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    Hola, lo siento, mi español no es muy bueno, estoy usando el traductor de Google. Hemos realizado algunos pequeños cambios de equilibrio, nada importante. Estamos guardando los grandes cambios de saldo para 2.0. ¡Hemos agregado muchas funciones hasta ahora! Nuevos sistemas de cultivo, nuevos eventos, nuevos títulos, nuevos dogis, nuevos sistemas de actualización. Estamos trabajando en una gran actualización de la artesanía en este momento. ¡Tenemos muchos cambios planeados para el futuro! El nivel 60 llegará pronto. Si lo desea, visite la sección de notas del parche aquí en el foro para ver todos nuestros cambios. ¡Bienvenido de nuevo!


    When last time I talked about New Client with you, you said at best work with New Client continue near end of this year and and chance of New Client releasing in 2022 is like 50/50, so now I'm a bit confused for moment.

    That's still just a rough guess, but we're starting to finish some of the bigger stuff I wanted to get done with before 2.0, so we're getting there.

    Does the game run on win8 or 8.1 operating system also have lag problems? I'm using win10, and I like dbo very much. But when I'm in the game, the screen will freeze every ten seconds or so, which is too frequent for me to continue. When I point the mouse pointer to different items in the bag (from pointing to one item to pointing to another item, without clicking or doing anything), the interface may freeze. This kind of lag is especially noticeable when the mouse pointer is swayed quickly against the items in the package. But if there is no such problem in win8 or win8.1, I am willing to change the operating system in order to play dbo. Do you have exact data in this regard? This kind of lag only exists in win10, or does win8 and win8.1 also face the same problem? What is the best solution right now? I really don't want to wait until the new client comes out to play, I hate waiting.

    I'm not sure if it happens on win8, I don't think so. I haven't tested that myself. There's a setting in the launcher that can knock it down to about one freeze a minute. We're working on a bit more optimization now.

    We've got a couple more tweaks coming that seem to be helpful, and we're starting to work on the new client as well, so hopefully these freezes will be a thing of the past soon.

    Hey cripkilla,

    What is it you're trying to do? DBOG is mostly your standard MMO stuff, questing and fighting monsters, crafting, titles, trading with other players, that sort of thing. The "main" story is in the time quests, but it can be a little tricky to get pointed toward those if the game isn't translated into your language. If you come to, we can help!

    Yeah it's just an old client side error, you can go above 2000. I can remove the error once we go to the new client.

    Hey Raisings,

    There was a wipe back in December to make room for new item systems and anti cheat systems. The characters will never be reset again, as long as I am in charge. As for the players being much less, the game is open source now, so there are lots of other little servers, and the players are all split up. We are still the biggest, and still growing, but it will take time to get back to the old numbers.

    Most of these changes came before my time, they're on my radar though. Part of the reason I'm holding off on balance until 2.0 is because I want to fundamentally change how a lot of skills work, and the skill system in general, so a lot of what I do would just be undone later.

    Hey thewolfycat,

    It's some quirk this old game has with this version of the client, and windows 10. There's a setting in the launcher that can help mitigate it, and we're working on a few more things like that, but the real solution is moving over to the new client. The open source client doesn't have these freezes for whatever reason. Once the game is in a playable enough state that players have enough to do with their friends while we develop the new client, we'll work on that.

    Hey Easy,

    We've been getting about 400-800 concurrent players online at a time. We get around 1200-1500 unique players logging in a day, and around 12-15k a month, usually.