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  • Hello Verdant, I want to download the game but the download page does not recognize the same credentials as in the forum and I try to register but I have been getting this message for a long time:

    "There is currently a bug with the email portion of the website. If you are having trouble registering ...."

    What I can do?

  • not fast pacher O.o Verdant wtf

  • 새로운 업데이트 런처가 필요합니다. 디스코드에 저를 초대 할 수 있습니까? 아니면 런쳐 파일 보내? 당신의 도움이 필요합니다.

  • why i cant log in?

  • Hi verdant, first of all thanks for ur work i have returned after one year and the experience is much better, my financial situation doesnt let me contribute to the game right know but as soon as possible I wish to donate and help bring this up.

    I downloaded the luncher and tried to set languange to spanish but it doesnt download the patch, it keeps showing 0%, I dont care about it but then I thought about the updates and I dont know how to update the game if needed... I enter in the game with the direct application, not the launcher, my question is: Do I have to use the launcher to enter the game when an upload is released? And if so, will my launcher work if it cant download the spanish patch?

    PD: my girlfriend want to start playing but only if I can install the spanish patch, thanks again :)

    Take care.

    • Hey Neo,

      Welcome back! I can help you with the spanish patch if you want. We're making a new launcher soon to solve all these problems. Can you send me a message on discord? Verdant#4492

  • Verdant my wand lv55 +9 and +1 energy atk :/

  • I registered an email, but I don't want to send the confirmation code

  • Hi! I already ask same think when i started a game after reboot, but…. i re-install the game and now its says that account doesnt exist -.- How it worked again?

    Sorry to ask this again! Need to take screenshot after ur answer xD

    • Hello! It sounds like you have the wrong configoptions XML file. Where did you download the game from?

    • From the dragonball page. It worked yesterday but when it was crashing all the time i tried re-install it and now, when i try to log on, it just says my account isnt exist.

      E: I download game from website and then loading that new client XML file (and put that on the folder) if that will make thinks working. I let u know then!

    • Okay! Send me a message on discord if you have any issues. Verdant#4492

    • It work again! Thanks to reminder about that XML file :D

    • No problem!


  • Dude, how do I get into the game? I can't enter, tell me these, look at a new patch is available please close the game first and restart the DBGLauncher please answer me what should I do

    • Hey Lion,

      I think we already got you taken care of! If that's not the case, please let me know.

  • HI, Verdant, Why i cant find any bottom to click for download DBOG

  • Hello Verdant! I'm kind of new in this game, I have only one character in level 18.

    I'm contacting you because i can't play now, I started to play 5 days ago and everything was perfect.

    But since Friday, while opening the launcher everything is perfect, I log in, choose my character, and everything is perfect!

    Even when i get into the server and start to play Everything seems Perfect!

    But when 15 to 20 seconds passes the Fps drops to 0 and i can't do anything at all, I really don't understand why, my laptop is just the same and I haven't done anything. Do you know why this happens?

    I'm reinstalling the game to see if my data is corrupted or something i don´t know :/

    I came to the forums to see if this was normal but apparently it isn't, so I tried to contact an Admin, and as you are online^^

    I really hope you can help me cuz i love this game u.u

    • Hey Jepp,

      Welcome! I responded to your threads. There are some solutions in the #downloads section at, these should help, but not completely solve the problem. The fix will be finished once we move onto the new client, and I have a little more control over how things work client side. I love this game too! I'm working hard so you guys can continue to have fun. Thanks for playing! If there's ever an emergency, just come to discord and ping one of us, we're here to help.

  • hola podrías hacer algo para cundo estas en tqm o ud no te saque de la party cuando te desconecta por fallo en el internet o algo así que interfiera

    porque cundo te reconectas por mas rápido que te reconectes esta fuera de la party

    y te saca de ud o tqm almeno de un laso de tiempo para reconectarte y no estés fuera de la party o a fuera de ud o tqm y si es posible lo mismo con cc

    gracias des ya

  • Hi Verdant, I hope you are well, I wanted to tell you if you can't do something with the game about pixel textures, something like adding an Anti-aliasing option to the new client you mentioned, thanks e.e

    • This is not a high priority at the moment. Textures will look better but anti-aliasing will be something way later down the road.

    • Muq's right, we're working mainly on translations and new features right now, but we can explore making the game look better later!

  • Hello friend, I played this game for many years, and in several different ADMs, there is some discord or somewhere I can get information about the game, for example if the server is online, if there are active players, if it is still a game fun and interesting, I would like to play again, and if I would like to try to help new players do these things, because I am a person who likes this game and I would love to return to this wonderful game.

  • Hello Verdant. Mind checking my ticket? thank you

  • Olá, no passado, eu comprado cápsulas de inventário, voltou a jogar hoje e percebi que eu não tê-los, o que devo fazer?

    • Eles devem ser empilhados sobre as outras cápsulas, no canto inferior direito da tela. É um bug que estamos corrigindo no próximo patch. Control + clique e você poderá movê-los.

    • Não estão mais disponiveis no meu personagem... nem na loja

    • Quantos você está faltando? Eu posso trazer alguns por

  • Hi. I am sending you a message because I have a question.

    He is a Korean user who is enjoying the Dragon Ball game.

    I saw the server production on YouTube and wanted to play alone, so I came to find the file, but I couldn't find it, so I send a message like this.

    GFx SDK 3.3

    Xtreme ToolkitPro v15.2.1

    I'm looking for something, but I wonder if you can tell me.

  • 你好,請問圖中有文字的物品是如何使用? 名稱是:時間商城道具


  • help me pls i cant download the game

  • you failed to connect to the authentication serve

    ºwhen l enter the game

    • Hey Matheus,

      I had a patch going on yesterday, but I forget if it was around that time or not. Are you still having trouble connecting?

  • Hello, well I inform you by discord that my character does not have popo gift box, if you could give it to me, I am level 30 the name of the character is Guatonbuffer, thank you very much

    • Hey Guatonbuffer,

      I believe we met up earlier in game! It was nice talking with you. Thanks for playing DBOG!

  • Hi, can you help me please,

    With one of my characters, i have Dc in a few minutes when i start killing mobs, so i cant go to UD-s or to TMQ-s, but only with this character, with the others had i never DC. His name is Badluck lv 45 Namekian SK. This is an older character.

  • Hello Verdant, Yesterday I logged in the game after a longe time without playing and saw that was wiped. Ok lets spend some cash!

    Then I come seeing that most of the items when I buyed in cash shop was invisible or white, so came to the forum and people say to reinstall the game, did it.

    After reinstall, the game cash shop changed everything, prices and items, so most of the items that I buyed yasterday are different and have a lower price.

    So i want to ask if you can re-wipe my account so i can spend my cash in a right way, if you don't i will understand. Thank you!

  • hi! We are play from Europe. We have always a groote lagging. and the game freezing alsoo. the game why do it? how can this be changed?

    • Hello! We're working on a fix for the game freezes soon. I'm considering the idea of a 2nd server in Europe, but we will have to see. Currently there aren't quite enough players to warrant splitting the playerbase that way.

  • Opa, boa tarde, estou tentando acessar o donwload da tradução em português mais o link está quebrado, poderia me ajudar a conseguir baixar de alguma forma??

    • Olá! Este link foi quebrado quando eu assumi. Estaremos começando a trabalhar em uma nova tradução para o português nas próximas semanas!

  • buenos días, soy un jugador viejo y me estoy por crear un personaje de nuevo. Mi pregunta es si tiene algún beneficio la cuenta vieja y si cargue chas anteriormente se retribuirá?

    • ¡Hola! Dar una buena acogida. Tus viejos personajes deberían haber recibido todos sus puntos de efectivo y 2 obsequios para ayudar a impulsar su progreso. Si no los recibió, envíeme un boleto a y lo ayudaré lo más rápido que pueda.

  • hi Verdant