1. Before you do anything, make sure you reinstall visual C++ on components of your OS.

    2. You have to download the AIO Driver Package. Download here:…kage-fix-0xc00007b-error/

    3. Extract the files (All will be available in one folder)

    4. Run the application. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THE EXTRACTION IS DONE!!!

    5. Check to make sure every application is selected.


    7. Once it is fully done installing, run your game (I recommend running it as an administrator) and it should work.

    Typed Version:…07b-in-windows-108-187-2/

    Video Version:

    Thanks to Hardlock for showing me how to fix this problem :)

    Do we keep our crafting levels? is going to be a pain in the ass if we lose it, dont we just get all our characters back to level 1?

    and what about ssj and the dragon buffs?

    It will be completely wiped. No craft level, zeni, dogis, etc. Everyone will start from level 1 but if their character is level 30 or higher in OB at the moment, you’ll receive a level up 30 in your inventory.

    If you take a look on the mini-map on the upper right corner, you can see that (in dev server) there's no icon to tell what mobs you specifically need to kill. On live server, you can clearly tell which mobs you need to focus on killing. E.g.,