Balancing Abuse of Attribute x5 Armor/Weapon Stacking

  • Hello everyone, i thought so much about how Attributes works in this game and it's just not as good as it could be from my pov. DBOGR has added and improved so many features for Dragon Ball Online and it's great and i really hope that this Suggestion is one of them and considered to be implemented, i consider it to be very Healthy for both the Game and us the Players and it adds much more fun and enjoyment when playing instead of being forced to spam Scan every second. To be honest, specific Classes benefit way more from the current meta always needing to swap them mid-game and actually require owning x5 different attribute on 5 different Jacket which you must make them +15 ofcourse, but that's not the main issue here, as i mentioned most of the time you're forced to Scan and Equip different Jacket/Weapon with different attribute, so with the best intention i thought of possibly an improved feature for it which can be adjusted by Devs for balancing. Now my idea is just to actually remove the Circle where specific ones counter eachother or gain adventage over others which is why it leads to the previously mentioned abuse, and just make it where you just get Flat % only positive in all 5 different Attributes: (Honest/Wild/Strange/Elegant/Funny) anyone can chose their Favorite Attribute on their Weapon/Armor with no downsides to get Plus in Two and Minus in the other Two as it is right now. Instead you will get only Plus in all of these and won't need to change anything and can fully enjoy the gameplay. - No Attributes on Weapon/Armor: = 0% Gain or leave it at 5% as it is right now. With Attributes on Weapon/Armor: = This i want to let Project Lead and other Developers decide what would be balanced and not OP, right now it goes up to 10% max (with no Rings-Set Props/Earrings Prop Equipped, meaning it's a flat % of what you get just from adding the Attribute on your Jacket/Weapon). For example without any Attribute Jacket/Weapon and Props that come from Set Rings + Earrings i think a a good start is 5% and then add another 5%-10% just from putting any Attribute on Jacket/Weapon which would bring it to 10% if it was 5% increase from the adding Attribute-Part or it would be 15% if you add 10% increase, and then the increase starts based on how much Prop x-Player has from his Rings/Earrings like it would normally do. Part-2: Attrubute vs No Attribute: Let's say we have two people Player-A has Attributes on both Weapon=Attack/Armor=Defence but Player-B has not put any Attribute on Weapon/Armor yet and they have Earrings/Rings that add more Prop atm. Player-A which has Attributes now has 10% Attack/Defense Attribute (for argument sake) which means now he has increased damage based on his 10% more attack attribute against Player-B wich has no Attributes and on top of that Player-A also receives 10% less damage from Player-B which has no Attribute. I would like to leave it up to PL/Devs to decide the % on both of those but i think between 10% or 15% Flat just from putting Attribute on Weapon/Jacket is fairy good. Part-3 and Final Scenario: Both Players have Attributes and they Clash what would happen here? Basically both of them have 10% increase in both Attack/Defense Attributes in all 5 of them (Honest/Wild/Strange/Elegant/Funny) which ends up negating and become 0% because Player-A while he has 10% more Attack Attribute now Player-B has also 10% more Defense Attribute meaning it becomes 0 advantage for either and from here it's just who's better at the game or Vice Verse. In short making sure you have Attribute on Jacket/Weapon now when going against someone who has them is just as important if not even more important but much less of an headache because it is not required owning x5 Sets with different Attribute and no1 has advantage over anyone and gives the people to chose whichever attribute they think looks the best and fully enjoy the new feature and improving their Skill.

    Thank you for all the dedication you guys put into this 2010 Game, wish you the best. <3

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