Petition to remove upgrade notification (or atleast to be able to hide it)

  • Hey DBOG staff,

    I wanted to see who is with me and find the constant spam of upgrade notification annoying... lets be honest, currently +12 -15 means nothing as its pretty easy to upgrade... so im sure im not the only one that find the spam of notification annoying... especially during peak hours...

    So i say to remove it all together, i do not care who got +12-15, im not interested in that


  • i think you can drag and drop the notification somewhere over the screen so put it in a corner where you dont must see it



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  • Worry not! A custom setting with the purpose to enable/disable this function is set to be included with our new client therefore a poll is pointless since it's confirmed by Daneos himself.

    Locking thread.

  • Rybo

    Closed the thread.