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    Am i screwed for running a fighter (47 atm)? Well, since i like fighters playstyle (because of speed and kicking and punching the living poop out of bosses and mobs)...

    I also have a 45 turtle that can hardly gather 5 mobs without dying or sitting after kame...

    You need CON armor, i farm and kill 15 mobs at a time without having to sit

    I spent 3 hours and 30 minutes farming and I only got 2 dragon balls. In the pre-open beta, I got all 7 within 1 hour just be looking around. The old search method was better, easier, and you didn't risk dying and wasting health.

    Ummm... i found 3 DB in 30 mins... Also a friend in my guild said hes got 16 DB in his bank. You're either farming in the wrong spots or just unlucky.

    Coming back to this thread, for the love of god please add this. The fact that I cant do anything about people stealing my mobs is really irritating and I would love to kill them over and over again until they learned a lesson. Plz add this

    Try redownloading the launcher and make sure install and download on launcher is both on 100%

    Translation - Mero: in addition to extraordinary luck, I have no life, so I hvae time to grind mindlessly for 4 hours straight instead of having sex with my girlfriend, or contributing anything meaningful to society, REEEEEEEEEE, YOU DONT LIKE MY AUTISTIC DRAGON BALL SYSTEM?!?!?!?! REEEEEEE GOAW WAAYA YOU SUCCCCK YOUR SO BADD REEEEEEEEEEE-

    Mero you truly are an autist.

    Wtf? way to be hostile. i dont farm for 4 hours, the longest ive farmed was 1 hour. i play this game for like 3 hours and get off lol. but ok buddy. Btw having a girlfriend isnt an accomplishment, its something we all have or get... Well not all of us (you). and i work for 5 hours every other day lol.

    My first DB mob i got a Dragonball... and just last week i got all 7 balls in one sitting, 30 mins 3 balls. It's not rlly that hard, just find a place to farm. Not evenm just go around killing sht.

    voted no . this is stupid you guys just want to get items easier through cash by buying them and not doing everything. Not even stepping inside a dungeon hah. Reconsider that this choice will help those ppl that stay at plat and spam the wagu machine.

    Ahhh yes, the typical "Muhhh i dont agree with this so its stupid" At least look at the benefits this will give.

    Yea and that one quest was way better than all of the grinding since then, and if each quest was better than the last than that would be 100x better than this hunt that was built by the original korean developers 10 years ago. You should compare this game to a modern day MMO and expect a modern day MMO.

    But why compare it to a modern day MMO? You just said yourself game was built by korean developers 10 years ago. Its a 10 year old game, and the developers of that game are done. The only thing that can really be done is making the game easier to play for people who dont have cash, like Santo said in above post

    EDIT: Yes im not trying to argue , but its just how it is. I mean no hostility in my posts, but is just a respectable debate 8o

    This is really what the premise of what an mmo is, it's way worse in other games. At least you don't have to be max gear to do this event.

    True, MMos ive played like WoW and SWTOR you always have to grind for gear and to lvl up. If you want a game where it's easy and actually updated play Xenoverse. But us who enjoy MMOs and grinding will stay here

    I don't think it should be hunt anymore. Maybe a quest in each area, for each tier. That would be much more enjoyable than doing the same thing since we've started this game.

    There is already quests for dragonballs, it starts at lvl 5 ^^