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  • 我的强化石配方全部消失了 怎么找回来

  • Hi verdant, accept my request on discord, I want to say something very important for u, my user "suite05"

  • hola buenas noches no tengo idea que paso pero de la nada desapareció mi trompeta de la cuenta
    neneflix es mi ID

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  • Boas, retomei ao jogo ao fim de algum tempo, e encontrava me numa cidade da segunda zona, e claro a nivel 1. Ao fim de um tempo voltei a zona da quest inicial, usar o scouter na Atendente Nannan, mas não consigo que funcione. É verdade que ja estou a nivel 23 mas sou um lore master, não queria ter uma ramificação de quest por fazer. Conseguem me ajudar, ja tentei fazer uma nova personagem e funciona, mas a minha main não quer de maneira nenhuma.

    Mais uma vez obrigado por este game!

  • I need help, my account password was suddenly changed and my email address is invalid

  • Would you reply to my ticket to see what solution there is?

  • I need help. I just rank.The result was ban

  • Hi Verdant, my name is Renato. I am an Italian guy who is working on the translation of the game. Kurumi should have told you about it. I sent you a friend request on Discord. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards

  • hola me pueden ayudar toque un item me volvio ah nivel 1 y era 51 casi 52 hay solucion o dejo de jugar

  • Why the recipe learned, offline online disappeared. Can you fix or delete level 1 to 10 recipes

  • 为什么食谱学会了,离线在线消失了。您可以修复或删除 1 到 10 级食谱吗

  • Ya te respondí el ticket

  • Code
    Hi can you help me, my game doesn't start and stays at 0mb and doesn't start, I already tried to update but it doesn't work, please help me :(

  • hey :) i just begun to play and i hella love it! :)
    i have a question.. is it somehow possible to move the actionbars and party window ? :/

  • Good Afternoon Verdant , Can you help me with la DBOUR merge so i can get my rewards please?

  • Are you guys looking for developers?

  • hi verdant, My game keeps freezing after I log in and keeps lagging out. Sometimes just my screen freezes and my buddy told me my character still moves but never unfreezes the screen and i have to constantly log back in after just a minuet or so. Do you have any suggestions to help

  • Hi, sorry to bother you, I have a small particular problem with the name of a character. I would like to know if the name "Deso" is an old account of mine or was taken by someone who never plays, since I've had it on my friends list for a while to understand, and he's never logged in. I would like to know if there is a possibility that it will be deleted so as to take the name :) Sorry to bother you again. I don't know if it's possible but I'll try :(

    PS: I have no idea if this is the right place for my request.. I would have preferred to contact you privately but it wasn't possible, I apologize for this. 99% I think it's a very old account/pg of mine, seeing the date in which he signed up, it matches the period in which I started, but I don't remember the email with which it was created. Sorry for my english I'm using google translate

  • Hola, sabes que realice una "donación"/ compra de cash y no puedo cambiar los códigos. ¿Será que ya no se podía? ¿Perdí mi dinero? 🥲

  • cuando le doy start al launcher y tengo q pooner el user no pasa nada,en plan pongo la contraseña todo pero no pasa nada,alguien me puede ayudar

  • Hi Verdant!

    I posted a thread in the Spanish section that is pending of approval, is almost 24 hours more or less and It wasn't accepted, but I saw other threads that were created much later than mine and they already approved, did I made something wrong? Can you help me with it? O.o

  • Hi!!!

    I want to change my email address. I can do it in the forum, how do I change it on the web? thanks

  • I have no proof because I could not have predicted that something like this would happen to me ı lose 13-15x u70 kit we are trying to make money And now the money we earned is gone

  • hello, i'm a returning player from a lot of years ago, i read that you can get some gifts to level up, is there any way that i can get some?

  • Could you help me with the translation of the game for Portuguese Brazil? Translation through Launcher is not working.

  • Why blocked me?I have never been to 80CC to play with (GodMusic)this account !

  • Hi, is there a way to delete DBOG acc?

  • is it normal that I can't find the game files to download on the website? I've been looking and going through different browsers but the option to actually download it when I go to "download" isn't there