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  • Hi verdant!

    Im wraiting this simply to inform that the AH its bugged, i cannot buy anything from there, it says "A system error has occurred, please try again later. (#G)".

    Hope u guys can fix this soon, take care :D!

  • Bro, te pido que me ayudes con un problema del juego plis. Acabo de Descargar El Juego pero cuando le doy a Iniciar en el Launcher me sale un error que dice: Error al crear la aplicación, código de error (2). ayuda plis

  • Hi Verdant, i'll like to know if you can tell me at which email my account is attached, i used to play this game back in 2021 and now that i want to get back i can't enter idk why, my username is . Thanks.

    • Hey hendas,

      My wall isn't the best place to reach me for this sort of thing, can you send a ticket?

  • can dragon ball online go to xbox, chromebook and all that instead of only pc?

  • why always bug trap sir?

  • i cant login to the game... :/

  • can u reset my character place? because i cant go anywhere,, i think it is bug T.T

    u can see my report in bug BUG when fly

    thanks before

  • thanks it worked after doing that and reinstalling!

    thanks so much!!

  • Hi can you please reply to my last ticket?

    • Hey Cena,

      Asking me to respond to tickets does not give me more time to respond to them. Please just be patient, I'll get to you as soon as I can!

    • Thank you it's about the ticket with the pet

  • Why i can't log in on lancher? i just download and have new acount

    • Hey ArcoGrow,

      The DBOG launcher doesn't allow logins. If you're talking about the game client, it's likely that you made a forum account only. Currently forum and game accounts are separate, so you probably need to make a game account too, and log in with that.

  • hi~Verdant

    I am "UncleFengjia"

    I Come Here Sent you a message

    Nice to Meet you

    Can you see it?

    Thanks For your hard work

    • Hey UncleFengjia,

      Thank you for sending me a message! I'll start a private conversation with you.

  • Fairy event when the reboot is done? :) Last one was my first one, pretty sweet.

    • Hey lordthird,

      I'm sorry for the delayed response! This isn't the best way to reach me in real time. The events are on a rotating schedule, so the fairy event should be back before too long!

  • Hi Verdant could you maybe reply to my tickets if you find the time?

  • hello verdant, congratulations for your work and dedication in the game!! it must be very difficult to keep him alive

  • hello

    there is a player who said bad words to me and i have screenshot about that his name is <removed>

    • Hey midodia,

      This isn't really the place to report other players. Just send a ticket with proof if you can, and we'll look into it!

  • I cant seem to register, I keep getting a msg saying Username, Password or Email have invalid characters.... Any ideas mate?

    • Hey Draft,

      This is a limitation imposed by my predecessor. For now, just remove the symbols from your password and it'll work.

  • where can i have a 2.0 clients or a 1.0 server for dragon ball online

    • Hey Acemango,

      There's no open source 1.0 server as far as I know, but the 2.0 source is available on github if you just google for it.

  • Please help me, i tried the merge trhing and is not working.

    I have 3 chars that were lvl 75 with lots of stuff and universe points but the merge is not working

    • Hey Revenant,

      My wall's not the best place to reach me. You can get me faster by pinging me in the DBOG discord, or making a ticket. I think we already helped you with this, but if not send me a ticket! I'll help asap.

  • Is there a option to where we can hide our gloves?

  • hello, could you help me download the game? I went to the website and tried to look for the download and I couldn't find it, I remember that's how I entered in the past but I don't know, it's been a few years

  • hi verdant i have a problem with the game when i play after about 5 to 10 minutes the server kick me out and it always says server disconnectet, is there any way i can solve it?

  • hi verdant, i have some trubles whith thee game, every time shut me down , disconect from de server.. whats going on?... i can do something?... what can ido? thanks

    • Hey buddy, my wall's not the best place to get ahold of me. I just pushed some bug fixes for this though!

  • Tôi luôn bị trễ khi bắn thận, tôi phải làm gì, xin hãy giúp đỡ

  • Is there a way to bring back the founder packs for people that have played since the old DBO but missed out on time exclusive packs like I was looking for the old nimbus mount that was on the cash shop or the pets like the poo one i would donate lots of money for my old stuff i used to have on the OG DBO. thanks for reviving this game i know alot of adults with money that miss this game.

    • Hey hemphero,

      I can't re-release the old Founder packs, but once a year we do some similar exclusive content, every anniversary of the server launch. There's currently no Nimbus mount, that will be coming later. Of the things that were in the original packs that were exclusive content of the original series, like the Saiyan Pod vehicle, I have swapped those out for some things that aren't as beloved to the original lore, but still look pretty cool. I would never pay gate the Nimbus or Saiyan Pod. We just released a decent sized shop rework, so there should be plenty for you to get your old stuff back!

  • I have problem with the Server Connection ... can you send me the Client download link please?

    on the site ( ) i cant find the download button..

  • buenas alguien podria ayudarme con mi personaie bl4ck G0ku que me sale la cuenta conectada.

    • Hola, no estoy seguro de lo que estás pidiendo aquí amigo. ¿Puedes enviarme un ticket con más información?

  • Hi can you tell me why i keep getting disconnect in game every 5 or 10 minutes?

    • Hey, could be the anti cheat. We just released a patch to fix it, so the problem should have gotten better now. Can you let me know how it feels?

  • Hello Sr Verdant , how are you !! ^^

  • HI! I made a ticket on February First and until today I don't receive any answer, What can I do?

    • Hey Tomas,

      I've been very busy working on a fundraiser to help some players with their medical bills! I'm sorry. I should be almost all caught up on tickets now.

  • Hi, i changed mi pc for new n better PC, but actualy the dbo only give music sound... i tried to relog, reinstal game, delet some archive txt from DBO, relog n click default on sounds... but still not working. i have all mi drivers updates n sounds too. its very uncomfortable to play without sounds effects :(