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    Thanks for the answers.

    However for the Defense rate, I have a doubt.

    I have the impression of taking a lot of Criticism via bosses when I don't have a defense rate.

    I notice it at the CC90 where the boss continuously puts critical attacks on me. What does not happen when my build and defense rate.

    hello everyone,
    question for the Defense rate what is the use of this liability?
    For the resistance rate, what is the use of this liability?
    And above all it is passive function in Pvp and Pve?
    Thank you for your answers

    Trade Earning Lv 26 Rare Dexteriter By 10 Lp regeneration By 1

    Trade Earning Lv 21 Rare Reduce skill cooldown time by 6 Dext by 1

    Trade Necklace Lv 21 Rare Statut succes Rate By 49 Abdominal pain 1% Confusion 1%

    Trade Earning Lv 21 Rare Reduce Skil cooldown time By 7

    Make me an offer if interested (I am interested by Box Dogi ball and dogi ball rare)

    I will explain in figures what I mean.

    Let's imagine that the total money in the game currently is:

    100,000,000,000 = 100%

    First expenditure in the game (Stuff) upgrades 60% of our expenses:

    62,500,000,000 = 60%

    20% to 30% are Full +15 for several months.

    Let's cumulate money on it's characters of:

    62,500,000,000 / 1.30 = 14,423,076,923 zenis

    This problem persists for several months, I would say 6 months.

    6 * 14 423 076 923 = 86 538 461 538 cumulated zenis

    That's 86% of the revenue from the blocked game.

    For that I say that it is necessary to relaunch the economy IG with Items unlocked for the sales.

    So all this is speculation but I notice that the economy saturates. For that I say that it will be necessary to pay attention to open BETA not to recreate this kind of problem.

    Thank you for your answers

    And I specify case no time I make a criticism of the system in games. I explain especially that a lot of games are stopped by a bad economy internal game.

    For +15 I do not see too many problems, what concerns me the most is the items for sale, there is nothing, three similar equipment ...

    The drop items must be unlocked to create savings for everyone. Otherwise it creates monstrous gaps. And I know it's still in preparation but I'd like to make it clear now only later.

    The only place where the equipment is other that should be blocked is the CC Towers.

    My point of view


    Small message about the economy in the game and what it results.

    For some time all the equipment or objects become blocked (Not salable) and for others only attractible to Scramble or certain instance.

    What becomes salable is the stones, so the meaning of farm, which is rather supposed, however it concerns only some class.

    We come back to the Cash Shop to be able to mount characters correctly and also it is a problem ...

    Because the monetary power of the Asian is too important, so we will find that with guilds overpowering is not at all.

    And all this problem will make disappear Classes like Sword and Fighter that will not find any more in the game.

    It is necessary to review the items that are blocked create an internal economy, farm, instance, cash shop and not blocked all the Farm (Concerns that certain) and the Cash shop (which also concerns that some).


    Budokai blocked by guild full +15

    Scramble blocked by guild full +15

    Prize in the game Blocked by full Cash Shoper

    In either the +15 are not a problem, but they get all the items is getting stronger and stronger.

    Analysis of the result the server will desert because some will have taken the monopoly of everything.

    We must revive the equality, unless it is not your game optics.

    Sorry Google translation

    Hello, :P

    first increase the sales value from 1 billion to at least 100 billion.

    To be able to seal everything in egg with the Seal coins, especially the items or more exactly the Stuff of the CC 150.

    For the budokai tournaments see if possible to put Sunday too, many work on Saturdays.

    Put the dogi broken with the test of the Dogi Ball, will boost the sales thus the economy of the game.

    Other points at the time at the Cash Shop we got rewards when we buy, so see for the system of Don if we can have the same thing.

    Inquiry, when will you hand over the white boxes? That to use for the modification of the rings.



    Petit messages pour faire part de mon aventure au + équipements.

    J'ai dépenser dans les 15 Milliards de Zenis et mon meilleur Hits a été un +13...

    Il a bloqué les + au niveaux 10, alors n’essayer pas plus cela ne serre a rien, vous ne verrais que Fails ou Broken.

    A moins d'avoir 1000 pierre 70 et 1000 pierre 70 White.


    Chez les Ricain,

    Salut tout le monde,J'aimerais simplement informer tout le monde qui n'est pas au courant de la situation, mais le jeu est actuellement en panne. Ne vous inquiétez pas, si vous ne parvenez pas à revenir sur le jeu en raison de l'écrasement de tous les canaux, et il est probable que le serveur ne sera pas remis en place plus tard aujourd'hui / demain alors que Daneos a indiqué qu'il est actuellement éloigné. Ne vous inquiétez pas lorsque vous vous connectez et voyez que tous les canaux sont hors ligne. Patientez patiemment jusqu'à ce que ce problème soit résolu.Je vous remercie.