PVE/PVP icon skills Suggestion

  • It will be nice if you create an icon PVP and icon PVE,
    and when you need PVP skills you activate that icon after you will have your PVP icons in your skills bar
    when you need PVE skills you activate the other icon after you will have your PVE icons in your skills bar
    You choose the skills for PVP and PVE and if you wanna change some skills you will need a green or brown book.
    Think about that it will be great :thumbsup:

  • So, like in DCUO where you can have a bunch of armories to store your builds and then equip the one you want to use at the time.
    Is it like that ? (without the need for armories, of course)

  • The last reply was more than 365 days ago, this thread is most likely obsolete. It is recommended to create a new thread instead.

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