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    Just wanted to say, do NOT cap FPS over 64, first image is my frametime with an fps cap of 144 (cant go over 64 since thats the games limit but you can see frametime spikes all over the place) then i capped it at 60 and got a smooth 60... so yeah i'd strongly recommend capping at either 60 OR 64, up to you



    I think the way the client is built, the cap they implemented is fairly rudimentary, but we can't know until we get under the hood and start optimizing.

    In kokkara there is the statue of the demon of time (I don't know its name) imagine that a new temporary dungeon is created that leads to the current CC game mode, reusing a structure could be a possibility at least to use something that is of plenty in the game, Dungeon Demon Time hahaha you can literally let creativity fly with that statue, who knows what could have been

    I'm planning on using that for something else!


    Is it possible to add an item that breaks you out of all crowd control effects once every 2-3min (usable in budo and unaffected by cooldown reduction)? I believe this will add a great deal of balance to the game and be a well needed addition that would add a deeper pvp experience and give players a better chance to win by out playing their opponent as opposed to just getting stuck in a cc for the entire fight unable to act.

    We're probably just going to reduce/remove a lot of the CC when we start balancing. I don't think requiring an item to play pvp would solve this kind of problem.

    DBO framerate cap is about 65fps so i dont think it will go further than that

    For now, in the new client we may unlock it. The game needs a lot of optimization though. We're looking into that once we get all the functionality bugs fixed + the features in.

    I'm sorry you can't play the way you want buddy, but I had to fix the speed bug. It was a huge bug that made pokos extremely overpowered.

    I agree, CC still needs a lot of work. We'll get there and get it improved, and bring back the classic one too!

    I sincerely applaud you for living up to this Verdant! Thank you for keeping this game alive! You and by extension the admin as well have done a lot for the past 2 almost 3 years. ;(

    Thanks buddy! We'll keep improving the game for you guys, thanks for playing and supporting us!

    Hey SupraSaiyen,

    Just log into the main website and then go to There's a guide there on how to donate to help the project! Please be aware that it's totally optional though. We work hard to make sure everything in the cash shop is also available for the free players. Thank you for supporting us!


    I think we just need to smooth out the progression, rather than enabling 2x xp all the time. We'll get to it as soon as we can!