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    I faced that lag in both new client and old client, basically sometimes when u try to buy the scouter it doesn't allow you to do so.

    If you log off the channel and log in again, you can buy it. I tried it and it worked.

    It could be a lag in internet or something.

    you want an Easter event on a sever that will be wiped soon?

    It's better for Daneos to invest his time in fixing the bugs to release the actual game.

    I believe that adding physical and energy armour penetration was very good idea as now humans can find a good way to penetrate those heavy namek and majin defense tankers. It's a good step.

    Keep going!

    I support what Iceman said. Making the props capped is better than completely removing the props earrings from the game, make it capped at 8 to have max 40% by doing 8x5

    As far as I remember, since the old scouter system is returning, anti crit chips would return as well if I am not wrong, which means fighters and SM can say goodbye to crit..

    it is not so a big deal

    great namek 30k LP have with 5% 31,5k LP

    20k normal namek get 21k

    majin like my ultimate 17k LP have 17,850

    Yeah that's acceptable. At the beginning I thought the prop earrings gonna work and multiply this number by so much, thats why I was concerned.

    But since its gonna be disabled, 5% alone is acceptable

    will property earrings still be able to increase those stats? Like 9 prop earrings will increase the 5 elegance energy armor penetration after maintenance?

    It's a good idea and I support removing Lp% increase from strange prop as well to not have characters with extremely high HP, especially nameks.

    Keep up good work

    wild increases armour penetration, armour penetration means that you ignore physical defence, meaning that you will deal more physical damage. So fighters/swordmen do need wild.

    Yes that's right. My bad, needed time to get it xD

    so now there's actually a way to improve your class in general (martial artists need wild, spirutalist elegance,...) rather than just being lucky with the attribute on the weapon/gear depending on who you fight.

    Thing is though, +5% max lp on nameks at lvl 70 will be quite rediculous if there still is a % rating increase with majin buu buffs and accesory. Or a certain cap must be provided.

    I think you misunderstood something.

    Wild would then be needed to deal more damage to physical defense users, so not martial will need wild but need wild to defeat martial.

    That's what I understood so far.

    But what's the new crit damage formula differences?

    And if property stats disabled, does that mean property earrings will no longer give offensive and defensive increase except those stats u mentioned?

    I understand. I will only be switching dogis tho but I won't need to repaint them cause it looks just perfect the way it is. (Big fan of current orange color xD)

    But this info can come in handy for the future.

    Thanks again for your time and detailed explanation. You are awesome. Keep going bro! ❤

    Now I fully understand this. I downloaded the folder for dogis codes from 4rth thread, so now it's easy to identify every dogi in the pack folder and switch dogis easily since I know the codes.

    Thanks again for your effort in helping me. You're wonderful. Wish you a nice day bro. ❤

    Omg you're super genius! It worked so easily..

    Thanks so much for the detailed explanation and file. I am speechless ❤❤💖

    Just have a question, when you buy a new dogi from anywhere, how can you know for sure the name of that dogi in the customs folder?

    For 4xample, in LVL 2 popo box, we get random dogi that can be a suit, yardart or red goku dogi etc. How do you identify their names in our pack folder?

    And according to what I understood from you, once I identify that file, I have to rename the dogi file i want to have to hold same exact name as the one I am gonna replace/rewrite, right?

    Thanks a lot for everything bro