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    DBO. No need to add more.

    If they actually put aside this joke of a 300 meter ''open world'' hub aside, and make a true OPEN WORLD like DBO, with upgraded graphics similar to the Dragon Ball FighterZ' ones, with an actually good story that doesn't look written by a kid in one of it's bad fan-fiction attacks but also doesn't all just take place in the original story we saw all the time, has a good combat system with flying and all that stuff, and with online servers with thousands of players running and interacting at the same time all around the world, THEN it will catch my attention away from DBO. That's my ideal Dragon Ball game, actually, the game of my dreams, and basically, DBO 2.

    I know it sounds hard to do, but if nobody tried just because something is too hard, we'd never get lots of masterpieces we now have. For now it's just a dream but I can only hope they do something like this in a future, just imagine walking around in some forest, you bump with someone that challenges to a duel, and if you accept, the fight starts right there, no invisible walls (at least not in the continents), no limits (unless you set them), the entire world is your battleground, and the fight could take you from something like Kokkara to the freaking Mushroom Rocks, who knows.

    Actually, I recently saw some gameplay of how the flying combat was going to work in DBO, and let me tell you, even though it looked a little glitchy, it was already amazing, made my mouth drop, and it's incredible how dynamic it is compared to what most of us ever saw, it's the closest I've seen to my ideal DB game. If that concept was added and polished into what we know... OH GOD

    And about XV, to me it was my biggest dissapointment since DBO's shutdown, and XV2 too, way too different from what I expected, and also bad, even as a fighting game it was very regular and it didn't look like Dragon Ball to me, just all plastic and oil, and let's not even talk about what they did to the only concept they took from DBO's story, they just took it, and in my opinion, ruined it, barely expanding on anything more than how far into the series' story it goes, and I bought it expecting to see how the story of DBO would've been if it continued, but I saw none of that. In little words, I'm not in good terms with the game.

    I still stand by my opinions.

    DBS is trash, so far.
    Also, why the hell aren't they looking for aliens to join the team ? God ... I'm sure there are some that might be even stronger than Goku -.-'' (at least until he activates his plot armor)

    Maybe you don't remember or you just didn't watch the episode, but the Kaioshin is already doing that lol

    But I actually doubt there is anyone even stronger than Roshi at this point, considering the other strong guys are already dead, and they confirmed now that there are only 28 planets with intelligent life in Universe 7 (Very stupidly low to be honest, but well, that's what it is).

    I doubt even more that there's anyone in Universe 7 stronger than Goku apart from Beerus and Whis. He has a long story of fights, being helped by gods and the Dragon Balls, and that's why he is where he is now. Even the other characters closer to his level are where they are only because they crossed and went through similar paths. And as I already said, the other strong guys that could've followed the same paths are dead, so, no, and if they do that the fandom would go crazy, if they already think making 17 a high tier fighter was crazy imagine if they just add a random alien guy stronger than Goku? Shit hits the fan.

    Not sure about all you people, but the skill isn't healing anywhere close to what it should heal. 491% of 650 damage x4 enemies at the same time certainly isn't 2000 or so.I remember back in OG DBO it healed way more (just the amount it says in the skill). Is this an intended nerf? And why? Or did they just get it wrong and instead of healing 491% of the damage done they made it 491 lp? I dunno.
    Plus they still don't fix the exact healing not showing up in the chat lol

    It's possible the files may have been lost or something ut they'll all be fixed for Open-Beta. Plus you seem to know how they work and what they do so there's no real problem there.

    Have you clicked the new patch button and also used the language selection button on the launcher to check for latest translation updates?

    Once you've tried those have you also gone to look at the translation thread? they have the most up to date version there.

    Thanks for the answer, so it seems more people has this problem and not only me, I'm kinda relieved, I just hope they fix this up lol

    For the moment I'll just wait until they fully incorporate the updated translation patch to the launcher.

    Nope. almost everything is sort of translated, kinda.

    Well, I dunno, maybe I should make my own post about it, but I'll just say it here for the moment.

    I'm not sure if this is only my problem or not, I contacted the main guy behind the english translation but I still get no answer since a while already.

    A bunch of months ago the translations were all fine, but now, a lot of them that before were alright, are now broken. The skills descriptions are all badly translated, like if they were straight from Googe Translate. Some doesn't make any sense. And for some reason I can't find the official translation thread where you could post all the bad translations, for some reason.

    Here's an example of a badly translated skill description that used to be well written: Special Beam Cannon- ''Once before learned to defeat saiyans. Fire a concentrated spiral beam out of your fingertip, but it required some time to prepare''


    Now, I know you can kinda see what it could mean, but it looks so unprofessional and broken. (BTW, ''Once before learned to defeat saiyans'', what the hell were they trying to say there?)

    I hope someone can tell me it's just my version of the game, and not that the translations of months ago just fucked up for some reason, because I swear by my soul the translations were a LOT better (in my version of the game at least) months ago before I took a break from the game than now lol

    interesting that crit has been changed. it forces classes that rely on it (sword) to get more crit gear i dont know what to think of this good or bad it seems like in this thread less crit = bad

    It's pretty bad. The Swordsman class is ENTIRELY based around critics. There's no exception, energy swordsman or physical swordsman, it needs it's crits, and now all it's buffs that increased it are almost worthless, at best, a level 70 swordsman with all dexterity and crits buff, with full dexterity and crits gear, would get like, what, 15% critical hit rate? Even with the best gear in the game they wouldn't go too far from that number, that's stupid. Hoping they take the community's reaction and fix it, even though this is a test phase, one does never know.

    Daneos just broke crits.

    In my opinion he should really just let the game as DBO-like as possible for the moment, and instead of messing with the stats he should start fixing the REAL game-breaking, class-breaking bugs and problems, like state damage, or physical and energy defense, which are entirely broken, between others. I admire he's trying to fix these stuff, but I think sometimes what he does gets out of hand. He should let this stuff for the end.

    Will you all EVER realize that daneos is just trying out changes right now since it's NOT the beta test and that it's a T E S T I N G server ?

    Get over it, we're in testing phase, it's obvious daneos is trying out changes, or maybe you'd rather have these wick-wack changes during beta once the real server starts ?

    That's the entire point of saying this stuff, man. If people just ignored these faults he probably would think what he did was right. Pointing faults out doesn't hurt anybody, we just inform we don't like what he did and expect him to change it.

    In my opinion dogis should be for COSMETIC PURPOSES only. No stats; that's what armour is for. But if they want to put stats to it, they should make it fair so everyone can get them without paying real money.

    Or maybe, you know, they are too busy playing the game now that it is more playable to post stuff on the forums, or that this game is just in it's pre-open beta phase, and everything will be wiped once the true Open Beta is on, I can see why people would stop playing if they'll lost everything anyways, the same happened with the original DBO.

    Also what the hell man, last update merely was 1 week and 2 days ago, not 3 weeks.