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    finally nerf attack speed, game is 1000x better

    Thank you!

    There will be buffs targeted for speed and autoattack builds in 2.0, but it's probably not going to be as strong as it was.

    server back when?

    It's back now! Sorry, this patch was a bit rocky.

    Thank you so much! Idk why I'm having trouble installing the new says it needs to check the version...sometimes it gets stuck there...but when it finally starts downloading, it says "downloading objpaks 1/232" but at a certain point the launcher closes, and when I go through the process again the number of files decreeases but it's taking sooo long

    Try again, should be fixed now. The patch server was being very disagreeable earlier, but it seems to have settled down now.

    Thanks for the time and dedication

    Gracias amigo <3

    You're welcome! De nada amigo!


    Hey Everyone,

    It's been a while since our last patch! I'm sorry for that, this was a massive patch that grew a bit out of scope, and the nature of the CCBD rework and all the required changes necessitated taking this time and expanding the testing team to catch as many issues as we could. This patch has well over a thousand changes in it, and while some are small, a ton of these are massive changes. We've been hard at work on this one, and we hope you enjoy it! It's our biggest patch ever. Not only is this a CCBD rework with a ton of changes, it also includes bug fixes and the return of the Summer Event! Check out the changes below and let us know what you think!


    CCBD Rework

    Classic CCBD with incrementing floors has temporarily been removed. It will return in 2.0, along with a third CCBD mode that is currently being designed. The new CCBD should be a lot more dynamic, with random maps, random mob buffs, and random Magic Box spawns. We've scaled the difficulty a bit, added new bosses, and changed the functionality of Circuits to increase replayability. There's also a new title system, new reward system, new crafting materials for the CCBD recipes, and over 30 unreleased/new dogis as rewards for CCBD. Between the circuits, mob buffs, and maps, there should be close to a thousand different combinations of CCBD, so each run should feel a little different. We've also added a new CCBD reconnect feature - just reinvite your disconnected member to your party after he logs in, and he will be able to rejoin your party in the dungeon! There are also unreleased CCBD set items that will be available after the Cap 70 patch. For now, only limited level 70 items are available in CCBD. We'll also be looking to tweak the difficulty and balance, and add new circuits, mob buffs, and magic boxes in the future!

    CC Alpha Circuit+1 Token per mob
    CC Beta Circuit+1 CC Battle Coin per coin drop (NOT special)
    CC Gamma Circuit+1 CC Material per material drop
    CC Delta Circuit+10% Upgrade Kit drop rate
    CC Epsilon Circuit+10% Wagu Coin drop rate
    CC Zeta Circuit+100% Magic Box spawn rate

    CCBD Titles and Legacy Auras

    Five new titles have been added for CCBD, and it's possible to obtain the three legacy auras + a new purple aura at the new Reklz vendor in West City, near CCBD. The legacy auras won't be available forever, they are a reward for players who were playing CCBD before the rework, so after this patch they will be removed from the vendor. For the new titles, each CCBD map fully completed will yield an extra reward of materials and coins at the end, and one point toward the title track. Each title gives +1 Special Battle Coin dropped per boss defeated in CCBD.

    TitlePoints Required
    CC Watchman5
    CC Guardian25
    CC Sentinel100
    CC Captain250
    CC Aegis750

    Summer Event

    The Summer Event has returned! Defend Earth from the evil Beach Balls, and farm the Beach Coolers for food, and drinks! Trade your food and drinks to Fuuba in Korin Village for all kinds of summer items, including a new snorkel mask, two new swimsuits, and two new backpacks! During the event, all mobs also have a chance to drop Event Coins and give points toward your Event title. Have fun in the (late) Summer Event! We're sorry for the delay on this one.

    Misc Changes

    • Enabled all potions/resurrection items in CCBD
    • Added CCBD reconnect feature - send a party invite to your disconnected teammate after he reconnects
    • Use @CCBD to check your title progress, and to see the location of the final mobs in each CCBD map
    • All CCBD Tickets removed from shops
    • All existing CCBD Special Battle Coins and Circuits have been replaced with CCBD Battle Coins
    • All CCBD capsules now drop the new CCBD coins and materials
    • All old CCBD titles have been removed from players who had them
    • All CCBD recipes have been fixed, translated, and updated to the new materials
    • All CCBD items have been fixed, translated, and updated
    • All CCBD armors have new dogi versions available at the Reklz NPC in West City
    • Increased points required for Dende's Favor to spawn bosses to 400k, from 250k
    • Nerfed several attack speed debuff skills to more closely match the now fixed attack speed numbers
    • Transformation cooldowns reduced to 30 minutes
    • All Great Saiyaman, Tien, and Mr. Popo items from the cash shop have been moved to the token and mudosa shops
    • New Summer cosmetics have been added to the Fuuba shop in Korin Village, and the cash shop


    • Fixed a bug preventing Dende's Favor from applying to quest XP
    • Fixed a bug with quest aggro miscalculating Event title points
    • Fixed a bug preventing 2x Token Event from applying to quest Tokens
    • Fixed a few incorrect cast time/energy crit rate text issues
    • Fixed a bug preventing damage from applying/displaying to shield potions/shield buffs
    • Fixed a bug causing attack speed buffs to calculate incorrectly
    • Fixed a bug causing Big Mouth Energy Wave to stun the target
    • Fixed a bug causing in order party drop to sometimes ignore the party leader
    • Fixed a bug causing the party drop system to malfunction on channel 3

    Some Words From Staff

    We are aware that the removal of classic CCBD and the fix of the attack speed bug can be a bit distressing for older players. We're sorry for that, it's not our intention to take away things from the game that you love. For CCBD, we were put in a tough spot, and had to choose between classic CCBD and the dynamic rework for a mode to exist for a while until we're ready to fully finish all the other modes of CCBD we'll be adding in 2.0. We chose the dynamic version to hopefully keep things fresh and different for a while, because classic CCBD as it is gets a bit repetitive and stale. We'll work as fast as we can to get classic CCBD back in the game alongside the new dynamic version as soon as possible!

    As for the attack speed nerf, while we are aware that this is an incredibly popular way to play, it is also severely damaging to the game for one build to be so much stronger in PvE than almost anything else. On top of that, this wasn't just a nerf, this was a bug fix to some incredibly inaccurate calculations for attack speed that makes mob scaling very difficult to design, and is very confusing to new players. For example, under the old, bugged system, a Poko with 100% bonus attack speed is actually attacking around 1500% faster. This can be pretty confusing to players, and a Poko dealing 36 autoattack damage packets per second is very hard to design around. With all that said, we do like attack speed as a playstyle, and have planned buffs in the future to help it develop a healthy niche, rather than just being by far the most effective way to play.

    Up next we're working on a smaller Halloween patch, and Cap 70! After that we'll be doing a vote to see if players want more 1.0 development, or for us to move on to 2.0. As always, thank you for playing and supporting us! We'll see you in game.


    The last change we made to CCBD is to add the new Vidal NPC to the beginning of each map. Vidal was a member of the DBOG community who sadly passed away years ago. It has been a point of great pain to myself and all of staff that we weren't able to completely finish CCBD for him, he loved playing it. He will always be there, with every party in CCBD, from now on, playing and cheering them on. No one will ever be alone in CCBD again, thanks to him. His legacy will always live on. I'm sorry I didn't finish this faster, and I hope you can rest in peace. This one's for you, Vidal.


    When it is released. It won't have anything new.

    But it would allow to devs to do more things that are not possible right now

    JDario's right, at first we're just going to make it as functional and bug free as possible. After that we'll start rolling in new customizations, optimizations, and features!