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    I have an account from 2011 but I quit because my guild became inactive aswell and its overrun with Spanish people. Plus the hatching system is so pay to win its unbelievable if it wasn't for my guild I wouldn't have any mercenary Digimon.

    Its amazing its about this everyday Highschool gaming addict called Jihan who one day gets the rare ability from Gaia (Earth) to perceive the real world as if its a MMORPG, with it he uses it to make life better for himself by raising his stats and levelling up and discovering what else his game system can do, and the extent of its power along with his best friend Sunil, all while battling people and creatures from The Abyss, an underground world filled with dangerous people and organisations who are also Ability users like Jihan, basically its him trying to level up to keep out of the clutches from the people of The Abyss who will kill him and extract all of his powers and MP (Mana) all for profit. So in order to get stronger he has to Level up.

    You all need to read it!

    I'm sure people have seen or experienced when the screen goes blue like the sky and the floor is black (sorry I don't have a pic) anyways, just bringing it to attention. If there is a fix, please help and if it is just something to be worked out of the coding, then I'm acknowledging it just in case. Thanks

    Welcome to the forums by the way.

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    Like the title says, looking for a texture artist. I don't want to say what the project is openly, but I'm part of a modification team (unrelated to DBO altogether) that is currently lacking one. This is an open call, so if you're interested and have any demo stuff, please send me a message. We'd love to see what work you have and if you could be of any help.

    Can you pm me what the project is curious.

    I like how you put it across in a nice way other than some other posters on this forum

    As for now it is unnecessary fine-tuning the attributes. The "old" attributes by DBO weren't fine.
    First I have to update the server and fix a lot of pvp bugs.

    Daneos have s3x with me in Yokkorra for everyone to watch right by the auction stand.

    How big is the DBOG team? If they were bigger, they could possibly make some improvements to the game, like a new race.

    So far from what I've seen not enough to create new content as a lot is involved they'd have to hire more devs with more experience behind them and someone who isn't in it for the money lol. I've seen other revivals of other online games manage it though course their bigger than DBOG.