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    al ingresar con la cuente en el juego y darle iniciar... se me cierra automáticamente el juego. necesito ayuda. gracias!!

    ¿Simplemente se cierra o dice "te desconectaron"?

    hi everyone i have a problem when i play the game every 10 minutes the server crashes so i can solve this problem?

    Can you send me a ticket with all the information you have?

    alguien del equipo podría revisar el ticket que mande?

    desde que cree el ticket el 9 de febrero no e obtenido ninguna respuesta.


    Y'all voted for a wipe back in the Pre Open Beta and the game Fell off and y'all started complaining when the wipe happened for the Open Beta

    Stop asking for something that you'd eventually complain about

    Don't worry, there are currently no plans for a wipe.


    Hey Everyone,

    We're here with the first big patch post DBOUR merge! It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, but we made it. This patch was originally going to be a small bug fix patch, but there were a few players who needed help with medical bills, so I set out to make a fundraiser patch. Long story short, their surgeries came up before I could finish the patch, so the community banded together to crowdfund their surgeries! They are all taken care of now, the surgeries went well and they are recovering. Thank you so much everyone for supporting the community in their time of need! With all of that said, this is now just a Cash Shop rework patch, with the initial intended bug fixes as well. We hope you enjoy it!


    • All Dogis, Hats, Backpacks, Pets, and Vehicles (other than limited Endgame, Founder, Anniversary, CCBD, and Budokai items) have been added to the Cash Shop and Wagu Machines.
    • You can click the Wagu tab above the navbar on the main website to see the available items. Input 1 for Machine 1, 2 for Machine 2, and 5 for the Event Machine.
    • All cosmetics, pets, and vehicles have been sorted into the proper Auction House and Cash Shop sections/tags.
    • New items include Red Puar pet, Red Dragon, Blue Cotton Plant, Briefs Cat, 4 Speeding Beast Hotrods, CC Jetwings, Pirate Skidders, 12 Lunar New Year buses, and many more!
    • Gambler, Craftsman, Bounty Hunter, Event, CCBD, and Gladiator requirements for the first title have been reduced to one point.
    • Removed the ability to teleport out of pvp combat with Yardrat's Memory.
    • Removed Christmas maps and music.


    • Fixed a bug causing certain items in CCBD capsules to spawn less frequently.
    • Fixed a bug causing Majins to become invincible by using certain skill combinations.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the 3rd Kraken from aggroing or dropping rewards in certain situations.
    • (Re)Fixed a bug preventing movement in the Ranked Arena version of Kame House.
    • Fixed an issue with missing wish text.
    • Fixed a series of database optimization issues causing server lag.
    • Fixed a series of bugs with the anti cheat, and fine tuned the parameters/beefed up the logging system for movement validation and anti speedhack.

    That's another patch all finished! Up next we're taking care of the delayed Anniversary outfits from last year, the commission players from DBOUR, and then we'll be moving on to full time new client development! As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting us. See you in game!

    We have plans for mod support for stuff like this long term, but it's not in the cards for a while, yeah. There are some youtube videos on sky dungeon if you want a peek at them.

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to give you guys an update on the fundraiser thread from a couple of days ago: Please Help Me. We got their surgeries paid for! Between government assistance in their countries, other fundraisers put on by their families, the DBOG donations and a bit of savings, the surgeries are paid for! Thank you all so much for coming together and helping. I appreciate everything you've done for DBOG and each other. Now that the players are getting the treatment they need, I'll get back on track with this newer patch!

    Srdjan BETTER? IN? HALO????????????

    Kidding aside, you've been a great staff member and a great friend. Thank you so much for everything you've done, and you are always welcome back as well.


    Hey Everyone,

    As you may or may not know, we accept donations here at DBOG to help pay for the new outfits/items the artists make for you guys, and to pay for the server upkeep etc. However, that's not the only thing we use the donations for. If the donations exceed the monthly costs for running the server, I don't abscond with that money and waste it all, I hang on to it and use it to help players who are down on their luck, hungry, or sick. Usually that goes pretty well, but the past couple of months, a few players have had serious medical issues that I've been unable to fully help with. That's where you guys come in, I'm hoping together we can help pay for the medical care these players need. Not to reveal too much personal info about the players, one needs help with surgery to prevent a full liver transplant, and another needs a benign brain tumor removed. As you can imagine, I'm having a hard time covering this out of pocket + with the DBOG donations.

    That's where I've been the past month, essentially completely reworking the cash shop, but the problem is, I haven't been able to finish my work yet, and the players really need this help sooner rather than later. The reason the cash shop patch is taking so long is because I'm going to release everything,aside from the super limited endgame/anniversary/founder/budokai stuff that is meant to be exclusive. Every dogi, pet, vehicle, hat, backpack, mask, you name it. I'm releasing them all. However, it takes about a month after the patch happens before I can use any of the donations to help those players, and that's just too late. I need your help.

    I'm going to reopen the DBOG paypal link, and for every dollar you guys donate to help with these medical bills, I'll give you 50% more cash points than normal, that you can use here in a week or two when I release the patch. I know times are tough for everyone, but if every DBOG player gave even just one dollar, I could get these surgeries paid for this week. Maybe for some of you DBOG is just a game, or an outlet for stress, or a way to troll people, but for me and a lot of other people, this community is a lifeline. So many players would have gone hungry or lost medical care if not for you, and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. Those players and I need you to keep living up to the examples set by the heroes in DB, please. - If you choose to help, please be sure to attach your character's name so I can send you the points.


    Please help me.


    Thank you for everything you've done Lyyne, DBOG wouldn't be the same without you. We will miss you, and you are always welcome back to la famiglia and for more mutiny. When you get a chance, if you want, reach out to me. I'm always here for everyone.


    Hey Everyone,

    I know recently you probably saw the announcement about attempting to keep my DM's open and funneling everyone who needs help to the ticket system. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have had the effect I was hoping for, and in fact I'm getting MORE messages than before. It's with a heavy heart that I have to close my discord DM's, so you guys won't all be able to message me anytime. We're just too big now, and I can't keep up with all the messages for help, and keep them organized. I'm sorry everyone, I really do love talking to you all, and I loved being available to you on discord, but you'll still be able to talk to me in the DBOG discord. If I removed you as a friend by mistake, please let me know and I'll get you added back! On the plus side, this means I should have more time to lurk in game and in general chat in discord, so you should see more of me there. In the future we're going to add some features to the ticket system and some discord integration/other tools to help speed up tickets. As always thanks for playing and supporting us! I have a pretty big update that should be ready for you guys in the next week, I think. See you in game!

    'Yeah it will probably be reworked later so that issue won't interfere with other players'. You provided an answer to my question, but what did you do after this bug report? Was it logged on trello or zoho bug tracker? At least pinned on discord?

    I have a list of bugs I'm constantly rearranging and working on, yes. Don't worry, I'll get it fixed as soon as I can. Right now I'm in the middle of something a bit more important.

    Hey Everyone,

    I wanted to write this post to hopefully clear up some of the issues surrounding the ticket system and the effectiveness of sending me private messages on discord to help solve any issue or answer any question you might have. As it stands now, anyone can add me as a friend on discord, and message me directly about any question they have or problem they're running into. I have intentionally left things this way because I like talking to the players and being accessible to you guys. I have been delaying closing my DM's for a very long time because it's so important to me that you guys be able to get to me in case you need to. However, this is starting to cause some significant issues with getting everyone taken care of, because of the sheer volume of messages I get in a day.

    When I wake up every day and start working, I have somewhere between 250 and 1k messages to look at on discord. I have added so many friends on discord I actually can't add anyone else to seek them out if I need to talk to them. Additionally, people are coming to me directly (before making a ticket) to ask about their specific problem, be it disconnecting or client crashes or account issues or whatever. This causes a ton of issues because, as you can imagine, it's very hard to find those messages again in my sea of DM's. People are constantly changing discord names, and on a good day the discord name won't match the character name anyway. That's why we have the ticket system, it helps us easily find issues that we might not instantly be able to solve and come back to.

    Coming to me directly with the full context of an issue, and then making a ticket with none of that context is causing a lot of confusion among staff because I'm the only one that knows the full story. We try to bend the rules to help you guys out when problems arise, and without staff being able to see the context for that in the ticket, they'll respond by taking a hard line and enforcing only the rules, which isn't always the best option. I'll give you an example that happens all the time. Let's say you account share with someone, and they steal your item. You then come to me on discord, and tell me the story, but I'm busy working on other stuff, so I tell you to make a ticket. Usually in these situations, we can try to talk to the other player, or force them to trade the item back. It takes a little longer, and the rules say we shouldn't do it, but it feels good for the players to know the staff can bend the rules.

    We will talk about that in the DM's, and then I'll ask you to make a ticket, and you'll make a ticket, which won't have any of the context of that conversation. Then, another staff member will come by, see a ticket with someone about account sharing, respond that we can't help, and close the ticket, because the rules say that we can't help. Now you will be confused, because I said one thing, and another staff member said another. All of this could have been avoided by just making a ticket with the full details in the first place, so that we could talk about it as a group amongst staff and decide to help you. That's what I'm getting at, here. I need you guys to make tickets for issues, and just wait for us to help.

    I know it can be annoying, and I know you just want to talk to someone and get it resolved, and I know I'm the first person you want to talk to because I'm accessible and I have the tools to solve most problems you'd have, but that's creating a lot of issues and delays for us. I love having open DM's and I love talking to you guys, and I really value trying to keep that small game energy where you can just talk to the dev directly, and the dev can bend the rules to do the right thing. However, if it begins to cause more problems than it solves, I can't justify doing it anymore. I'm making this post as a last plea for you guys, I don't want to close my DM's and be unavailable to you, and only be able to interact in the discord server/in game/here on the forum, but frankly we have a lot more players now, and developing this game over time is getting more technical and time consuming as we start fixing more complex problems with it.

    Here's how you can help me and staff so that I don't have to close my DM's:

    • If you have a problem, always make a ticket first, and give us as much context and proof as possible. Try to explain the situation as clearly as you can, and wait for us to deliberate and help.
    • Be sure to attach any screenshots, videos, or logs to your ticket. For screenshots, please send us an imgur link. For videos, please upload to youtube unlisted and send us a link. For log files, please upload to pastebin and send us a link.
    • If you have general questions about patch notes or changes, or how something in the game works, or when things happen, check the forum, and ask other players first. The DBOG players are very helpful in general.
    • Don't DM me asking about ticket updates unless it is an emergency and the server is burning down. This actually slows down our progress, instead of speeding it up. I will help everyone as soon as I can, I promise!

    As always, we love you guys and appreciate all your support. We couldn't do any of this without your help! There are some more pretty big changes coming soon, so stay tuned! See you in game!