DBO Funny Facts Part 1

  • Alot of you curious about the difference between turtle book effect on male and female.

    male gets energy attack,speed and it drains its LP so why especially LP ?

    cause when male sees what in turtle book of nudity he gets erected<3 and gets nose bleed, but he becomes so wild that his attack and move speed gets boosted. :huh:

    And about female turtle she gets full RP and defense so why especially RP ??

    RP stands for rage points so when she sees what in the book (nudity) she gets so angry and jealous so the rage points becomes full. how wild is she ? careful don't be near her and use that book she gonna kick your ass:D

    and her EP reduces so why EP ? cause when she gets angry she loses her energy and becomes exausted.

    hope you enjoy that part of funny facts of DBO.

    untill next time ! 8o

  • in the story of DBO

    • it's mentioned that krillin has made the new turtle hermit school, Tien made the new crane hermit school, so will they be enemies and rivals, like master roshi and master shen used to be ?

    • Goku and Vegeta gone to space to fight each other before they died from aging.

    • DBO is the origin of xenoverse and xenoverse 2 but sadly our beloved game DBO got closed 5 years ago so if it didn't it would have the full story and full content...
    • no one knows why master roshi still alive in the game or how old is he ? lol.

    • the MA champion Mr satan has died, now videl is the new champion and she made many great things her father couldn't do for martial arts.

    • goten and trunks decided to make a martial arts school called Kikōkenjutsu sword art school, that's why we find master class swordsman.

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