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    Q : Where do I get dogis?

    A : For free, you can get the Goku dogi from token shop for 4600 token, which is waaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive, I suggest you to loot garbage from mobs, collect some zeni, like 500-800k and buy a decent looking one from auction house.

    owo its 3,5k tokens

    These updates are making the game less enjoyable. Doesn’t even want to play anymore. The moderations and game needs a lot of fixes. But instead of that all we’re getting are more flaws that kills thr game experience for people that used to enoy the game.

    I litteraly got to 45 with a Ultimate, farmed about 10 hours and bought a sh*t ton of kid clocks,u70s,dogi balls,autopots, brown boxes from ppl. Made +11-+13 gear lvl 41 max stats without using cash items .-.

    And ppl still say that the game is too hard. lol. ok.

    then you probbably didn’t know about the lvl 20-50 popo boxes where all the ppl used to farm them ?

    The drop rates on retail where horrible also. To me this seems a little lower, however I could have just had an 'unlucky' day.

    I dropped 1 ball in the 2 hunt sessions. I must have killed over 50 dragon ball mobs in that time.

    I use to average 2 or 3 balls per session on retail DBO.

    Well idk bout you but i used to get 7 db's / hour in retail dbo.

    In retail dbo popo boxes always had a db on them so you could just farm them there. Here it ain't like that making it kinda difficult to get the dragon balls.

    Get rid of the U70's from the cash shop for now till 70 cap is back. Don't transform the stones from u70 to u55 thats just retarded.

    Dem lvl 29's running around with 100 + u70 purples

    I mean the review is terible. It's biased crap. You need to submerge yourself into the gameplay experience not by walking around with a lvl 1 at the namekian start area. You need to spend hours grinding / questing till your at least lvl 50 then you might be able to go "on a killing rampage". You expected to kamehame with a namekian? bruh. You should have read about the classes. Or at least someone to guide you instead of making a fool out of yourself.

    You need like 10 - 15 green/purple white stones and also use red/blue for low upgrade:

    Make from +0 to +6 with red or even +7 then use white + purple with 3 or 4 tries you might be +8 or even +9.

    I spent around 3.4billion zeni without counting white stones from cash shop.

    Guess you didn't get me if you're trying to teach me how to upgrade gear. Lmao. 3,4kkk / piece where a upgraded +11 is 1,5kkk - 2kkk from ppl. #Legitness. I used to spend 1kkk / piece to get my whole gear to +10-12 with a bit of luck. After these updates i spend 2kkk to get +6 dats all im sayin.

    And p.s i not talking about weapon upgrades, i was talking about armor upgrades so why are you talking about weapon upgrades? ._.

    Note: If you're willing to upgrade your gear by your own the first thing you wanna do is make everything +9 its quite simple and easy after that you can try to make it +11 +12 slowly

    Quick question. Have you tried upgrading lvl 70 gear yourself since the latest updates? It used to be easy to upgrade now its quite hard. Even to get +5 with greens. Spent over 2kkk upgrading a jacket to +6. (with greens and whites). I wonder how much i would spend upgrading to +9 then when u get more breaks then fails. "quite simple" huh. :/:/:/