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  • hello, i'm a returning player from a lot of years ago, i read that you can get some gifts to level up, is there any way that i can get some?

  • Could you help me with the translation of the game for Portuguese Brazil? Translation through Launcher is not working.

  • Why blocked me?I have never been to 80CC to play with (GodMusic)this account !

  • Hi, is there a way to delete DBOG acc?

  • is it normal that I can't find the game files to download on the website? I've been looking and going through different browsers but the option to actually download it when I go to "download" isn't there

  • Hello verdant, can you assist my ticket, is important for me.

  • Salut Verdant, dit je ne trouve pas le lien pour dll dragonball.rar pour extraire dans l'emulateur développement comme ta video les liens mega sont tous mort merci a toi

    • Bonjour mon ami, je ne suis pas sûr de ce que tu veux dire. Pouvez-vous m'envoyer un message sur Discord ?

    • Salut , je ne pense pas avoir ton discord , mais après vérification, en effet ce n'est pas toi qui as poster la vidéo tutoriel sur l'installation DBO, en fait dans sa vidéo il montre une extraction d'un dossier Dragonball, sauf que ce dossier n'est plus ou le lien est mort pour le téléchargement ... après si tu as ce dossier je suis preneur ..Merci en tous cas d'avoir répondu

  • Verdant, can you help me retrieve my account?

    I have characters named: trunkskpd and buukpd

    • Hey Kulina77,

      If you send me a ticket with proof of ownership of those characters, I can help you.

  • hey verdant why i can t login with my main account i can login in to the forum but when i try it on the main page is says that my account doesn t exist or it doesn t match

    • Hey darkinho123,

      Forum and game accounts are separate. Please send a ticket if you need any more help!

  • Hey Just wanted to take the time out and say i appreciate you guys alot for keeping this game alive and all the work that you have put into it. Now being able to revisit this game again i couldnt be any more happier to play one of my favorite games again and its thanks to all of you.

    • Hey Flex,

      Thank you so much for your support. We'll keep working to make the game even better!

  • Hi from Brasil.
    Im a student dev of Brazil.
    How can i help with the project?

    • Hello gabrielpoyta,

      Welcome! If you want, send me a message on our discord, we could use some help with translations!

  • my brother please help me

    • Hey BadBoyBro,

      My wall is not a good place to contact me, I don't get notifications from here. If you need help, please send a ticket!

  • My account is stuck can’t log in please help me
    Hi, it's been several days now

    • Hey Gin,

      I believe we got you taken care of, but if that's not the case, please send me a ping on discord.

  • hola tengo un problema con el launcher dice q no es compatible tengo win7 32bits me dice error appcrash y nombre de modulo de errores kernelbase.dll

    • ¡Hola mi amigo! Mi muro no es el mejor lugar para contactarme por esto, por favor envíe un ticket en el futuro. Si aún necesitas ayuda, ¡házmelo saber!

  • My account is stuck can’t log in please help me

    Ticket ID

    • Hey Gin9966,

      My wall isn't the best place to contact me for this! If you have made a ticket, please be patient and I'll help out as soon as I can.

  • Hello, my English is not good because I usually use software for translation.(Why did you block my account?)

    1、I have registered two new accounts, and they are both stuck in the beginner's tutorial

    2、Now at level 33, when I enter the game, there is only background music and no other sounds."

    • Hey putala,

      My wall isn't the best place for this kind of thing. Please send a ticket in the future, and I will help out! To fix your sound, just log out to the character select and back in.

  • I love this game. I have played it off and on for many years now. I think it's changed ownership and names many times over the years, but I have to say that I am quite disappointed the game hasn't come any further in areas of translation. But aside from that, I more frustrated with the events. A lot of these events don't seem to last long enough and there's no clear schedule for "holiday" events. I just don't feel like I get enough time to really enjoy these. I'm almost 40 years old and I have a wife and 3 kids I have to care for and a full-time job. I don't have hours every day to devote to this game. I'm lucky if I can get two hours a night to sit down and enjoy this game. Even weekends when it's double exp, I'm lucky to get a couple hours each night. I know you can buy scrolls for the double exp, but still my point remains. How are everyday normal adults supposed to enjoy the game's events when they last so little amount of time? When I played World of Warcraft, their holiday events lasted about two weeks. I would really appreciate if you would re-evaluate the time periods for the events and try to focus on more translation of the game. Above all else, thank you for keeping the game alive. I work in IT so I understand how much work goes into something like this and how complex things can be.

    • I don't know when the event ends, but I've still been collecting cookies and spending them in-game. 2 weeks or more does sound fun though!

    • Hey dwhite0616,

      The translations are a pain point for me too, but most of our work right now is going into fixing up the new client, getting rid of all the crashes, and general stability and optimization. We have the game about two thirds translated, but we're just volunteers working for free, so these things can take time. Once the English translation is complete, things will go a little faster in terms of getting the game sorted into other languages. As for the events, everything we run is at least a week long, if not longer. I can look into keeping holiday events like Halloween and Christmas running a bit longer though. The day to day of keeping the game up and running while fixing all the bugs and handling all the tickets is currently taking up a lot of my time that I would normally spend developing new mechanics and events. Once everything is stable and sorted, we'll get it into a state that should exceed your expectations! I appreciate your feedback.

  • Is the 2.0 client available? and if yes,then where can i download it from?

  • hello,im not sure if this is the correct place to write my problem,when i try to start the game it say must wait to finish the patch,but after a minutes nothing happening...may i reinstall the game?

    • Hey isaaru,

      My wall isn't the best place for this, I don't get notifications from here. If you send a ticket, the staff and I can help you with things like this! Reinstalling should fix this, yes.

  • Hello Verdant, i'm an old returning player from 2020 (actually from 2016 pre-open beta days, but if you wanna know how far i played it back then, OG DBO 2012-2013) and i haven't got into this game in a while. I want to thank you for keeping this game's community alive for so long, i really appreciate the amount of work you've done for this community and the game itself as a whole. Ever since i got into the pre-open beta days back in 2016 (i am Krillin Founder in case if you don't know, i bought the lower founder tier using pipiload with a $30 subway card i used to get into the closed beta, i remember when i was like 17 years old when i got a new beefy computer with a Ryzen 7 processor.), i had a lot of fun playing this game even though most of the game's translations weren't even finished years ago. I admit, i used to be a slightly spoiled brat with a heart of silver but nowadays i am more mature and very polite but man my attitude back then was a little sour.

    I want to ask you three questions though:

    Are you paying the server out of pocket or through donations right now? I would like to know about that.

    Two, i wanna know if DBOG has microtransactions for this revival server, so is there anything that requires money to get cosmetics or has it been removed for good in favor of getting cosmetics in-game for free? Just being cautious by asking that to you if you don't mind.

    Three, is it okay that i can use my old DBOG account from before the merger or i'll have to make a new one since the old accounts are no longer useble?

    Anyways, take your time on answering them i will love to see your answers, dude. Until then, thanks for keeping the game's community alive through your efforts! I believe i'll see you again when i need to. Take care.

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    • Hey selfkaiHarness,

      Welcome back! It's nice to see the old players returning. The donations usually cover the server costs, any extra goes into a rainy day fund that I use to help out hungry or sick players. Some months I pay out of pocket. Once a year we release anniversary outfits, those are the only ones you have to donate to get. Everything else is free. You can use your old account!

  • i cant seem to download the game when i got to it dos NOT show a dowload option for the client only for other stuff like "winrar" can you send me a link for the download for it please? ty!

    • you gotta add ".c0m. after mediafire btw, its censored

    • Hey Moogoth,

      I'm sorry for the delay! My wall really isn't a good place to get ahold of me, it's much easier to make a ticket. Please tell me if you need any more help!

  • Hi Verdant, thanks in advance for your work on the server.

    I write to you because i got my special recipes tab bugged, i can't see anyone and it says No Recipes Found. Maybe i registered many recipes and that caused the bug?

    Now when i register a special one after relog dissapears and i can't see the ones i got registered (U stones, jewlery, etc)

    My character is MachineBoobs.

    How can i unbug it?

    Thanks again

    • Hey nachopp,

      Responded to your ticket, as you already saw. Just posting this to let people know that submitting tickets is a faster way to get ahold of me than wall comments!

  • Hi verdant!

    Im wraiting this simply to inform that the AH its bugged, i cannot buy anything from there, it says "A system error has occurred, please try again later. (#G)".

    Hope u guys can fix this soon, take care :D!

    • Nvm Fixed im dumb xD

    • Hey Gingivitis,

      You currently need to be level 30 to use the auction house. That's a restriction we'll likely lift in the future, it's on my to do list!

  • Bro, te pido que me ayudes con un problema del juego plis. Acabo de Descargar El Juego pero cuando le doy a Iniciar en el Launcher me sale un error que dice: Error al crear la aplicación, código de error (2). ayuda plis

    • Hola mi amigo, ¡parece que necesitas parchear tu juego!

    • Hey, Verdant. I made an account so I could read the tech help forums but I can't access them yet.

      I got this exact same problem, how do I patch the game?

      Edit: ok, so I've been opening and closing the updater.exe and it has different sized updates everytime. Is that what you're supposed to do?

      Edit 2: Yup, I was missing like 2 extra gbs. Nvm
      Do change the forums permissions tho. At the very least on the tech help section.

  • Hi Verdant, i'll like to know if you can tell me at which email my account is attached, i used to play this game back in 2021 and now that i want to get back i can't enter idk why, my username is . Thanks.

    • Hey hendas,

      My wall isn't the best place to reach me for this sort of thing, can you send a ticket?

  • can dragon ball online go to xbox, chromebook and all that instead of only pc?

  • why always bug trap sir?

  • i cant login to the game... :/

  • can u reset my character place? because i cant go anywhere,, i think it is bug T.T

    u can see my report in bug BUG when fly

    thanks before

  • thanks it worked after doing that and reinstalling!

    thanks so much!!