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  • Is there a way to bring back the founder packs for people that have played since the old DBO but missed out on time exclusive packs like I was looking for the old nimbus mount that was on the cash shop or the pets like the poo one i would donate lots of money for my old stuff i used to have on the OG DBO. thanks for reviving this game i know alot of adults with money that miss this game.

  • I have problem with the Server Connection ... can you send me the Client download link please?

    on the site ( ) i cant find the download button..

  • buenas alguien podria ayudarme con mi personaie bl4ck G0ku que me sale la cuenta conectada.

  • Hi can you tell me why i keep getting disconnect in game every 5 or 10 minutes?

  • Hello Sr Verdant , how are you !! ^^

  • HI! I made a ticket on February First and until today I don't receive any answer, What can I do?

  • Hi, i changed mi pc for new n better PC, but actualy the dbo only give music sound... i tried to relog, reinstal game, delet some archive txt from DBO, relog n click default on sounds... but still not working. i have all mi drivers updates n sounds too. its very uncomfortable to play without sounds effects :(

  • 你好@葱茏,我的账号许久没有登陆,今天突然登陆上去看看显示账号被封锁了,我没有使用第三方和私下买卖索尼,可以解除封锁吗?我的账号qq137489和qq1374890

  • I have several characters in my account. I want to delete a character I don't want, but I can't delete it. What should I do? I am using the Korean version.

  • how does someone get sound on this game

  • Bro perdi todas las cosas de mi personaje lvs, items, skills, misiones terminadas, etc. No tenia nada bueno aparte de mi armadura, un poco de zeni, mi Lv y mis esferas. Antes usaba el Nick de SonGokuChelo pero lo cambie a Matrik

  • Code
    Hello, I have a question since I haven't played for a long time and I wanted to know if I have to download the game again because the launcher doesn't update the game for me
  • HI, can i have a link to 3rd party ... i Need gfx sdk and xtrem toolkit


  • 您好,我已经申请了上诉票。你能帮我处理一下吗?我等不及比赛了.^-^

  • 真的謝謝你們維持營運這款遊戲

    請問該如何儲值 讓我好好支持你們一下!

  • No game for a long time,

    Login prohibition

  • I did my account merger from DBOUR to DBOG and I didn't get anything. I did it with a low level as you recommended. can you help me ? name of the low level I use is Tankusein

  • Hello! My account was blocked some time ago, can I unblock it?

  • Hello! My account was blocked some time ago, can I unblock it?

  • Szia. Hol tudom letölteni a játékot?A Shinsein játszom most,de egyedül vagyok a szerveren.A DBOG nem indul el,szükségem lenne egy használható letöltő oldalra..Köszönöm

  • Hey..can you please help? This is my thread. The game bugged on me and I didnt get my item i bought from the AH


  • hi sorry to bother u, are the server down ? i cant see any on the server list :(

  • i made a post about this; sorry if its redundant.

    I created a character before the wipe.

    I never used him because I was focusing on another character.

    Now I start playing on this "NEW" character and I'm stuck on the tutorial. It keeps asking me to drag a scouter from the character screen to the inventory - WHICH ISN'T ON MY CHARACTER, OR EVEN THERE AT ALL - SO I CAN'T CONTINUE. All I have is the spiritualist starter capsule - not even clothes. Am I screwed????

    This is very frustrating because I don't want to delete the character and potentially risk losing the name -____- ; So what now i have to CASH to buy a name change book, delete my character and start over? Really? Please help.

    • Sorry for bothering you; Other folks in the community are giving me assistance. However i would like to shine light on this "Glitch(?)" "Oversight(?)" but when you start a game with a new char whom was never used before the wipe but was created they get stuck on the tutorial when it ask for you to de-equip the scouter. Every button after that point resulted in a error message; I'm not sure if it was just me.

    • Hey Gumoku,

      This isn't the best place to get ahold of me, I have thousands of notifications here. If you need help, just send me a ticket and I'll help as soon as I can!

  • Hola, tengo un error al momento de ingresar mi usuario y contraseña el juego se cierra :(

    Gracias de antemano

    tengo w10

    • ¡Hola! Intente abrir el juego con DBOGLauncher, en lugar de solo DBOG. Si tienes algún problema con eso, ¡agrégame en discord! Soy Verdant#4492

  • hello

    Do you know where I can download the new launcher?

    • Hey dario,

      We have it on the DBOG discord if you need it. If you can't find it just add me, I'm Verdant#4492

  • Howdy ^^ I use to play DBOG a lot and got an aura from the budokai & cashed in a lot on wagu coins T_T

    Will I be able to get that back on my characters that seem to still be there?

    • Hey buddy,

      You will have to win budokai again to get the aura, but the cash points will be returned to you!

  • Hi Verdant, is there a way to change the characters's hairstyle? if not, in the future maybe?

  • Hi, when the server will be online

    • Hey buddy, I'm sorry I missed you! You can get me more easily on discord, I don't check here as often.

  • hola como estas? tengo un problema con una cuenta antigua mía que no puedo iniciar sesión y no me acuerdo el mail, le cambie la pw hace mucho tiempo y parece que no me la acuerdo, lo que si se es el usuario y la contraseña vieja, se puede hacer algo al respecto?

  • Hello, I would like me to join the discord because apparently I can't do it myself.
    My discord is Lunfa #3841

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