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    The attack ability is Strength, Dexterity, Soul, Focus. These ability can provide :

    Strength: Physical attack
    Dexterity: Dodge, Physical critical rate and half Physical attack
    Soul: Energy attack
    Focus: Hit rate, energy critical rate and half Energy attack

    It seem like balance at low level. however, when player reach high level. The Critical rate and Hit rate are bigger effect one attack.

    I see many expert suggest the newcomer choose equipment are base on Dexterity/Focus more than Strength/Soul. Because Dexterity/Focus can provide Critical rate, hit rate and Dodge. At the same time, we have equipment upgrade. When we upgrade the weapons, the weapons only increase the attack. at last, the rate of return from Strength/Soul will more and more low when you upgrade the weapons.

    In that case, that cause a unbalance situation. The ability that plan to provide most attack are weakness than other ability. so I suggest the ability changing like below:

    Strength: Physical critical rate, Physical attack.
    Dexterity: Dodge, and same Physical attack with Strength.
    Soul: Energy critical rate, Energy attack.
    Focus: Hit rate, and same Energy attack with Soul.

    Above change can make the system more balance.
    Physical class, player is choosing ability are base on attack (critical) or survival(Dodge). Energy class are base on steady low attack( high hit rate low critical) or unsteady high attack(low high rate high critical).