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  • bonjour je viens d'installer le jeu mais impossible de me connecter ca m'ecrit que le serveur est fermé. que faire?

    merci de me venir en aide

    • Bonjour mon ami, tu ouvres avec le launcher et non avec DBOG.exe ? Envoyez moi un message sur discord, je suis Verdant#4492

  • helloo verdant pucha volvi recien al dbo pero algo que nunca supe hacer fue aplicar la traduccion me darias una manita?;c te busque por ds pero no me aparecias mi id es dalak#3017

  • Helloooo!!!

    Mr Verdant, hahah xD

    How are you ?

    can you answer my ticket pleaseee XD =(

  • Hi Verdant, can you solve the last tickets about my first pg pending on 60?

    thanks and good job

  • Dear Verdant

    i have update issues when i update the game and its finished when i finish playing it i closed the game and when i start play again it need to be updating the same one again starting from Downloading DBOG Base font.ttf 36/256 everytime no matter when you update more or even you finished the update when you close the launcher it start from that point,i even tried deleting the game and isntall it from scratch and the same proplem happend!

    • Hey Saso,

      You have the same issue as Mithoss. Just go to #downloads on discord and get the new DBOGLauncher and ExportDirectoryData files and this should be solved.

  • Verdant when i update the launcher i have to repeat every time when im going to play any solution??

    • (The update it takes a long long time for over)

    • Hey buddy,

      I'm sorry I missed this! Just go to #downloads on discord and get the new DBOGLauncher and ExportDirectoryData files and this should be solved.

  • Dear Verdant!

    Couldn't it be replaced? the equipment folder contains 96 pages of dogis. In return, I would like a piece of Budokai namek dogi. I tried to get it but with a DW character it is impossible !!! win budokait!

    • Hello Mr Tsufuri,

      I'm not sure I understand your request. Please send me a message on discord ok?

  • um hey Verdant, before i got hacks the discord so i got a new one
    But the line is old can you update the new one to me?

    • Hola amigo, quieres el link para volver a descargar el juego completo? ¿Cuál es su versión de lanzador? Si es, debe visitar #descargas en y obtener DBOGLauncher en la parte inferior del canal de #descargas.

  • Ciao, ho fatto il download del gioco e ho messo la cartella sul desktop. Aprendo il launcher, mi esce "a new launcher is available, click to download" etc, ma dice in seguito di non trovare "updater.exe". Cosa devo fare?????

  • Hola, quise entrar hoy a jugar y me pide que baje una versiónn o parche nuevo, le doy que lo descargue pero dice que me falta el archivo "partcher" o algo así, ¿cómo hago para actualizar el juego si me falta ese archivo?

  • Hey~Wow~~~

    I applied the latest binary that you uploaded to discord to my PC, and the freeze has not occurred so far.

    You seem to have done this~


  • Ciao Verdant,

    Ero interessato alla patch italiana di questo gioco e ho trovato te. Ma come funziona nello specifico? potresti aiutarmi in merito?

    • Ciao amico! Non c'è ancora nessuna patch italiana, ma inizieremo a lavorarci su una tra non molto!

  • Hello im new here how to download client cuz on acc maker i cant :/ please msg me if u can boss and thank you very much happy new yeah :)

    • Hello Komeki,

      Welcome, happy new year! You can message me on discord and I will help, or you can visit! I'm Verdant#4492 on discord.


  • Hi, I have a problem and it is that when I install the update from the Launcher, I open the game and I get a message that says "creating the application is failed. Error code [3]. Can you help me solve this problem?

  • 您好,我有在此論壇註冊帳號了,但是無法登入遊戲

    • 朋友你好,游戏账号和论坛账号是分开的。 要玩游戏,您还需要访问 并在主网站上注册。

  • Hello, I'm redken and was asked to msg u with a game issue by Muh. See pasted below for for our previous discussion.

    Hello. Im redken. Im new and have game installed and running. But at character creation it asks me to confirm my char but when i click ok nothing happens? Did i do something wrong?

    Any help would be great!

    • Question was answered sorry to bother you. Name was taken but i couldnt tell.

    • No worries buddy, I'm sorry I missed you. If you need to talk to me, it's much faster to get me through discord than the forum!

  • Como como te va? no me deja iniciar sesion, descarge el juego, extraje los archivos, puse mi nombre de usuario contraseña di en iniciar sesion y se me cierra el juego, intente poner la opcion de windows 10 bug algo asi, en el launcher,y pasa lo mismo, no me deja, nunca entra, me das una solucion porfavor?

    • ¡Hola mi amigo! Desactive esta configuración de Windows 10 en el iniciador, es una configuración antigua. Además, asegúrate de iniciar el juego haciendo clic en el botón de inicio en el lanzador y no haciendo doble clic en DBOG. ¿Puedes avisarme si eso funciona?

  • Hello i have a problem with my char Redock. i was longer time not online. so my char was lvl 1. i saw an item wich can me make lvl 30. but it wont work.. please help

  • hello

    i have a problem in dbog when i click start they gave me needs to finish patch first

    can u tell me what can i do=O

  • Hi~
    I have a question.

    At level 60, experience points no longer increase.

  • verdant a ravina da red pants está muito lagada

  • Hola intenté enviarte mensaje en discord pero no he podido, ¿me podrías ayudar a actualizar mi launcher?, creo que no me actualiza el juego y por eso me saca

    • hola buenas, tienes que ir a dboglauncher y desactivar windows 10 fix si está activado y excluirlo del antivirus (tmb mueve la carpeta dbog a su escritorio)

  • Hi, Verdant!

    I confirmed my email and activated my account, but still cannot post and write a comment on post.

    What should I do??

    • Hey Kalice,

      Are you sure you cannot post? Can you send me a ticket with a screenshot of what the site looks like when you're trying to post? Anyone can send tickets.

  • hola tengo un problema tengo windows 7 ultimate cuando pongo el id y la contraseña seme cierra todo alguna solucion?

    • ¡Hola! Mueva la carpeta DBOG a su escritorio si aún no está allí, y excluyala de su antivirus. También desactive la prueba de congelación de w10 en la configuración del iniciador y ábrala con dboglauncher.exe y no con dbog.exe.

  • Hi~
    I have a question.

    Can the socket effect be removed from armor and weapons?

    thank you.

  • Hello~
    Long time no see. ^^

    I propose an idea.

    I think it would be nice to make it easier for game characters to change jobs.

    For example, if you change the main weapon and the secondary weapon, the job will change as it is at the current level.

    If this is the case, there is no need to develop a character from scratch in order to do another job.

    This method exists in other games as well. (ex: Final Fantasy 14)

    thank you.

  • hey verdant this is XxBlackHeartxX. i was at the event on the 20th this month and i never recieved anything from the event. please contact me either through game or from this site.

    • Hey buddy,

      Just send me a message on discord! When I get a little time I can bring your rewards. I'm Verdant#4492