Game experience improvement

  • Hi everyone,

    While playing i've noticed some minor game experience improvements could be done to make the game 'feel' more realistic/better:

    1) I say it would be handy to be able to activate or first skill but meanwhile be able to set/select our second skill too already.

    Why: there are times for example I like to stun my target and then I want to prepare a kamehameha directly after it (because stunning is mostly of short duration)
    but now currently you can only click it after the first skill animation is done and it feels like a blockage or something (it just doesn't feel fast paced or smooth enough somehow ...

    2) Make skills like 'rock, paper, scissors' do damage in 3 times (hits) instead of immediately 1 before the skill even ends.

    Why: when I'm using for example skills like 'rock, paper, scissors', the target immediately get's the full damage calculated towards it's lifepoints while there are actually 3 blows and also they shouldn't apply directly the moment you press the skill but more like after the animation punch/beam hits the target it should do 1/3 of the total damage each blow of the 3 in total since it will give a more realistical feeling and more Dragonball Z like. Also because it will make the game a little bit more tactical (for example while you are low health too =))

    Please share me your opinion guys :)

    Grtz Oxraider

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