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    You realise that I was telling people not to whine about the prices, right? If not, then go read the page and my answers again. We are simply saying the same thing.

    @spellwiz We are talking about the prices because some people were whining about it.

    please don't get me wrong as I said in the start of my reply I thank you as one of the only normal an peaceful replies about the price and that I fully agree with what you said in your post.

    I even share the same thoughts but I only wanted to add my post together with yours because I think ot fits perfectly together :)

    So in short: this post was only meant towards all the complainers in this pist about the money and that they should at the least discuss the prices in another thread (and in my opinion they shouldn't even post it at all as this should be Daneos's choice).

    Grtz Oxraider

    Thanks for sharing your peacefull opinion Kaioshin :)
    And I would like to add something to it:

    Please don't forget this thread was made to suggest WHAT to put in the cash shop and not HOW MUCH it would cost in the cash shop, since this is something wich ONLY Daneos should be able to choose.

    After all it's he who works so hard so all of you can play this game again.

    So be happy with wichever price he is happy to choose, if not then simply don't buy it ...

    I wouldn't buy a pants of more than 100 dollars too if I know there are some of 30 dollars and I don't go complain at the shopkeeper too to tell him this pants is to pricey, i just leave and go to a cheaper shop instead ... :)

    So please stick to the whole point of this thread and next time I vote to report everyone wich ever complains again over the prices in this thread since this is rude as it is Daneos his server !
    Thank you in advance and enjoy the game :)

    Grtz Oxraider

    You can punch a mob before they do

    Well that's how the most of the players think so like this: someone has to be first and someone has to be last so keep this in mind whenever there's a group of 15-20 solo players and I suppose no one would love to be the last one :D

    This will only result into several players leaving this game

    So this is why something should be done about it while it's still possible now being P-OB ...

    Can't you just party together and complete the quests?

    I gladly would :)

    But too bad some people just like to keep it solo and if some people act this way in the end you have a group of solo's standing around the mob's place all waiting to hit it first wich makes it boring waiting for all the rest and it kills the gameplay ...

    Ofcourse it would be a lot better if everyone just would play together, group up and finish the quest together but some people simply don't ... -_-'


    I posted this so people can help find a solution about the several MOB hunting missions wich take ages to complete (like big kowanga/shark scale saibaman for example).
    Since this takes away a lot of enjoyable gameplay experience for new people.

    I was thinking about an open tap system or something so whenever you help hit an enemy you should at least get your quest log updated to +1 kill ?

    But if others know better solutions, feel free to post it here in the thread :)

    Grtz Oxraider

    I hope to see the flying nimbus in the cash shop and the kid goku appearance (with the saiyan tail) :thumbsup:

    I think Adrian made a good point. Only cosmetic items and xp boost/potions should be in the cash shop

    I vote for this as it will give the most proper and honest/fair tournament gameplay towards younger players or not the most fortunate players financial :)

    Grtz Oxraider

    Its good but without these houses everywhere :D.
    Kame House / Oolong / Grandpa Gohan / Satan
    These sounds very good. If im not wrong there was server called Grandpa Gohan on... TW? Or maybe KR? Not sure.

    Thanks for liking my suggestions :)
    Also towards the others ofcourse :)

    This would sound even better perhaps :D

    Anyways in either case, these server names would be best in my opinion but the most important thing is we choose something
    everyone likes (or at least the upper hand and developers like the most) whatever the names may be then :)

    Grtz Oxraider

    EDIT: Also I don't know wether some of these names already existed on the earlier DBO game since I never got the chance to play it before :P
    So I'm sorry I can't answer your question on that one :P (Late EDIT reaction since I forgot to answer while replying :D)

    It really is a good idea and also not to forget: making the game more padding will only scare away new people because they will say they have a much too long way to go to reach maximum lvl and enjoy the games end-game experiences and people with kids or not much game time for themselfs will also not play it because they know it takes months to only reach that lvl 70 game experience.

    Also isn't that what's dragonball is all about ?
    always fighting the stronger foe than yourself and getting the right equipment (lighter, harder, etc) and preparing in gravity machine or something to keep up with your next big challenging target ... :)

    Grtz Oxraider

    Like selfkaiHarness said, making more difficult/more challenging mobs with better experience/item rewards will solve the problem and also make the game more challenging to get lvl up why in the meantime it also solves the problem with high lvl gear at lvl 50 or anything lower since it will be needed and getting used to equip just because you will actually need it to get a more easier walkthrough the game because the mobs will be more challenging :D

    So it solves a lot of problems that pretty much any other MMO lacks in :)
    This way partying together with random other players will also likely more happen since everyone would definitely feel the difficulty whenever you're not properly armoured out :)

    Also like this the item and armour shops will be at least more used then :)
    Unless you get an awesome drop offcourse :)
    This way gathering up zeni would make more sense too :D
    Because you will really need it to buy stuff every now and then :D
    But I would recommend selling better stuff too then in the shops :)

    Grtz Oxraider

    I know Daneos, but this isn't the right way to do that. Here is another method, make the enemies stronger and have more rewarding EXP, rather than making the game long-term with just one change. It will make the game challanging, yes and this is the proper solution.

    My advice is you don't use padding, Daneos. Padding makes the game longer and adds no real innovation and playability. The root of the problem lies on the Enemies' EXP drop rates, you increase the drop rate while you increase the difficulty of the enemy. This is the right way to do it. The wrong way is padding.

    Not being angry with you, but i am giving you advice, and being helpful towards you.

    I like this idea somehow, since dragonball is full of fighting and skill testing it makes sense in a way ... :)

    And I'm always excited to challenge myself whenever I see somekind of strange super mob, I always want to kill it and see what reward I get and actually in every MMO I'm quite dissatisfied most of the time with the low reward.

    So this would make this game somewhat special and give a cool bonus towards special mobs/more difficult mobs with better item/experience rewards :)

    Grtz Oxraider

    I say they should make it 3 times a week:

    for example; monday, thursday and saturday so everyone can do it sometimes :)
    plus that makes it additionally one more than before :thumbsup:

    Grtz Oxraider

    Hi everyone,

    While playing i've noticed some minor game experience improvements could be done to make the game 'feel' more realistic/better:

    1) I say it would be handy to be able to activate or first skill but meanwhile be able to set/select our second skill too already.

    Why: there are times for example I like to stun my target and then I want to prepare a kamehameha directly after it (because stunning is mostly of short duration)
    but now currently you can only click it after the first skill animation is done and it feels like a blockage or something (it just doesn't feel fast paced or smooth enough somehow ...

    2) Make skills like 'rock, paper, scissors' do damage in 3 times (hits) instead of immediately 1 before the skill even ends.

    Why: when I'm using for example skills like 'rock, paper, scissors', the target immediately get's the full damage calculated towards it's lifepoints while there are actually 3 blows and also they shouldn't apply directly the moment you press the skill but more like after the animation punch/beam hits the target it should do 1/3 of the total damage each blow of the 3 in total since it will give a more realistical feeling and more Dragonball Z like. Also because it will make the game a little bit more tactical (for example while you are low health too =))

    Please share me your opinion guys :)

    Grtz Oxraider

    Hi :)

    I'm pretty new here on the forum
    Just signed in and want to register my account now but it seems I cannot register or download the game.

    Also I do want to be founder and sponsor the game's resurrection since I'm a huge fan of Dragonball and saw all the episodes back in my childhood.

    Also wanted to play this game ever since I first noticed it back in 2012 and it seems like now I can finally have a chance but without being able to register I can't be a founder or play the game ??

    Anyone want to help me out here please ? :)

    Grtz Oxraider