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    you want an Easter event on a sever that will be wiped soon?

    It's better for Daneos to invest his time in fixing the bugs to release the actual game.

    I understand. I will only be switching dogis tho but I won't need to repaint them cause it looks just perfect the way it is. (Big fan of current orange color xD)

    But this info can come in handy for the future.

    Thanks again for your time and detailed explanation. You are awesome. Keep going bro! ❤

    Now I fully understand this. I downloaded the folder for dogis codes from 4rth thread, so now it's easy to identify every dogi in the pack folder and switch dogis easily since I know the codes.

    Thanks again for your effort in helping me. You're wonderful. Wish you a nice day bro. ❤

    Omg you're super genius! It worked so easily..

    Thanks so much for the detailed explanation and file. I am speechless ❤❤?

    Just have a question, when you buy a new dogi from anywhere, how can you know for sure the name of that dogi in the customs folder?

    For 4xample, in LVL 2 popo box, we get random dogi that can be a suit, yardart or red goku dogi etc. How do you identify their names in our pack folder?

    And according to what I understood from you, once I identify that file, I have to rename the dogi file i want to have to hold same exact name as the one I am gonna replace/rewrite, right?

    Thanks a lot for everything bro

    Hello bro. I am big fan of your great work. Keep it up!

    I wonder if you still accept interesting requests for dogi mod?

    If so, I really would love you forever if you can create the following one:

    - Motorcycle dogi

    - for human character

    It's very expensive dogi in this game and very tough to get from AH or cash shop, so if you make it for us, would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindly find attached a pic of it to remind you of how it looks like.

    Thanks so much.

    implementation of achievement system and removal of token shop will help the game to turn from passive to active. Instead of spending whole day afk grinding for tokens, people will play everyday everywhere to fulfil their achievements and gain different rewards.

    This idea is brilliant and worthy of being applied.

    Some ideas:

    1. Kill specific number of mobs to achieve etc

    2. Enter ranked battle 5 times to achieve etc

    3. Enter ranked 10 times to achieve etc

    4. Finish UD1 once to achieve etc

    5. Reach floor number... in CC.. to achieve...

    6. Complete number of quests to achieve..

    7. Start a party to achieve...

    8. Join a guild to achieve....

    9. Donate to your guild specific amount of money to gain...

    10. Participate in budokai to achieve...

    There are plenty of ideas to make of achievements based on what we can do everyday to make the players active, not just sitting there in arena doing nothing all day.

    Thanks for reading.

    If you are asking, will we play in the new client, then answer is yes.

    After the wipe and if Daneos really takes it seriously and start to accept and adapt and change the game as it should be, then we will play for sure, heck even most of us will cash soo that server last even longer.

    Shortly, we will look for new client, test it ( help with bugs) , and start to enjoy and play.

    Thats awesome news. If he takes it seriously and release everything after wipe I would love to join you after.. hope he does

    I already deleted the game, if the no win, i will download the new client and if happens a wipe, i will carry the photos of my chars as recordation and never play again, that is an similar situation of be exiled or baned from a game, that i liked a lot, and because of it i never forget about the comunity or the admins of the game, they are the reason for not to play dragon ball online, if you want some mmorpg and have the acc untouchable by others, to play something free, go and play some perfect world or tibia anything is better than this if this wipe happens.

    If you love the game that much then you can play again later when wipe happens.

    Assume that real open beta hasn't been released yet and will come later. Stay positive

    finally "no" is winning
    you guys really have to think about all the time you spent playing that game
    and how that time will be wasted if we had a wipe
    the wipe is not a good I dont want to farm and lvl up all day again its boring

    "No" is not winning, there are over 600 fake accounts voted "no" over there lol

    that stop crying your mother for being your delayed tran clown piece money does not fall from the sky but of course you are a baby is normal yet you do not know what it is to earn money eh hahahahaha give you for ass cry

    typical answer from a member of a toxic community.

    You deserve what's coming to you.

    I have my own job and I know how it is to earn money, but guess what? I didn't spend thousands on dbog then cried on forum for realizing my mistake.

    Who is the clown now? I won't go further to not break the forum rules and I advice u to not answer me back no more.

    Well i was going to do the adult quest at first then i ask about it here and got the answer from you.Thanks a lot it save me from the trouble of doing adult quest because i have to do that again after the wipe lol. Thanks

    Awww you're welcome bro. Indeed you don't have to bother now with adult quest or subclass because a wipe removes everything completely and reset to level 1.

    Thanks for your answer. I want to confirm some things.

    1:You have to be level 30 to get all those passives or 31.Because in rewards they used 30+ so i assume 31?

    2:We only need to do 30 or 30+ to get all the passives or you also get yourself all the passives first and have to do the adult quest also to get all the passives after the wipe?

    No problem. Someone asked this question earlier about +30 and mod answered that from level 30 we get the compensation rewards.

    So it should be from level 30 as he said.i am just quoting him.

    I think we will need to redo the adult and subclass quest after the wipe to decide who we want. Some people might change class after wipe and don't want to stay the same.

    So you get all passive for free if you're level 30 or above but you have to do your class quest on your own to decide who you want to play with.

    That's the information I caught from around the forum.

    When Wipe is going to be is it tonight?Because someone in the game saying that 11 hours left till wipe.So i should level up another character to 30 or not.

    No my friend. According to what the moderators said,

    1. Client test begins.

    2. Client test ends.

    3. Wipe, if Daneos confirms it.

    4. Release the client in official server.

    So wipe wouldn't happen except when we test our client and remove all bugs.

    if they do a cleaning I want the money that I spent on this server, I pass the credits because I'm going away if they do another cleaning that does not go up in two days ... and the money does not rain from the sky eh I VOTE THAT NOT TO CLEANING AND IF THEY MAKE IT POST THE MONEY I GAVE ME ... And I'm leaving

    se que hablas español hardlock asi que lo pongo tambien asi tio yo si me borran mis pjs con lo que ma costado subirlos de que cojones me sirven a mi si me ponen en nivel 1 mis creditos de adorno?pague para vender cosas por zeny para armarme bien y aun soy novato pero con me borran mis cosas a mi me dan el dinero no me sirven de nada los creditos y a la gente tampoco les sirve que aran comprarse inventarios o lo de subir al lvl 30 no sirve para nada eso asi lo que haceis es que nuestro dinero este mal gastado y paguemos mas de uno con ilusion para jugar en eso no pensais no porque mas de uno se ira del juego ya se quedo casi vacio con el ultimo borrado y si hay otro madre mia pobre server pos na eso yo voto que NO da iual la proteccion siempre aran trampas en todos los juegos ninguno se salva de eso digan lo que digan

    you won't get any money back. Stop crying xD

    But you will get cash points refunded if u ever wish to use them for the better in future.

    Buena Suerte! ??

    I'd hate a wipe. It took me so long to get to level 40, a lot of tedious questing. Again a lot of work getting dragon balls. A lot of my experience so far has unfortunately shown that not many players in the community are willing to help others, hence going it alone. I probably wouldn't play if there was a wipe. I know I should be able to do it on my own but at the level I was at it just seemed near impossible to Farm balls and it took me so long

    if you have enough experience, you can get to level 40 in no time without anyone's help, besides, if that's your main concern, an instant level 30 Up item will be given to everyone who already has characters 30 or above so u won't need to go through Korin quests anymore.