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    Hello guys. I'm trying to do UD3 but the NPC outside the door is not giving me the quest to get past the first stage. I wonder if there are other quests I have to do first. I have done the ones that are given by the 2 NPC outside the dungeon but I'm still not getting the quest from the NPC inside. I hope someone can help me with this.

    Hey XeoLee , thanks for answering to my question. So, DEFENSE RATE gives me up to 20 % chance to block, for example, someone not using any skills on me? Like, someone going only speed, per say?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to see if anyone can explain how exactly DEFENSE RATE works. I've read some threads where people give their opinions on it, but what I really need is to know how it works so that I can make my own judgement on whether I want to use it or not. For that purpose I'm not giving any details of my class. I hope someone can provide this info. Thank you ✌:)

    Hola a todos.

    Busco guild latina. He jugado DBO por 2 años. Actualmente estoy jugando como turtle pero pienso subir 3 chars a la vez. Dende Priest, Ultimate Majin y Turtle Hermit, lo he hecho antes. Me gustaria unirme una guild de jugadores con experiencia. Mi char principal aparece como CommanderK, pero en Taiwan iba como TheGreenDemon (SK). Si alguna guild esta reclutando en estos momentos por favor comenten en este post. Gracias :)

    How about if the armor and accessories were the same level you are when you make the wish. A legendary armor and accessories is nice at any level and the looks could be the same for any level. Random stats. This would give a spin to the wishes by 360°. People would be a lot more motivated.

    Here is the solution how can stop the greed ( i would like to sell with less price but peopole would buy and sell again ) and this is for peopole to say that i'am greedy guy ^^ !! i just want to say if it won't work i will sell like other guys with the same price to adapte my self and dear @Cosmo i'am not worrying about the econnmy i 'am just giving a solution ^^ !!
    if it doesn't work daneos should increase drop rate X2 and then if it didn't works i promise to give 2kk to each one who commented xD !! remeber to have fun it is the main idea of the game !!

    I don't think Daneos has time for this because he is too busy right now with other things more important than fixing your economy ;) e is a very busy person and you know that :D

    Brah. Nowhere in my comment I made reference to what you said. I fact I had to read what you said before in order to understand this. All I'm saying is that with so many Arenas we could have them be capped for different lvls and that way everyone would have a chance to participate. I understand if the idea is not well liked. What pisses me off is when people say that Daneos doesn't have time for this and that as if it was a matter of time or Daneos himself had told them such thing. No sweet. I'm not here to impose anything. It's just a suggestion :thumbup:

    No idea what irritated you about my post but all i did was confirm for you all that didn't know that the cell ring idea was going to be a thing so that you can look forward to it.

    In regards to not liking the PvP arenas moderators have told others who whine and cry about not liking it to simply not go on the PvP arena if they don't want to be killed. If you want a fair fight go to ranked or duel someone, The PvP arena is for PvP.

    Ok everyone, the chance that you all have been waiting for is finally here. This is specifically dedicated to those who go around saying "Daneos doesn't have time for this right now" :thumbsup: . You could post everything and anything you consider Daneos doesn't have time for right now. Of course Daneos himself is invited to coment as well. Be creative, think outside of the box. You could reference this thread in the future whenever you feel like saying "Daneos doesn't have time for this" in other people's threads :thumbup:
    Peace and love 8)

    Well, I like to call it PVE Arena because it is usually a bunch of people vs 1 and it is not even fun when only lvl 70 s can fight. Also, everyone's always saying Daneos doesn't have time for this and that. This is merely an idea, a suggestion. If that is going to be your answer to everything, simply don't say anything. Unless you are Daneos himself. I said it before and I'll say it again, the purpose of these suggestions are for future consideration. This game will start to die like any other game at some point and any ideas could serve to bring people back and continue playing.