This Character Is Currently Connected Possible Fix

  • Hey im here to help the community with this error that occurs when the server shut down or maintenance

    Note:This is a possible fix maybe it doesnt work for everybody but I try a couple times and it works if doesnt work you can only wait until the admin restart the server

    Important:If you do this you are gonna respawn in you MAIN city because this option is if you get stuck or bug in the game but it should be work for this error too :)


    1- This is the error that I was talking about


    2-Now to fix that you guys need to go to the page DBOG and log in with your username and password
    After you log in its going to be a menu to change password add coins etc, you are gonna do click where it says VIEW, NEXT TO CHARACTERS

    3-Ok after that is going show you another menu with you characters the lvl etc select the character and then click where it says UNSTACK

    I hope that this information help the people with this error take care and see you guys in DBO :):saint::saint::saint:

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  • No it didn't work unfortunately but thanks for trying to find a method to help most of the community :D

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  • Didn't work.
    But the fact that you want to help others makes you "da real MVP"